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Tanglefoot 7:21 Tue Jan 11
Getting players autographs
Bit of a random question...Taking my 6 year old to his first Prem game on Sunday & was wondering if you can get players autographs before the game and where you'd go to get them and time?

Bit of a longshot but any assistance appreciated, cheers.

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Leonard Hatred 12:28 Sat Jan 15
Re: Getting players autographs
Would this be the kid that your "wife" (ie YOU) accused you of noncing?

Fucking weirdo.

Hammer Oz 11:12 Fri Jan 14
Re: Getting players autographs
Remember being with my kid and Anton getting pissed with people calling him Rio

azel senior 3:00 Thu Jan 13
Re: Getting players autographs
Don't know what the set-up is at the new training facilities, but when my lad was about the same age, we went down to Chadwell Heath and waited in the car park, and got the whole squad.

El Scorchio 6:38 Wed Jan 12
Re: Getting players autographs
I read somewhere it was Ferguson at Man U that first tried to stop/instructed his players interacting and signing stuff for kids, and instead have them all march in staring ahead. Something to do with the image or not creating distractions.

Bit cunty.

As an aside, i wonder how many of them are actually listening to anything on their 'prominent manufacturer's logo shown' headphones anyway?

Tanglefoot 4:52 Wed Jan 12
Re: Getting players autographs
Thanks for your replies, sounds like a non-starter. As I mentioned earlier in the old days at Upton Park (late 80s) they would all make the effort and have a chat. Billy Bonds was manager and he was the only one that would fly past but he had alot on his plate so understandable. One time I bought Billy's autobiography to get signed and he rushed past as always, I asked Julian if he could go in and get it signed thinking he would say he couldn't. He took it inside and can back 5 mins later with it signed, top bloke!

ornchurch ammer 12:54 Wed Jan 12
Re: Getting players autographs
I have never taken him to Rush Green but the problem there is that they are straight on to a main road so I don’t know if they get a chance to stop or where they would pull over.

My only experience of trying at a games was at Bournemouth on Boxing Day a few years back. They all got off the coach and walked past with the cans on and the thousand yard stare. The only player to stop and sign was Joe Hart so he went up a lot in my estimation that day.t

ornchurch ammer 12:46 Wed Jan 12
Re: Getting players autographs
The first time I took my boy to Chadwell Heath a few years back they all, bar a couple, stopped to sign and Adrian had signed gloves that he gave to the youngsters.

I took him again the following season and again a lot stopped but more didn’t. There were stewards trying to stop them but the main reason given was that some were fed up with the professional autograph hunters getting items signed to sell and also local yoots pestering them for used boots etc.

chim chim cha boo 10:34 Wed Jan 12
Re: Getting players autographs
'the fans are absolutely amazing and the atmosphere is buzzing at the moment'

*Puts his stupid Apple earpods in and ignores mums and dads with their children who would LOVE a tiny interaction with players they regard as God's*

It's a long way from sitting on the District Line going to a match with Alan Devonshire sitting opposite to you.

Mace66 10:13 Wed Jan 12
Re: Getting players autographs
Can’t help unfortunately as my kids are passed that age now

One thing that struck me at the time was that for most of the players it seemed a bit of a chore and few actually spoke. Scott Parker was an arrogant prick who’d walk to his landrover, take a condescending look along the line of fans waiting for autographs and get in his car and drive off.

Sir Trev was mobbed in the car park after one home game and fair play to him he waited until everyone had been signed must have been a good 20 mins. Dave Sullivan was a good egg too, posing for photos etc

Good luck though, hope you can get some for your kid

Stevethehammer 12:25 Wed Jan 12
Re: Getting players autographs
I have tried to do this many many times with my son. Its like a stampede down by gate 1( I think it is)
The stewards down there literally push you away, even when players stop their cars and are happy to sign autographs, take pictures etc they are moved on very very quickly, some players such as Noble, Cresswell ignore them and stay regardless,
Some players pull away from the junction, over to the left or right and are happy to get mobbed but these are few and far between simply again because of the stewards come over and start pushing and pulling people out of the way.
I don't know what their problem is, but I have seen them force kids out of the way etc, all very silly, considering that road is hardly busy with traffic. Probably best to visit Rush Green, more luck so I'm told.

Tanglefoot 8:03 Tue Jan 11
Re: Getting players autographs
When I was a kid you could wait behind a fence next to the players entrance and they'd always stop, but I'm talking late 80s! No doubt it's changed now.

Grumpster 7:43 Tue Jan 11
Re: Getting players autographs
Went to Chadwell heath many moons ago to watch training and get some autographs and that miserable fucker Ray Stewart said no in a not so nice way.

Loved it 🤣

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