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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Nutsin 7:19 Tue Jan 4
World cup
A look back at the Greatest sporting event in the world.

First World Cup was 1930, Uruguay won it.

England entered the World Cup finals in 1950.

Germany has hosted 3 times

Italy and France 2 times

Will be interesting to see who gets the 2030 tournament (100 year anniversary)

Best team to feature: Brazil’s 1970 team

Best one match performance: Geoff Hursts hat trick in the 1966 final. (Only hat trick in the final)

Best final other than 1966: Argentina V Holland 1978

Best team not to win it: Holland’s 1974 team

Game to remember: Brazil V Italy (even though Rossi’s hat trick gave the Italians the win, it was a great game.)

Best World Cup: Mexico 1970

Best save: Gordon Banks

Best goal: Arie Haan Holland V Italy

Most controversial moment: Hand of god.

Best goalkeeper: Banks or Zhoff

Best player: Maradonna

Brazil has won it 5 times, Italy and Germany 4.

Brazil last won in 2002.
Italy won it twice in the 1930’s (34 and 38.)

Some great memories over the years, what stands out to you?

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Mike Oxsaw 6:49 Wed Jan 5
Re: World cup
The gayest one is yet to come.

Sydney_Iron 1:52 Wed Jan 5
Re: World cup
A great sporting event for sure but South Africa 2010 has to be the worst!

England were shit and crashed out, Rooney slagging the fans, Frank wanting more respect from them! those vuvuzela horn things and the racket they made at every fucking game, even watching on TV it was non stop, think FIFA have banned them now?

The final was a bore fest, Spain won in Extra Time 1-0

zico 1:31 Wed Jan 5
Re: World cup
Obviously I'm going to argue the Brazil side of 82 with Zico, Eder, Socrates etc was one of the best to not win it, certainly as an attacking sense. I'm actually surprised that Cameroon never really kicked on after 1990, they had some power and probably needed a top manager.

Nutsin 1:14 Wed Jan 5
Re: World cup
Violator I agree, the Dutch side with Gullet and Van Basten were pretty good too.

One thing that stands out over recent years is some of the African teams, there’s been some good teams and some great games involving the African teams. One of these years an African Nation is gonna surprise us.

violator 12:47 Wed Jan 5
Re: World cup
Can't really argue with the best team not to win it, but the French side in 1986 wasn't far off

riosleftsock 12:43 Wed Jan 5
Re: World cup
Still think Pele > Maradonna

violator 12:43 Wed Jan 5
Re: World cup
Controversial moment... Argentina v Peru in 1978, or West Germany v Austria in 1982

Nutsin 12:34 Wed Jan 5
Re: World cup
I would imagine my opinion on football would be considered worthless by a trans Spurs fan.

I want lose any sleep over it, I assure you.

Hello Mrs. Jones 12:27 Wed Jan 5
Re: World cup
Nutcracker. The facts are vaguely interesting, your opinion is worthless

arsene york-hunt 9:23 Tue Jan 4
Re: World cup
...and the best goal was Maradona v England followed by Bergkamp v Argies and then Owen v Argies

arsene york-hunt 9:17 Tue Jan 4
Re: World cup
Best dummy: Jack Warner promised England his vote the WC and swerved towards Russia for a bundle of roubles, leaving England on their arse, crying foul.

On The Ball 9:12 Tue Jan 4
Re: World cup
Far Cough 8:04 Tue Jan 4

He didn't score? I didn't know that! I just assumed he did.

Fo the Communist 8:36 Tue Jan 4
Re: World cup
It is crazy - and no little bent - that there will be people who will live out the usual life expectancy in this county and yet not have witness a world cup staged here.
Cheers Fifa.

Nutsin 8:32 Tue Jan 4
Re: World cup
Thanks for stalking me around this forum Mr.s Jones, nice to know you care.

By the way it’s fact and opinion.

Hello Mrs. Jones 8:27 Tue Jan 4
Re: World cup
Thanks for the fresh and exciting list of facts

El Scorchio 8:04 Tue Jan 4
Re: World cup
2030- will it still be whoever gives them the biggest bag of cash?

I bet they'll give it to France.

Far Cough 8:04 Tue Jan 4
Re: World cup
Even though he didn't score, Pele's dummy against Uruguay was an outrageous piece of skill

goose 7:29 Tue Jan 4
Re: World cup
I thought it was penciled in for Uruguay 2030.

Lee Trundle 7:22 Tue Jan 4
Re: World cup

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