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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Nutsin 7:28 Sun Jan 2
Adam Traore
According to this Wolves want to sell,
Would be a nice upgrade over Yarmolenko.


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Nutsin 9:48 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Will be interesting to see who they replace Yarmo with.

So we need a player with a better end product and a solid all round game good enough to compete against the top sides that would cost less than 20 mill.

We could go cheap but we want Champions league football, Going cheap has an obvious bigger boom or bust potential.
Yet We can’t have a full squad of 30 mill plus players either…..

Narrows it down a bit.

threesixty 9:19 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
I wonder if he's really an uncut gem. He's a Barcelona youth team player. I just dont understand how he cant play in their style. Also picked by Enrique in the last Spain squad (not sure he got on), but I just wonder if its just a little coaching.

From what I could see from Nuno at Spurs he wasnt really on the coaching thing much. Seems like he got given players that were already doing it in Portugal to put them in the shop window in England.

Maybe Troare, just didn't fit (and maybe he is the one Spaniard there?)

Crassus 8:42 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore

The point is that if his football nouse matched his natural attributes he would be no where near us near universally sacking him off

He is a flawed diamond, but as such, could provide us a useful addition. His presence alone draws defenders and arouses concern, let alone fouls from which we are so effective

I'm not against the bloke, if not as excited as I would be when he delivers his one in three match contributions

Primary signing? No. Secondary tier after a striker/LB/CB, yeah I'm having that with joy

LeroysBoots 8:36 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Adam ?

gregan 8:36 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Suits us. Counter attacking, big open spaces. Waiting compact defensively and not exerting too much energy. You need a intelligent player in midfield that covers behind him at times as he is not effective if knackered when attacking. But he can produce attacking actions others can't. He is one of few players that can go past a player in a small space on the outside and either cross or cut in. Most players have to come inside towards more defenders. There are worse crossers and many don't get the opportunity to make crosses from dangerous areas he can get into by himself.

Ultimately i dont think Moyes could tolerate any player other than striker not working hard defensively which would knacker Traore out and make him less effective.

El Scorchio 6:48 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Could be worth a punt to see if Moyes can do anything with him, but I imagine he'll be far too expensive in fees and wages to be worth the risk vs reward, because if we can't do anything with him he will have zero resale value. The only realistic role I see for him is how Wolves used him or chasing long balls or balls in the channels and getting him clean through on goal in the hope he can score more often than not. I can't see him playing many clever or intelligent passes to other people

He once came on as a sub and was fantastic against us, putting in two amazing crosses for goals, but I've rarely seen him have such an impact in other games. Seems pretty bereft of a football brain despite his obvious physical attributes. I'd steer clear

Dandy Lyon 6:20 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
I’m n two minds about him.

The part that likes the idea I think is just based on him being fast, black and strong and hoping he can be turned into something like the person his attributes remind me of, Antonio

The other part of me thinks the chances of that being successful is really slim.

Lee Trundle 12:35 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
BillyJenningsBoots 12:26 Tue Jan 4

BillyJenningsBoots 12:26 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Vexed 11:53 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore

"Traore is clearly a weapon but sadly one that they've lost the instructions for."

That is the funniest thing you've ever said!!! I nearly spat my granola out!

Darby_ 12:09 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
The two things he’d be good for is, firstly, driving up the field and playing a simple pass to someone who might be able to get a goal or assist, or secondly, getting us free kicks and corners.

Then again, Rice can do all of of those himself, as can Lingard.

But if you were to say that we had two styles this season: Plan A, counterattacking against the “big clubs” and Plan B, playing a possession game against more defensive lower table teams, then it’s the possession game where we seem to be struggling. I’m not sure we really need more fast counterattacking players. We need tricky players who can keep possession of the ball and unlock a set defence in their own half. Traore definitely isn’t that.

Vexed 11:53 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Traore is clearly a weapon but sadly one that they've lost the instructions for. I'm not sure how I'd feel if we bought him, probably just happy he wont have his one in ten good game against us as usual.

Lee Trundle 11:51 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Pee Wee 12:33 Tue Jan 4
"Not if we want to improve, no."

I'm likely to agree you on that.

But I've been told numerous times that the reason we haven't bought a striker we've needed for over a year is because there's no one out there who's like Antonio.

Well, we could have one here whose a Spanish International and who could be available for something within our price range.

Full Claret Jacket 10:46 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Watching him last night he seems another who has qualities but lacks awareness and a football brain. Makes decisions which must constantly annoy his managers. Can't see him being a regular in any team other than one in the bottom half.

Manuel 10:37 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Great argument, old stalker, you keep up the good work all through 2022.

Now I'm off to start a thread on Stoke City's left back, after all this is a football forum.

dolph 10:34 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
So strange having a football thread in a football forum.


Manuel 10:23 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Yep, a thread about a player we ain't gonna sign. Pretty fucking bizarre really, and yes I have added to the posts, but...delete this pointless shit.

Sydney_Iron 10:17 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Think its been reported that we are not interested? Its more fan speculation that anything else.

Time to let it go an find a more credible rumour.............

Kaiser Zoso 10:01 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Yeah agreed, it's possibly a 50/50 shot whether Traore will do something brilliant, or something woeful.

We've already got one of those.

Alfs 12:45 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Whenever Traore comes on against us, my heart sinks. Inconsistent, but has the ability to change a game. I'd be happy to see him join us.

Pee Wee 12:33 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
Lee Trundle 4:35 Mon Jan 3
Re: Adam Traore
I don't want to be seen as endorsing him, as based on his STATS he looks quite shit, but isn't a poor man's Antonio exactly what we're meant to need?

Not if we want to improve, no.

simon.s 12:28 Tue Jan 4
Re: Adam Traore
I think they were interested before us.

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