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Wils 8:41 Thu Jan 27
Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
FFS. What an embarrassment.


A man has been jailed after admitting harassing England’s chief medical officer, Sir Chris Whitty, by filming him with a phone against his will.

Footage of the incident last June, which was shared widely on social media, was shown at the trial of Jonathan Chew, 24, at Westminster magistrates court.

It showed Chew, alongside Lewis Hughes, jeering at Whitty and holding him. Hughes was given a suspended sentence last year.

But the district judge Paul Goldspring handed Chew an eight-week sentence and ordered him to pay £1,058 in costs and compensation.

Chew, from Chelmsford in Essex, whistled when the custodial sentence was read out. He was also reprimanded by the judge for vaping while the costs were ordered. “Are you smoking? You are not allowed to vape in court,” Goldspring said.

Explaining the costs, the judge said: “I wouldn’t normally impose costs as well as an immediate custodial sentence but I do so because your contempt for these proceedings has been breathtaking.”

Chew sang “West Ham till I die” as he was led away.

For the defence, Rabah Kherbane argued in mitigation that Chew had learning difficulties, including ADHD and “delayed maturity”, and was autistic.

Goldspring said those factors were not significant in sentencing.

He said: “Your behaviour doesn’t give me any confidence that your remorse is genuine. I accept that you suffer from autism, learning disabilities and some other issues, including a lack of maturity.

“I accept that initially, at least, your intention was not hostile, intimidatory or humiliation. I’m afraid it very quickly turned into all of those things.”

He added: “You and Mr Hughes came across Professor, now Sir, Christopher Whitty, and it appears that you have a penchant for having your photograph, or selfie, to be taken with people who you consider to be celebrities.

“You asked for a selfie and once you were told no, it was obvious even to you, with autism, that Prof Whitty was very uncomfortable, slightly intimidated, perhaps humiliated by you filming him. You persisted and you placed your hands on him.”

The judge praised Whitty for the “great professionalism under a great deal of pressure” he had shown during the Covid pandemic.

Addressing Chew, he said of Whitty: “He didn’t choose to be in the public. He is entitled to go about his daily life without the fear of someone like you.

“I also sentence you on the basis that there should be a deterrent for targeting those who do not choose to be in public eye, from behaviour like this.”

He added: “Your offending in my view very clearly crosses the custody threshold. You targeted him in the sense that you recognised him from the TV.

“Secondly, although you did not upload the video, you were complicit by sharing; you added to the humiliation. In my view that was your intention.”

The court heard that Chew had a long criminal record that included five offences against a person, and three public order offences.

Goldspring said: “You were on licence at the time, and you have a significant and I would say appalling criminal record. And in particular, you have relevant convictions for public order offences.”

Goldspring also chided Chew for obstructing police officers. He said: “You chose to give your brother’s name. Unfortunately, that wasn’t something you put right immediately or indeed ever.

“Eventually you were caught up with because you and your mother gave an interview to the Sun newspaper. You persisted with your not guilty plea in relation to overwhelming evidence of obstruction all the way up until the day of trial.”

Chew was given two weeks in prison for obstructing the course of justice, to run currently with his eight-week sentence.

Hughes, 24, of Romford in east London, earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of assault by beating and was sentenced last July.

He was handed an eight-week prison sentence, suspended for two years, and was ordered to pay a total of £307 in fines and compensation. He was sacked from his job as an estate agent after the incident.

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chim chim cha boo 7:23 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
Having personally known the family he'll do eight weeks shovel standing on his head. He's rubbing his hands together thinking he'll get three squares a day and a chance to fight and intimidate other cons.

Fuck me, his family have had enough practice.

, 12:43 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
Hermit, that’s all very well but this bloke is a WHU supporter so society needs to cut him some slack. We are special after all.

On The Ball 11:39 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
He was on licence as well, let's not forget.

Hermit Road 11:25 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
Ridiculous to send him to jail for the Whitty thing although he should have had a fine. Berating physically weaker people in public is mark of great cuntiness and shouldn't be tolerated in society.

Anyone who acts like a complete cunt in court is asking for whatever they get. At least go through the motions of pretending you're not a absolute brat.

This geezer has probably gone through his whole life being a twat at school with his parents berating teachers for having the temerity to tell him off.

Rephrase it all you want Mashed, but this leech is the sort of cunt to chuck litter out of his car and leave his dogshit on the pavement.

Hammer and Pickle 11:00 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
The context will almost certainly reveal a social case family requiring the appropriate specialised attention.

