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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

isolated hammer 2:22 Sun Mar 6
Declan Rice
Seriously getting fucked off with the stories I read about him. Apparently he thinks his valuation by West Ham is crazy. Then in the next breath he bigs himself up massively and goes on to say he needs to be playing in the Champions League URGENTLY. We'll Dec, help to get us in there and you will. You didn't turn up yesterday and we gave a very good account of ourselves at Anfield without you. Soucek seemed to thrive without you. You are a great player, but you are by no means a legend at this club and if you leave in the summer, I won't lose any sleep over it.

I get all the frustration about lack of signings etc, but it is what it is. Get on with it, deal with it and put a stop to these rumours for now. Let's see where we are at the end of the season. We have a massive game on Thursday and every game now to the end of the season is massive. Knuckle down and help get the wins we need.

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Fifth Column 7:30 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
bruuuno 3:54 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
No wonder you’re isolated

That made me laugh

snakeyboy 7:25 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
Stupid thread based on no facts. Rice has been amazing for us since getting into the team. He’s carried us in games and brings the workload of the team to a higher level.

Anyone what’s the point of us having more money if we sell him, we won’t spend it

Charoo 5:05 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
How’s this thread working out for you Isolated?

Gone the way you hoped?

Irish Hammer 4:32 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
1.) You ok hun?
2.) need a hug isolated SON ?
3.) fancy a Bum ?

bruuuno 3:54 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
No wonder you’re isolated

North Bank 2:47 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
WHUDeano 10:05 Sun Mar 6 throw in Gallagher too and I'd snap their hand off, using the £50 mill to get Bissouma from Brighton

ATHammer 12:01 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
What a shit thread. Declan Rice has shown total commitment, is our best player and, from his interaction with the fans, a top quality bloke. He will leave. The reason being the parsimony of GSB. Their definition of success is fleecing as much from the club for as little investment as possible. Declan's view of success is winning things. Polar opposites with inevitable outcomes. GSB get richer, Rice wins trophy's elsewhere. Fans fucked off. Time to march again methinks.

Alwaysaniron 11:56 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
Total and utter bollocks of an article. DR is a credit to both his parents and his club.

Delete this total shit and kick the OP right up the arse.

whu 11:44 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
ted fenton 3:51 Sun Mar 6
Re: Declan Rice
What a load of made up bollocks !!
He's a real Gent on and off the pitch and a credit to his parents and no way would he bad mouth the club or the supporters by spewing garbage like this.

Delete this shit.


terry-h 11:22 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
Merson’s been opening his big mouth and stirring some transfer shit. He’s back on the alcohol and gambling no doubt.
How does he keep that job at Sky the fucking prick.

JayeMPee 10:28 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
In todays obscene transfer market he's worth nearer £150m and that is what we should be looking for!

BRANDED 9:43 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
Could isolated be more isolated?

Pee Wee 9:30 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
If it wasn’t based on what was said in the standard article, what was it based on then?

Has he said other things that have upset you? Come on, it’s not a difficult to post a link to where you’ve seen him say this stuff.

Fifth Column 9:15 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
Even by the standards of WHO this is a laughably bad original post. You've said that you've not read the Standard article yet you're criticising him for what you think he's said in it? You think showing some humility in stating the 100 million quoted being crazy, is somehow talking down his sale price?

The reason you're getting stick for your post is because what you've posted is a steaming like if horse shit. Rice has put in 100% in every single match and has not been agitating for a move.

Nick QQQ 8:53 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
I think the fact that Rice isn’t leaking his frustration to the press and edging for a move plus the fact that he is consistently our best and most hard working performer tells you all you need to know about the fella and how is is different to most modern footballers. Especially given the lack of investment in recent windows, despite the fact we could be pushing on….
When Declan leaves, which is likely to be this summer, he will do so to meet his ambitions which we have recently proved we cannot meet.

SnarestoneIron 8:39 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
isolated hammer 3:53 Mon Mar 7

Slagging off Rice is not what is best for West Ham!

isolated hammer 3:53 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
Not as retarded as your user name Pee Wee. My username is such that I work 6 days a week and can't get to game's as much as I would like, hence feeling isolated. But I am very much a West Ham Supporter and I have an opinion be it right or wrong. Just want what is best for our great club.

isolated hammer 3:43 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
Don't see anything wrong in my post to be honest Sydney_Iron. Just putting my own point of view across. If you don't like that, then fair enough. My comments were nothing to do with the Standard article, I haven't even read that.

Sydney_Iron 12:58 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
Fuck me isolated Hammer, if all this ranting is due to the article in the Standard you really need to get a grip!

He says he wants to play CL, but you did see the bit about ALL young players wanting this ASAP or urgently?????

Then how about his comments on valuation you take exception to? what do you expect him to say! Bet if it was quoted at half the figure mentiond (100M) he would say the same thing, and given recent sales do you think 100M is unreasonable for the club to want if we did sell? Odds on if he went for less you would be moaning.

Get a grip son, this article is nothing to get hot and bothered about.

Pee Wee 12:54 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
Nothing in his quotes suggest he is disrespecting the club or even saying he wants to leave.

Saying his valuation is crazy is just humility. Him saying that won’t affect what we get for him.

He says he wants to be playing champions league urgently, but doesn’t suggest he needs to leave to get that (even though he does).

Getting annoyed by his perfectly fine comments makes you look retarded

Sydney_Iron 12:44 Mon Mar 7
Re: Declan Rice
This has to be a wind up surely?

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