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easthammer 6:48 Fri Jan 7
The 1921 Census online
Early this week The 1921 Census became available to view online via Findmypast.co.uk. Having looked at the 1911 census for my family I thought I would take a brief look at my Dad's info. He was 5 years old in 1921 and this was the first census in which he would have appeared. The earlier 1911 Census had shown my Grandparents living at an address in West Ham together with some of my Dad's older siblings.

Sure enough, it showed that my Dad was now present in the family home along with 8 older siblings (which was one more than I was aware of)

Nothing remarkable about any of this until I read the place of birth of each of the children was Plaistow SUSSEX England.

Now there is such a place as Plaistow Sussex, it's a small village, But given my, Nan was born in Popular and the lived in West Ham it is I would have thought quite obvious to any half-awake compiler of the records that she would not have traveled from the Eastend to the Sussex countryside on nine separate occasions between 1901 and 1916 to give birth to her children and just maybe there was another Plaistow a bit closer to her home in West Ham!

To further highlight the lack of intelligence of the people putting the information online you think they might have thought a little unlikely that a five-year-old as my father would have an employer but according to their records he did. Whilst his older brother the aged 17 who was shown as being a painter did not have any employer shown.

My advice if you want reliable info don't pay for iit from "findmypast.co,uk."

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Nurse Ratched 8:33 Mon Jan 10
Re: The 1921 Census online
I was looking at the FMP website last night before I went to sleep, checking out my own records, birth, marriage, divorce. I found out my ex husband died in 2003. That was a bit of a jolt. I had no idea he had died, but then we never stayed in touch and lived in different parts of the country. He would have been the same age I am now when he died ☹

*looks at Joe Royal, ruefully*

Admiral Lard 2:15 Mon Jan 10
Re: The 1921 Census online
Arf.... Very useful thread this one. Always had my doubts about these "Find my dead rellies" site

easthammer 2:08 Mon Jan 10
Re: The 1921 Census online
Spell check has a lot of faults despite being a "Poplar" (sic) add-on

Admiral Lard 2:02 Mon Jan 10
Re: The 1921 Census online
Easthammer, I am still reeling from the revelation that your nan was "Popular". I had no idea subjective comment was part of the census

joe royal 1:21 Mon Jan 10
Re: The 1921 Census online
When I won the euro millions I had no need to find my relatives.

They found me.

Mace66 3:52 Sun Jan 9
Re: The 1921 Census online
I just found my Grandad in 1939 residence, and at first I thought blimey he can’t be living with that many people it must be the whole street.

Then I realised he was indeed living with that many people … at HMP Wandsworth

Hammer and Pickle 11:00 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online
Why pay money? They’re all inside trying to be heard if you listen.

charleyfarley 10:56 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online
Left it a bit late but Ancestry are offering half price £59.99 instead of £119.99 for a year subscription you can cancel at the end of the year
offer runs out midnight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hammer and Pickle 10:30 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online
Fair enough.

However, a good thread like this requires the right degree of honesty and respect for all, would you not agree?

only1billybonds 10:29 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online
And what Nurse said.

Here isnt the place so i'll say no more.

only1billybonds 10:26 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online
I should have worded that better.

There seems to be a lack of appreciation for what we have (covid aside) and the world we live in. Compared to what and who went before us,the modern world is a piece if piss yet i dont think society has ever been as polarised as it is now.

Nurse Ratched 10:25 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online
Please, not on this thread.

Hammer and Pickle 10:14 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online

I agree this is relatively a wonderful time due to a lack of wars and totalitarian regimes. Tolerance abounds as successive generations are Increasingly well educated.

Only one thing: why do you say civilisation is “in decline”?

charleyfarley 10:13 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online
O1BB my great grandfather was married in St Dunstans in Stepney in 1863. I was aso borm in Stepney and a whole boat load of my family were in the workhouse
For those of you who have just started out researching you will see a lot of the documents show lunatic amongst other descriptions in the last column, these were used for medical terms

imbecile - 'mental age of an infant'
idiot - 'natural fool from birth'
lunatic - 'sometimes of good and sound memory and understanding, and sometimes not'

Nurse Ratched 10:03 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online
Yeah ☹

only1billybonds 9:57 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online

Very true,some of the revelations about our relatives can be stirring stuff. I remember digging into my Mums family's past in the East End of Glasgow which led me to investigate the way of life,culture etc of where my old dear grew up. Christ it was rough. One of the things that stand out for me is just how tough working class life has been in the past and people coped in unthinkable conditions. Fast forward to the present day,there has never been a better time to be alive yet civilisation at times seems to be in decline judging by the attitudes of many.

Nurse Ratched 9:47 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online
My dad was orphaned and after leaving behind the psychopath nuns at his orphanage, he was on his own. Last night I 'found' him, aged 15, on the 1939 not-quite-a-census. He declared his occupation as 'Fur Nailer'. This stuff is actually rather moving. I also found out my maternal grandparents had a daughter who died when she was only a year old. Poor little Louisa.

only1billybonds 9:32 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online

Very good.

First time i took the Mrs down to the East End,we went to Saint Dunstans church in Stepney which is where her parents married back in the 50's. She nearly fainted when i pointed to the building 50 yards across the road,telling her it was my old school.

riosleftsock 9:10 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online

Well done mate! Give me 6!

only1billybonds 9:03 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online
My Mrs came here from Aus in 2012. She had been estranged from her natural Mum since the age of 2 (long long story) and signed up to Ancestry.com. She found her Ma,caught up and started building bridges.

Anyhoo,she prompted me to enter my details and upon doing so was staggered to find out that there was 2 years difference in age between our respective Nan's, hers living at no.76 Maroon St in Stepney and mine at 111 on the same street. Every possibility that the Nans played together as kids which leads me to think that the Mrs n me mighr actually be related. ;-)

Nurse Ratched 8:54 Sat Jan 8
Re: The 1921 Census online
Thanks Jim and Ludo.

See? WHO: full of clever buggers.

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