This certainly has nothing to do with the criminal justice system and is part of a well-known, and very undesirable, pattern.

stewie griffin 10:59 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
Rephrase.... a dickhead thing to do rather than marks him out as a dickhead. He might be alright, but its a fucking stupid thing to do to antagonise a judge generally

stewie griffin 10:56 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
Tough one

A custodial sentence for the whitty part is ridiculous.

However, the smoking/vaping part marks him out as a dickhead. There's no argument otherwise.

Given the judges comments on his general contempt for the proceedings, suspect there's a whole bunch of context missing here.

mashed in maryland 9:27 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
A fellow hammer winds up a politician and then gives the judge a bit of lip.

Way some of you are going on you'd think he burned down an orphanage.

When did WHO become full of such humourless, finger wagging old women

Mike Oxsaw 7:21 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
What, exactly, were Whitty's thoughts at the moment this simpleton grabbed him?

Not now, then.

Not what YOU would have thought, or think he should of thought, but what were HIS exact thoughts at the time?

If they don't matter/count, why is that the case, but YOUR keyboard protected thoughts months later do?

Manuel 5:34 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
jfk 5:32 Sun Jan 30

jfk 5:32 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
This chew bloke is obviously no angel and has previous which is immaterial as it’s unknown.
He acted the prick but that’s about it he never put anyone at risk so if you like I’m one of the cunts that would argue that a custodial sentence is harsh.
He’s hadly part of grooming northern nonce gang who rape underage girls and get nothing more than a slap on the wrist or an habitual drunken,druggie slut who’s a fucking a menace to all road users that walks out of court scot-free.To summarise there’s plenty more cunts strolling out streeets than this chew bloke.
Stop getting you knickers in a twist over a devious oddball getting girlie over a couple of pissed up clowns taking selfies.

yngwies Cat 4:21 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
Sounds like a a fuckin twat, nice try defence.

Mike Oxsaw 4:04 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
Manuel 3:52 Sun Jan 30

As opposed to fucking off three or four times?

You're the site fucking off expert and you keep coming back.

You are the one addicted to this site despite claiming to hate it and many who post on it to an obsessive level.

Seek Help. not attention.

Attention is not the solution. Your obsession is not healthy.

Manuel 3:52 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
Mike Oxsaw 6:56 Sat Jan 29

Oh dear Oxsaw, now getting personal about posters families. Truly showing your true colours there. Why don't you just fuck off once and for all you cunt?

Mace66 2:58 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
You know what all yous shouting it’s Fukin outrageous how dare they pull him up on something so trivial

Jus fuck off that’s what’s wrong with this country. Bring back the birch

Mace66 2:52 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
It doesn’t take much to work out the cunts a wrongun.

Shirley ?!?!

Ok 8 weeks might be a bit harsh for the offence but he’s got plenty of previous and he’s absolutely taken the piss

If he wants to act big man he has to accept what’s coming to him and all yous whinging everyone’s on here’s soft need to take a look in the mirror sad cunts

jfk 12:44 Sun Jan 30
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
Not so sure they meant to do any harm,the pair ain’t exactly angels but had this chew fella had the brains to shut up and not be an absolute knob he would have avoided paying “peanuts”.
However Chris Whitty is a feeble scaremongering weeklng who now takes pleasure in scaring the elderly and divs.
Most 65 %? are double jabbed and boosted yet the wanker still refuses to reassure elderly folk that it’s safe to leave their house.
Loads of elderly are still shit scared because the powers that be refuse to reassure them,it’s a fucking outrage.
If anyone on here still believes covids a threat after being triple jabbed they must be off their fucking rockers or 40 a day porkers.

norwaytips 11:14 Sat Jan 29
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
mashed in maryland 5:56 Sat Jan 29.
Bollocks. You just ask to take a selfie, not grab someone round the neck. Total arsehole and deserved all he got and gets.

Mike Oxsaw 6:56 Sat Jan 29
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
⚒️ 6:52 Sat Jan 29

You KNOW your dad?

That's about as believable as H&P doesn't seek attention.

⚒️ 6:52 Sat Jan 29
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
“Imagine if it was your Dad he put in a headlock.”

I’d expect my dad to give him a clump.

Queens Fish Bar 6:25 Sat Jan 29
Re: Chew sang “West Ham till I die”
The worst thing of all, he was on his way back from an anti-vaxxer rally - makes him a double wanker.

Imagine if it was your Dad he put in a headlock.

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