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jfk 11:48 Sat Jan 1
Sir Tony Blair
Few things wind me up but this cunt being knighted has questioned my sovereignty.
How the fuck has this happened?

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Sven Roeder 1:45 Sun Jan 9
Re: Sir Tony Blair
Was reading yesterday that one of Tony Blair Associates consultancy deals was advising the Kazakhstan government after they massacred 14 protestors and then had an 'election' where they 'won' 96% of the vote.

He earned £9.6m for his advice
What a guy

Feed Me Chicken 10:23 Sun Jan 9
Re: Sir Tony Blair
Good to see there are still many bitter remoaners around, glad it’s still rooting through their core on a day to day basis instead of just moving on with their lives for the better of the country…….

arsegrapes 3:42 Sun Jan 9
Re: Sir Tony Blair
Swiss that's not a vote on Sovereignty. Gibraltar voted 99.6% in 1967 to remain British in a referendum and 99% again to remain British in 2002 after Franco closed the Gibraltar-Spanish border for 13 years.

96 percent voted to remain because its voters knew if Gibraltar were outside of the EU, the Spanish government would relaunch a diplomatic offensive. Indeed, in the run-up to the referendum, the Spanish government made it unequivocally clear that this would be and has been the case. Gibraltarians therefore voted to remain to protect their British Sovereignty.

Educate yourself, ignorance is no excuse.


BRANDED 11:16 Sat Jan 8
Re: Sir Tony Blair
Tony and Cherie Blair face criticism for their use of the furlough scheme, following a string of companies that have been told to hand back payments.
The Blairs received a total of £76,000 during Covid lockdowns, and some MPs have called on the former Prime Minister to return the money.

Crassus 6:43 Fri Jan 7
Re: Sir Tony Blair
'most of the 52% who voted to leave were old, thick cunt, imbeciles like you.'

As opposed to young, intelligent, genii like yourself


only1billybonds 6:40 Fri Jan 7
Re: Sir Tony Blair
Haha. You got some fucking front calling others old,you're hardly a teenager Swiss.

4 or 40%, it really dosnt matter,it was enough go get us out of that rancid club.

And stop being so hysterical, your heart isnt as young as it once was.

Crassus 6:38 Fri Jan 7
Re: Sir Tony Blair
'I'm sure Boris Johnson and any Tory PM would have done the same'

'I'm just stating a matter of fact'

What a fucking lemon

Swiss. 6:31 Fri Jan 7
Re: Sir Tony Blair
only1billybonds 6:23 Fri Jan 7

Wow a massive 4% more voted to leave and most of the 52% who voted to leave were old, thick cunt, imbeciles like you.

only1billybonds 6:25 Fri Jan 7
Re: Sir Tony Blair
How the fuck can that be a FACT?

Swiss. 6:24 Fri Jan 7
Re: Sir Tony Blair
I'm sure Boris Johnson and any Tory PM would have done the same as Blair under the same circumstances due to our "special relationship" with the US.

I'm not condoning it I'm just stating a matter of fact for those Tory wankers on their high horses.

only1billybonds 6:23 Fri Jan 7
Re: Sir Tony Blair

Think you'll find that if the Scots break away,it'll be because they CHOSE to. Gibrslter,like Scotland is partvof the UK. The majority of UK citizens who took part in the referendum CHOSE to leave the shitshow. Pretty fucking simple really isnt it?

Swiss. 6:18 Fri Jan 7
Re: Sir Tony Blair
arsegrapes 3:03 Thu Jan 6

Hey Cabbage Savage is this the same Gibraltar that voted over 96% to remain in the EU?

Lets add it to Scotland and NI who will break away from Britain thanks to Brexit.

ray winstone 5:48 Fri Jan 7
Re: Sir Tony Blair
Still less than those who petitioned for free parking for NHS workers and for Dominic Cummings to be sacked after Barnard Castle, but keep voting!!

muskie 5:36 Fri Jan 7
Re: Sir Tony Blair
Petition now has 1,000,000 signatures.

Now there's a news flash.

arsegrapes 3:03 Thu Jan 6
Re: Sir Tony Blair
dm, https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1470778/brexit-news-gibraltar-spain-eu-brussels-max-hastings-bbc-boris-johnson

Hastings like Blair is pro EU voted against Brexit, says we should hand Gibraltar back to Spain. This comes from an unknown journalist at the time who made his name reporting from the Falklands sovereignty conflict where the population as Gibraltar voted to remain under British rule. Hypocrite with his snout in the trough.

WHU(Exeter) 4:33 Wed Jan 5
Re: Sir Tony Blair
Maybe I'm old fashioned, possibly by centuries, but think that in theory at least knghthoods should be the preserve of those with actual honour.

threesixty 4:28 Wed Jan 5
Re: Sir Tony Blair

Sadly morality and government rarely go together.

WHU(Exeter) 4:15 Wed Jan 5
Re: Sir Tony Blair
So basically things like that boil down to the purely financial rather than moral?

In which case the knighthood is wholly appropriate.

threesixty 3:36 Wed Jan 5
Re: Sir Tony Blair

Admitting publicly to a war crime is a very serious matter. Countries can start legal proceedings against our country etc
Also, people who aided that war crime can’t just say they were following orders.
I can’t remember hardly any state admitting to something like that.

The reality is that by saying Blair committed war crimes (which seems to be the reason people want to strip of his knighthood) gives weight to the fact that the UK actually did commit war crimes in Iraq.

It’s ridiculous virtue signalling crap really. He gets a knighthood not because he did good or bad things (do we need to go into Maggie Thatcher here?). He gets the knighthood because he is a former PM, end of story.

I don’t even think he wanted it anyway as he already knocked back two offers for one. He’s probably only accepting it as it’s the queen who’s doing it and looks in very poor taste to turn down the queen of England.

And yes.. Blair gives less than zero fucks about what we think about any of this.

Mike Oxsaw 3:11 Wed Jan 5
Re: Sir Tony Blair

Here's one of the two fucks Blair cares about what anybody else thinks.

The establishment has spoken.

dm 3:04 Wed Jan 5
Re: Sir Tony Blair
And I agree that any suggestion of giving Gibraltar to Spain against the wishes of the residents there is utterly absurd.
I don't know much about Max Hastings, but I think much less of him now.

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