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COOL HAND LUKE 2:05 Wed Mar 16
No doubt this has been done on here before, but anyway...

I've never bothered with these up to now but I'm starting to think it might be wise given the general direction of travel out there these days. Anybody got any useful suggestions or tips, fellas? Why do you use the one you use? What is good / bad about the well known ones?

Any (sensible) suggestions would be appreciated. TY

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munkyfunk 2:08 Fri Mar 18
Re: VPNs
Surfshark for me

Percy Dalton 6:17 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
Ip vanish piss easy to use always connects no Brainer.

FatboyChelseaScum 5:22 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
For best results you need to switch off broadband sheild in your sky account though.

FatboyChelseaScum 5:21 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
I'm on sky, i had to buy a third party router to install Nord VPN on it. I like Nord, its fairly inexpensive, able to install on 6 devices and the speed is decent - ive been using it a few years now without any issues.

Vexed 12:38 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
Perhaps understandably Sky fucking hates VPNs. You cant even log in to your sky account or email if it detects you're using one so there's fuck all chance they'll let you stick one on their router and still let all your shit work properly. Sky are a bunch of cunts.

COOL HAND LUKE 12:23 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
Apparently there is a means of 'switching off' the Sky vpn resistance? No doubt a quick Google would have the MO info somewhere... (I assume this is about the same issue; like others on here, my knowledge is very limited, hence me looking for P&P simplicity for myself.) CHL

On The Ball 11:13 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
Ah, I see. So in answer to my question, the difference is that I didn't understand what you were saying as my knowledge is far too basic. This isn't a great shock!

Far Cough 10:49 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
I know you can use a VPN with SKY, what I meant was, instead of having a VPN on all your devices, you can get a router that has a VPN already in it, thereby eliminating having a VPN on each device

On The Ball 10:32 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
Ha - I LOLed at that as I have no idea what that means! No, it's just installed on the laptop and other devices, nothing clever. Definitely works though as I don't get moaning letters from Sky now.

Far Cough 10:03 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
You have embedded the VPN into your SKY router?

On The Ball 10:01 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
That's interesting Cough - my Sky router does. Wonder what the difference is?

Far Cough 9:20 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
Mex, you need a router that will accept a VPN, not all routers do, my SKY router won't for example

Lertie Button 9:02 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
Wearing thongs is the answer

cartis 8:36 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
Surfshark does the job for me.

Mex Martillo 8:10 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
I have used Express, to watch TV in the wrong country. Worked a treat, when free VPNs had failed. I did that through an ipad connected to the TV.
What I would really like to do is connect the router to a VPN so the apps on our smart TV think they are in the UK. Anyone know a simple way to do that? I couldn't understand stuff I read on the internet.

COOL HAND LUKE 5:38 Thu Mar 17
Re: VPNs
I appreciate the input - thanks to all. Some of the solutions are a bit too highbrow technically for me, for sure..!
The two prominent 'basic' ones seem to be Nord and Express, with the latter appearing to be the more 'plug & play' solution, which is about as much time and energy as I want to give to it right now. I'm going to have a nose around on them both and go from there. Thanks again to all who took the time to respond. COYFRRFSI - we need a result tonight - *kneels to pray*...

wmc3205 5:30 Wed Mar 16
Re: VPNs
get a GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 and let that be your vpn hardware.

purchase vpn and install it on there and allow that to control all your appliances using wifi

Vexed 5:19 Wed Mar 16
Re: VPNs
Express VPN for me, fast as you like, simple to use.

Wils 5:04 Wed Mar 16
Re: VPNs
I use Nordpvn.

I have Kodi running on a small Rasberry Pi connected to my TV. Every time it connects to a stream (Rising Tides plugin) it connects to the VPN.

Works like a dream. Though it sometimes gets some lag in the second half for some reason. Nothing a stop/start doesn't fix.

On The Ball 4:18 Wed Mar 16
Re: VPNs
I use Pure. Very simple on Windows laptops and Android phones/tablets. Got a five year deal a few years ago for what felt like peanuts, but can't remember how much.

Couldn't compare to any others as I haven't used any.

SecondOpinion 4:16 Wed Mar 16
Re: VPNs
but deactivate your automatic renewal, that way you can get a discount when the licence is up for renewal

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