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eastlondon39 10:51 Mon Jan 17
What a self centred weird prick-discuss

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PwoperNaughtyButNot 8:23 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
The only reason I can see why people get so upset about him and the Dave fella is a bit of jealousy that they are making a couple of quid to talk about West Ham.

The podcast just sounds like to mates talking shit about football.

I have no idea what the paid section is like but suspect some people like the podcast to kill time and then are upset and have some FOMO about the paid section.

The events they promote look a laugh. £20 for a few pints and a q&a with a former player. How can that be bad?

He does have an annoying voice but that is his voice so what’s he gonna do about it?

Does anyone believe that any itk stuff has ever really had any impact on any result for West Ham?

I don’t like X Factor so I don’t watch it. Simple really.

tonka 8:15 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
A stopped clock is right twice a day. I can't stand the "we have put a bid in for so and so" and repeat that on the socials umpteen times for all the players linked, then amplify the odd time it comes off. The club is better off without this constant drumbeat of speculation. Have an opinion, provide some analysis but don't dress it up as insider knowledge.

mallard 8:05 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
I was cringing when he was doing the Harry Kane impersonations a few years back!

paulon 7:25 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
Walker fancied himself as some sort of FACE, laughably called out a well known ex poster off here a few years back

mallard 7:05 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
That div he does it with though is another matter. absolute fist of the highest order.

Is that Dave Walker? - he does my nut in!

grasshopper 7:02 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee

These sort of claims really don’t help himself cause…

penners28 3:02 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
paid for content is here to stay. just the world we live in nowadays. tbf, he seems like a decent enough bloke and some of the personal attacks ive seen on him are a disgrace. That div he does it with though is another matter. absolute fist of the highest order.

The only thing is that the ex-minions just wont have a word against him. it's like a cult, tweeting their praise and coining phrases like "its only the price of a pint" when anyone says anything negative. no shock they all seem to be oser divs who probably never set foot in the boleyn.

let him crack on with it i reckon. plenty of people make money out of west ham, and dont get as much stick as him

ironskej 2:51 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
I've always liked him, you can't fault the info he gives out, always seems to be correct. Better than reading the made up bollocks in newspapers and French football football sites.

stepney hammer 2:41 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
Nothing from Wendel on the transfer rumours thread. Perhaps because fuck all is happening this window.

RoyalDocksGK 12:31 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
I like the fact Moyes has put a stop to Ex and his transfer itk bollock. Wasn't helping anyone but Ex. What I will say however is the podcast is a good listen. Interviews with ex players like Sears, Nouble and recently with Ian Feuer.

Martin Allen tells some good stories aswell.

Aberdeen Iron 12:14 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
I used to like getting the snippets of transfer info and our young players going out on loans for example. Never had the need to get the lineups ten minutes before kickoff but it might help the gambling types I'm not sure.

Stubbo 12:04 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
I don't pay for it. I'm just aware of what the offer is.

As for Moyes not liking what he tries to do...good for Moyes. But if he's able to do it, that's not his fault but a West Ham problem that is to be addressed.

You'll never stop agents talking about who is enquiring of their clients as getting that information into the public consciousness has value to the further promotion and interest garnering of their clients.

Lee Trundle 11:52 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
I hope you get your money's worth, Stubbo.

But MOYES doesn't like him, or what he tries to do.

Are you suggesting he doesn't try to come off as "in the know"? 👀👍⚒

Stubbo 11:50 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
Well, it's not really is it Lee. Most of what they do now is content driven as opposed to 'In The Know' exclusives.

It's pretty clear what he's good at these days re. the "in the know" stuff isn't transfers, but youth team, injury news, etc.

But more than anything, it's largely digital fanzine content they turn out. Ex player interviews, regular sections with Martin Allen, fan comments, match reviews etc.

Oh, and announcing the match day team about 5 mins before it comes out officially anyway. Whoop-de-doo.

charleyfarley 11:32 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
What I can’t get my head round is David Gold follows him on Twitter

Lee Trundle 11:21 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
It's nothing like the "I don't want fucking guitar lessons!" thing though, is it?

Moyes doesn't want this bloke leaking information, and it appears is trying his best to put a stop to it.

If that guitar was fucking someone you are fond of, and then you kept on seeing "GUITAR THAT FUCKED YOUR WIFE LESSONS 👀👍⚒" adverts, then you might have a point.

wd40 11:11 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
Must be old -just found out people pay to listen to his podcast.

Christ go and buy a decent book!

Stubbo 11:02 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
Awesome. Another thread about Ex.

"I don't want fucking guitar lessons!" *shakes fist*

AKA ERNIE 10:57 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
Cheers wendel good to know

lufbra iron 10:52 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
Jose+ wrote...

Re: ExWHUemployee
I just can't stand the way he talks - the rising inflection at the end of every sentence. Painful.

I listened to a podcast once that he was on. Cant remember the name of it or what the gist of it was. All i can remember was thinking that there are people out there actually paying to listen to that excruciating voice. I switched it off after 5mins. What an annoying cunt.

Lee Trundle 10:27 Tue Jan 18
Re: ExWHUemployee
Mr Wendel 3:02 Tue Jan 18


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