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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Sajmo1 7:25 Sat Jan 22
Reality check
How many of our players start for a top4 side? For me it'd be Rice, Areola and maybe Bowen. The fact is that every "big 6" team have a better team then us. Better starting 11 and much better depth. Our team is not even better then Villa,Wolves and Leicester realistically. Moyes got us thinking we're top4 contenders but we're far from that really. We are 5 quality players away from even thinking about pushing for top 4 finish.

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Side of Ham 12:52 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
The reality is West Ham supporters don’t need a reality check…..our history dictates that most of us have NEVER seen us sustain a good run of successive seasons pushing to the end in fact cup runs or being in the division below are the only things that have us sustaining any sort of momentum…. through all our history so this is really no shock is it……

Manuel 12:15 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
Yep. Unlucky my ringpiece.

collyrob 12:14 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
Declan was asked after the game were we unlucky and he said “no we were naive”

Pagey 11:49 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
Manuel, stop having a raging hardon over anything I say please. It’s boring.

ornchurch ammer 11:16 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
Areola? He hasn’t fought off Fabianski yet and wouldn’t be above Emerson, Allison, Mendy or De Gea.

master 10:12 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
The reality is that lingard carried us the 2nd half of last season and we don't have anyone similar coming through the door as it seems. 3 points from safety.

E3 10:01 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
This just shows our weak squad depth, get a few quality players in and we go again.
Additions (the right one's) are a must ASAP.

Stowie.40 9:08 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
People have become so blinded by some of the shit moyes comes out with they think we never deserve to lose or the cunt can do no wrong. What is 9 or 10 goals in the last 10 mins this season, for a pragmatic manager his team seem to concede quite a few. Wouldn’t mind if we was this free flowing footballing side who play on the front foot.

Moyes could do with taking a look at Wolves and how they seem to have the perfect balance, solid at the back and always a threat up top. Although they do have a genuine top class forward which helps

Sydney_Iron 8:43 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
Coffee 7:49 Sun Jan 23

Clarification is not to clarify things. It is to put one’s self in the clear!

Coffee 7:49 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
Manuel 6:59 Sun Jan 23

As Bernard Woolley might say, if you stand still you cannot go backwards or you wouldn't be standing still. .

Manuel 7:03 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
Pagey - We weren't unlucky at all, we lost fair and square, couldn't hit a barn door as usual, and you're allowed to score in the last minute, and it's the third or fourth time we have conceded last minute this season. No doubt in your deluded mind we were unlucky in those games too.

Manuel 6:59 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
if you stand still you go backwards. That's the 'reality'

nychammer 12:36 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
Sydney I like your optimism and yes these last two Seasons have been a revelation and yes we are doing better this season already than I dared hope possible.

The problem I see is staying power. We need desperately a striker. We need to rebuild when Rice moves to greener pastures, and he will! The question is CAN we?

Westham67 12:18 Sun Jan 23
Re: Reality check
Sydney_Iron 10:03 Sat Jan 22

grasshopper 11:12 Sat Jan 22
Re: Reality check
Fucking depressing all this.

Wish Moyes would grow some balls and just go for it.

Raymond Reddington 11:07 Sat Jan 22
Re: Reality check
collyrob wrote...

Re: Reality check
I think they’re fuckinh average. And we certainly “competed” with them over the 3 games this season. The difference today was their bench.

We have fuck all to turn to. Yarma kral vlasic, all shite

Spot on, and this cunts had two years to get a striker in, instead we play a fella as striker who ain't a striker who looks like he'd struggle to get in a pub team today

collyrob 10:53 Sat Jan 22
Re: Reality check
I agree VC didn’t have the best of games but I’d still trust him to see out a game over Fredricks.

Pagey 10:16 Sat Jan 22
Re: Reality check

We lost to a goal which was pretty much the last kick of the game and also looked offside. If that’s not unlucky then how do you describe it?

Also, Coufal was playing like a cunt.

Sydney_Iron 10:03 Sat Jan 22
Re: Reality check
The only reality check I see, is we have come a long way in the past 18-24 months, just lost a couple of games by a single goal due to stupid errors, not taking our chances, slim VAR decisions etc, and a bit of bad luck and some seem to think the wheels ars coming off, its all down to Moyes, all down to not getting signings in this window, not down to replacing Haller, Sullivans fault, Vlasic, Yarma and a few others are shit blah blah blah……….

Fuck me! I would rather see us go through a bit of a rough patch, bit of bad luck etc now, Sure Moyes will address any issues and by the time the Europa gets going again we will be back to our best if not better, every cloud etc.

This season aint done by a long way, the Europa is ours for the taking, we are as good as in the 5th round of the FA cup, plenty to play for and if we do go on a run in the league that 4th place is still a chance, not like the teams around us have not had inconsistency at times either? Spurs got as lucky as you could get against Leicester, ManU celebrated like they just won the league with that gaol today; we will get our slice at some point…………Keep the faith COYI

1964 9:57 Sat Jan 22
Re: Reality check
Moyes “can’t guarantee we’ll bring anyone in”

What does that tell you?

collyrob 9:53 Sat Jan 22
Re: Reality check
I don’t think we were “unlucky” we strangely brought on a more offensive full back for a more defensively sound one. And he cost us the game.

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