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Nutsin 3:28 Fri Feb 11
Freedom Truckers
So the Canadien Truckers have shut down a major bridge that is a key passage of goods crossing from the US to Canada.

They are doing this in protest of Vaccine mandates, they want them stopped.

Needless to say this is causing a huge problem as it is killing the economy over there.

It has just been announced that a US Truck Convoy is gonna begin in California on March 5 th and stretch across country to Washington.

Looks like the little guy has had enough and is finally standing up to these power crazy politicians who think they can bully people into doing whatever they demand.

I expect Biden will fold before it happens but what a slap in the face for him and his admin.

People have had it with this shit. The tide has turned.

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Fo the Communist 3:11 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers
Remember the 2000 fuel protest that sought to bring this country to a standstill. Hard to think that prompting the outrage then was a proposed rise per litre of 78p to 80p.

No sign of organised protest now though despite the fact the price of fuel is almost double what it is was then despite low inflation.
Its enough to make you think that protest such those in 2000 and now with the seal-clubbing 'Freedom Truckers' are more about regime change that the issue they purport to be bothered about.

Capitol Man 3:10 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers
It’s almost as if they should hold some sort of process where people get to choose people to represent these views in some sort of way.

Side of Ham 2:58 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers
Pwoper, all they need to do to get rid of Boris is catch him kicking the Downing St cat........even you'd be on script if that happened........

collyrob 2:50 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers
Why couldn’t this go on the coronavirus thread?

Or is the Biden obsessed site spastic in need of attention ?

PwoperNaughtyButNot 2:46 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers
People rise up. The leaders of this demo are:

A) vaccinated
B) multi- cultural
C) non political
D) non - violent

That is why hundreds of thousands of Canadians are rising up with them.

According to Trudeau and the media that promotes him - they are a small fringe group of right wing , racist, anti vaxers.

Convenient for him if they were and convenient that a lot of people only take their information from the news.

There is something happening in Canada, Australia, NZ etc and the world should be looking at them.

The Uk seems to be a beacon of hope at present - perhaps the sudden urge to unseat Boris is because we are not following the script?

2 cases of covid in NZ and they locked the whole country down. Mental.

I wonder if, in our lifetime, we will ever know the truth?

master 10:38 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers
The only people allowed to shut down and ruin the economy are the leaders in charge in the name of saving people from covid 19!

Nutsin 4:21 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers

I know, what a mess! It will cause all sorts of problems in the US too.

joyo 4:17 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers
Yes let's have a anti vax,anti lockdown,anti mandate Pro freedom demonstration...by causing a lockdown and ruining loads business and making life hell for Ottawa residents

Nutsin 4:08 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers
Cap Mong

You simply can’t constantly ignore the people and constantly shut them down with accusations of being racist and conspiracy theorists whilst trampelling all over their rights. Eventually the oppressed will rise.

I am not anti vax, I have been vaxxed in fact.

I am anti mandate though…

Capitol Man 4:01 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers
Didn’t Covid nearly kill you gimpy?

Listening to the truckers is like letting the special needs class run the school.

yngwies Cat 3:30 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers
Every 6 hours, the the tide turns back ;-)

bigfrank 3:30 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers
Good on them. If only these politicians listened

Nutsin 3:29 Fri Feb 11
Re: Freedom Truckers
Crossing between the US and Canada.

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