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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

South Woodhammer 12:31 Mon Jan 24
Antonio off with Jamaica
Just reading that our one and only striker who looks already completely fucked and whose form is dropping faster than our league position is off to play for Jamaica next week.... 3 World Cup qualifiers in 6 days on top of the travel. At the very least he’s going to come back even more knackered which for a player who relies on workrate , pace and energy rather than skills or technical ability isn’t good. Or else he’s gonna come back injured. Wouldn’t it be typical West Ham ? Up till a few weeks ago we were having , potentially, one of our best seasons for years , decades even. The people in charge have fallen asleep at the wheel .... how can we get to the position with a week left of the transfer window where our one and only out and out striker is being allowed to disappear to the Caribbean to play 3 matches in 6 days ? Jamaica don’t even pay his wages but an injury picked up out there could potentially cost the club millions at the end of the season ...as well as saying goodbye to Rice if we don’t want to be in the European contention. This is a fucking joke.... no striker signed yet for the third window in a row. It makes the sale of Haller ( for less money that we paid for Vlasic who came in after ) look even more like a huge mistake... not that he was fantastic for us but at least he was a proper proven striker.

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threesixty 6:57 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
In 30yrs time I think it will be a great memory for him that he won't forget. Would be mad not to experience international football if you can.

Also, he is making his parents and grandparents very happy by representing their country. That's an amazing thing to be able to give back.

Its not his fault the club dont want to buy a back up striker. Its not like we cant afford one.

Percy Dalton 4:57 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Yep you're probably right.

chim chim cha boo 4:41 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Can anyone REALLY blame Micky for this?

Southgate, that rabbit in a waistcoat, never picked him (imagine if he got the last twenty minutes against Italy) and for all we know his mum, who has been there for him throughout his career (and stopped him going to tottingham) was born in Jamaica?

If I was a footballer in the the autumn of my career and I had a chance of playing international football I'd take it. You only get one go around the block in life and he's seized it.

Good for him.

ironsofcanada 4:14 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
I selfishly wished Jamaica well this window but they looked very poor in the bit I managed to catch.

We as West Ham supporters should know that team spirit and camaraderie and management mean as much as talent. Jamaica had very good talent at compared to the middling teams in the Octagonal. But little else.

From all our perspectives, he isn't needed and hopefully won't go next window (including to Toronto) as I don't like cheering against him.

The game in Minnesota was a strange one. They were playing the worst team in the tournament. Now the game I watched live against Mexico was in temperatures close to that with snow up to our ankles in the stands and was one of the great live football experiences I have had. But Canada were not expected to easily beat Mexico like the US were in their game. The stakes seemed a lot higher. But who knows.

Mike Oxsaw 3:08 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Stowie.40 1:21 Thu Feb 3

So people are not allowed to change their minds unless you approve of the choice?

On The Ball 3:06 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Stowie.40 1:21 Thu Feb 3

You've got no idea whatsoever what emotional attachment he has to Jamaica - you've got no idea that he doesn't feel 51% English and 49% Jamaican. They only get a few years in their career so I can understand wanting to play at the highest level and don't blame him a all. We don't actually own him, you know.

RM10 2:59 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Percy Dalton- wat a cunt

Stowie.40 1:21 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
I blame him, it was a stupid decision regardless of our managers inability to strengthen the squad. He obviously has no emotional interest in Jamaica itself otherwise he would have chosen to play for them years ago.

scott_d 12:49 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
It is not Antonio's fault that the club are incapable of finding any suitable cover or back-up.

Antonio playing for Jamaica is the last chance (however slim) he had of playing in a major international tournament, so I don't blame him.

But he is not the problem.

Pub Bigot 12:28 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Daft fucker playing for Jamaica. He didn't care previously as he opted for England, and no doubt he'll be fucked when he returns.

Syd Puddefoot 12:06 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
twoleftfeet 10:37 Thu Feb 3

A most extreme form of gamesmanship. Hope USA are very proud of themselves.

Percy Dalton 12:02 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
In a strange sort of way I was hoping Antonio was going to pick up an injury and Bowen get injured in training.
Not serious injuries just for a month or so.

terry-h 10:55 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Don't worry lads. We have a replacement striker in Bowen. Moyes says so.

Sven Roeder 10:42 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Now cant make 4th place and the next qualification stage so should now be on the plane back composing his international retirement announcement.
Will have the weekend to recover while we play Kidderminster and start getting ready for Watford on Tuesday

Far Cough 10:42 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
-16 F is T shirt weather

twoleftfeet 10:37 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
-16 in Minnesota for the USA game, players wearing balaclavas and 2 players substituted at half time due to extreme cold.

onsideman 5:45 Thu Feb 3
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Lost 1-0 at home to Costa Rica

Antonio hooked after 58 mins

Jamaica out but pointless rubbers still to be played. About time he knocked this vanity project on the head.

daveyg 6:35 Tue Feb 1
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Jamaica need to win all 4 games and Panama lose there's.
Not gonna happen but still Antonio will play 3 games in a week.
He definitely won't be playing 12.30 Saturday

ironsofcanada 1:36 Mon Jan 31
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Two leftfeet

As I mentioned earlier, they come back in this game and win the next, and Mexico does the business today and Wednesday, they would be 1 one point off the playoff spot.

Next window, they have they two worsts team and Canada, who might have already qualified.

But they look very poor,


twoleftfeet 1:24 Mon Jan 31
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Jamaica are not going to qualify so let’s hope he knocks this on the head and retires from international football.

Jasnik 1:23 Mon Jan 31
Re: Antonio off with Jamaica
Think he gave the ball away that led to pan 2nd goal

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