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e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

grasshopper 6:30 Sun Jan 16
Alex Kral
Would expect him to naturally come into the team today, since both soucek and noble were unavailable. How bad must he be?

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Crassus 11:12 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
His lack of playing time by all logic must be down to not impressing Moyes
I don’t buy this appearance triggering a purchase obligation
The bloke has played a total of 210 minutes - who the merry fuck signs a deal with a purchase agreement after 2 games and half an hour

Mad Dog 10:44 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
I agree with Swiss. He's looked OK when he's played.

pdbis 9:22 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
Pointless having him on bench if we aren't going to sign him. Wasted transfer all round.

Swiss. 7:59 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
Had very few opportunities and when he did I thought he looked OK.

grasshopper 7:20 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
I have it on good authority that Moyes is trying to bring in a DM this window since he doesn’t rate Kral.

master 4:41 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
not really about 'time'.
there was a need for him to play and the manager chose to play an inferior player (for the position) instead.
then, when we hadn't touched the ball for 15 mins and were 1-0 down, the manager continued to leave things as they were for the rest of the game, when it was pretty clear the experiment wasn't working.
doesn't matter if there's a clause in the contract. the criteria can't be 2 PL games can it?! soucek was always coming back by the next game, so playing him against leeds (or at least subbing him on) would've cost us nothing.

southbankbornnbred 4:02 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
He's really not been here very long, and some players take a while to settle in at a new club, new country, new language etc.

We were very fortunate to have two Czech players who contributed immediately when they arrived. That set a very high bar. Maybe Kral will take longer and get there, maybe he won't get there.

Happy to let Moyes make that decision at the end of the season. Give the guy some time. I used to think Fornals looked like he was struggling early on - and now look at the wee fella...

Side of Ham 3:48 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
The only thing I notice about him is he is very chatty and jolly on the bench when they catch a glimpse of him on camera.......so I doesn't look like he is pissed off at the situation....

SUM A DING WONG 3:44 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
I think the same, LT.

Let's say for argument sake ( I don't think this), Kral's not looking good in training because he doesn't quite seem up to it, ability wise - if he's still trying hard and fit, he's still.going to be a better option in centre midfield, defensive
ly, than Lanzini would be.

Which would mean the only reasonable excuse for not playing him, would be if Kral was acting up in training.

Side of Ham 3:34 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
What was the amount of PL games 1?

swindon hammer 3:27 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
I have a feeling that we have to make his loan permanent at the end of the season if he makes a certain amount of appearances.

Moyes obviously doesn’t fancy him and doesn’t want him here next season.

Lee Trundle 3:20 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
He's been treated pretty terribly. I don't think he actually look too bad in the few times he's been allowed to play.

I think Moyes's tactic of running Soucek and Rice into the ground and then hope a lightweight attacking midfielder to fill in, isn't going to work.

SUM A DING WONG 3:11 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
On The Ball,

If an established young, Czech Republic international isn't impressing in training, it's more likely to be down to a bad attitude, not a lack of ability.

Therefore I'd call it out, if I was Moyes.

Of course, that would never happen because you can't hurt these 'poor young footballers' ego's

I'd like to see it though, at least we'd know for definite why Kral isn't playing.

On The Ball 2:58 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
SUM A DING WONG 12:37 Wed Jan 19

Or perhaps he just hasn't impressed in training.

Stubbo 1:13 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
What's interesting is that pre-Euros he was a player Moyes himself tipped as one to watch, so he definitely did like him at that point in time.

SUM A DING WONG 12:37 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
We've not been great defensively, for a while now - what the fuck do we have to lose by playing Kral? He'll be playing alongside arguably, the best CM in the world at the moment. Surely that will rub off on an already established Czech Republic International.

Doesn't matter how good you are, if you're not playing regularly, you're not going to be playing to the best of your abilities.

The only excuse for not playing him, would be if he's acting like a proper cunt in training. If that's the case, then publicly shame him - again, fuck all to lose by doing that, as he never plays anyway.

Russ of the BML 12:21 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
This one has frustrated me. From what I had seen of him he looked the real deal and a proper talent but he just hasn't been able to find his place.

As Vexed said he hasn't had many chances but when he has he has looked OK. Not done anything wrong but hasn't stood out.

I also agree with Sniper as I also think the Leeds game Sunday was made for him to come in and provide some legs and break them up a bit.

I do trust Moyes but I also think he should've given the kid more game time but if he doesn't trust him then I have to go with that.

I am positive there is a really good player somewhere in there.

Sniper 12:02 Wed Jan 19
Re: Alex Kral
I feel for him. The matches he has played have been cup games where he’s played alongside noble and had outlets like yarmolenko to pass to. I think it was obvious on Sunday that Leeds were running the midfield and lanzini/rice wasn’t working - kral coming in to hold surely would’ve strengthened us in that regard. Moyes must be really unimpressed with him in training, or has calculated how to not trigger the buy clause in his contract for playing x number of games

dealcanvey 9:58 Mon Jan 17
Re: Alex Kral
In the games he has played (which too few to get a decent look at him) he’s not looked up to it.

Lanzini, Noble preferred.

Only on loan with a buy clause activated if he plays a certain amount of games I think?

I don’t think Moyes fancies him.

Would mean needing two CMs this summer and that’s without Rice going.

Romfordboy 10:57 Sun Jan 16
Re: Alex Kral
Why was Lanzini the defensive midfielder and rice the one that got forward

I found that bizarre

Vexed 10:49 Sun Jan 16
Re: Alex Kral
Not exactly been given chances to prove himself, must look like a complete cunt in training if he cant get ahead of Lanzini for a holding midfield role.

Hopefully todays fucking cuntathon will wake up the fucking idiots not fucking signing anyone.

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