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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Nutsin 9:21 Mon Jan 3
Commentators and Pundits
He’s no Brian Moore.

Graeme Le Saux is hard to listen to as a commentator, he hates West Ham.

Jamie Carragher has to be the most unwatchable pundit out there surely.

Who do you rate and hate?

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BRANDED 2:24 Wed Jan 5
Re: Commentators and Pundits
Dr Matt 11:01 Mon Jan 3
Re: Commentators and Pundits
Clinton Morrison and Carlton Cole are good.
Both really improve the coverage

Eerie Descent 2:12 Wed Jan 5
Re: Commentators and Pundits
You've finally realised what's happening, son.

Took you a while.

Vexed 12:30 Wed Jan 5
Re: Commentators and Pundits
I totally object to these lady footballers being wheeled out to comment on the men's game. At least cunts like Le Saux and Carragher have earned the right to be there because they have actually played Premier League football. I don't have a problem with the lady footballers themselves who are a bit of a mixed bag in terms of talent, they're just taking what's being offered to them (even if it is putting genuine equality back about fifty years) but I just object to them being asked to be there in the first place. They dont wheel out League one players to comment on the Premier League do they? Because they have no experience of Prem football. But the gutless worms of Sky/BBC/ITV seem to feel the need to wheel out any old lady footballer to tick a box, what a load of shit. Dont even get me started on them getting rid of white pundits to shoehorn in a disproportionate number of new pundits of darker persuasion. Completely disproportionate to the populace and a massive degrade in the quality of punditry from what I've seen. Stop the world, I want to get off.

defjam 12:16 Wed Jan 5
Re: Commentators and Pundits
bruuuno 1:11 - Ditto!

Every time, fuck watching them!

bruuuno 1:11 Wed Jan 5
Re: Commentators and Pundits
defjam 5:12 Tue Jan 4

Good to see I’m not the only one who fast forwards the Ys

BBondsBootlaces 11:45 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
A few years ago the BBC had on their website some audio of great (old) commentary.

One sticks in the mind about Paul Paul Gascoigne.

'He's stomping around like a fat brat'.

Don't look for it...it's gone.

arsene york-hunt 9:40 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
They should have a few more ex Liverpool players

Boycie 9:09 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
I love the Turkish and Arabic commentators on stream. More interesting in a foreign language than some of the Doris’s and wokies we get. You always hear “Mo Salah” whether he is playing or not

Gary Strodders shank 9:09 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
New Jersey

Super injunctions would probably prevent that.
Joey Barton one spoke of a vast closet of skeletons.

Mad Dog 9:05 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
Completely unrelated to this subject, apparently there is something called super injunctions.

New Jersey 9:03 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
I would love the Sun on Sunday to get some dirt on Lineker, the smug twat!

Eerie Descent 8:56 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
What qualifies Emma Hayes to be talking about top level football?

BillC79 8:43 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
I don’t like McManaman on commentary - he’s incredibly condescending and also really biased to Liverpool.

Don’t care for Emma Hayes either, that may be from the arrogance she has after reportedly turning down a league 2 men’s club - saying it was a step down.

LeroysBoots 8:37 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
Emma Hayes is very good

Crassus 8:35 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits

Rest assured that the wanker most certainly is not - FACT

I remember Danny Baker sailing very close to the line years ago, when everyone thought he was
Bloke, like his brother, is a wrongun

Mad Dog 8:32 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
He isnt

Gary Strodders shank 8:30 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
Moyes ended up with a £30k fine a few years back for a comment to Vikki Sparks.
He was merely light heartedly taking exception to some of her post match questioning.
The ultra woke Lineker was one of those who publicly condemned him.
I somehow fancy Lineker isnt quite the squeaky claen choirboy he would like to have us believe.

ironskej 5:28 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
I think any pundits that are on Man U games are far too OTT. They are either overly ecstatic about menial things if they win or far too critical if they lose. I mean Redknapp saying the ball was their best player last night was stupid, they had a few players who did alright, he didn't take into account that Wolves played brilliantly.

defjam 5:12 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
I cannot stand Vicki Sparks, awful shrill voice and sounds like a 5 year old kid screaming "goal"

I don't mind the pundits, maybe because I rarely watch them.

MoTD takes me about 5 mins to watch as I only watch the goals, no Spurs matches ever (Unless we beat them)

El Scorchio 5:09 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
I actually found Guy Mowbray particularly unbearable during the Euros, with his unoriginal, hackneyed rehearsed lines throughout and there's just something in his voice when he gets excited that's really annoying.

Actually I forgot to mention Jenas- what a load of fucking shit he is as a commentator. Quite how they are the BBC's lead pair I simply don't understand. Give me Jonathan Pearce over Mowbray any day. He's not like he was, but he's light years better.

I didn't mind matterface and dixon as a duo on ITV, and I actually quite like Emma Hayes as well. she's one of the few that actually notices and relays the tactical nature of what's unfolding on the pitch rather than just adding banal crap about whether they think either of the teams or players are playing particularly well or badly and not why the match is going as it is.

They should go for managers/ex managers as pundits and co commentators rather than just players. They can usually impart so much more wisdom and insight.

PastyTime 5:06 Tue Jan 4
Re: Commentators and Pundits
I mainly listen to the radio as TV pundits (Neville aside) are pretty terrible.
I'd say Andy Reid is probably my favourite pundit at the moment. Rob Green is a very good co commentator too.

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