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Chrisnutjob 5:32 Fri Apr 1
World Cup Qatar
Anyone going to bother tuning in, especially when it shouldnt even be held there in the first place.

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Sven Roeder 12:39 Sun Apr 3
Re: World Cup Qatar
Peru have great shirts. That alone should get them a spot.

To be honest its the worst Australian team this century so reckon they are 50/50 with UAE in the first knockout one off game .... they were well behind Japan & the big surprises Saudi Arabia in the last qualifying group.
Suspect Peru will beat whoever gets through that.

cholo 12:33 Sun Apr 3
Re: World Cup Qatar
Hoping Ukraine and Peru qualify. Ukraine for obvious reasons but Peru because it will bring back memories of the likes of Cubillas and Cueto. None of the other teams have much prestige.

Sven Roeder 12:26 Sun Apr 3
Re: World Cup Qatar
With all the seeding and protocols none of the main countries look in any danger of not making the last 16.
No Group of Death , not even a Group of A Bit Of A Cough.
Can anyone explain how when they were fixing the top teams (& Qatar) into the top spots in each group it was then necessary to draw out the RED BALLS to confirm that that country was in POSITION 1?

Might take some time to warm up but watching some day time footy via WFH in November & December isnt all bad.
A November World Cup is to England's advantage as it takes away the usual excuse of players being exhausted in June after a Premier league season.
I expect all the clubs will fill the June gap by flying all the way around the world to the USA, Asia & Australia to play meaningless games.

Dicko75 9:45 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar

⚒️ 9:16 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
Where did you book that, Dicko?

Dicko75 9:10 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
I’m going. 10 nights on docked cruise ship and tickets sorted for first two england games. Can’t wait

Mike Oxsaw 7:32 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
World Cup 2022 sponsors

BYJU’s (Indian Tech company)
Budweiser (Shit American "Beer" Company)
Hisense (Chinese multinational white goods and electronics manufacturer)
Mc Donalds (Shit American fast "Food" Company)
Vivo (Chinese technology company)

FIFA Partners

Adidas (German Sportswear company)
Coca-Cola (Teeth-rotting American soft drinks)
Wanda Group (Chinese multinational conglomerate)
Hyundai (Korean Automotive company)
Qatar Airways (Qatari Airline)
Visa (American multinational financial services corporation)

Just sayin', like...

Bungo 7:17 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
Be interesting to see how many of the huge brands that usually sponsor these things are put off by the potential for backlash?

Depends where their key markets are I suppose.

Mike Oxsaw 6:58 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
ted fenton 6:46 Sat Apr 2

They do have a god, Ted, just one who is very picky on who he loves and cares for.

ted fenton 6:46 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
Hypocrisy at the highest level !

Take the knee they say kick it out they say yet they condone going to a God forsaken country where 1200 building workers have died and treat people like animals !

Money talks eh !!!

Mike Oxsaw 5:14 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
Twats - Official fans of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Finals.

Dicko75 5:01 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar

kylay 4:43 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
I plan to boycott.

There's an alternative tournament in Leipzig that will stream games at the same time as the world cup. They need translators for the website if anyone cares to help promote it.


Mike Oxsaw 3:13 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
Been trying to work out where Budweiser fits into the dietary regime of these top sportsmen & athletes...

13 Brentford Rd 2:59 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
...Also wondering where the condemnation is from the woke types and those footballers who made a big thing out of Alcohol and financial companies sponsoring football.

13 Brentford Rd 2:43 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
Yep, I'm hoping I and many others have the moral strength to boycott it by nor watching but know that won't be the case.
I would boycott if it became meaningful though and millions of others did too.

Mike Oxsaw 2:41 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
At least the families of those who died building the venues can take heart in the fact that their loved ones contributed in the greatest possible way to the huge (financial) success that the tournament is.

Pagey 2:36 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
Brentford, the hypocrisy in football or anything of power has and always will be off the charts. You’re far from wrong in what you say of course, but I guess I will just enjoy a month of football while, rightly or wrongly, dismissing all the horrible stuff in the background.

13 Brentford Rd 2:33 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
.....& don't forget the corruption involved in the decision and that initially the bid was for a summer WC but FIFA & UEFA bent over backwards to ensure it still went ahead.

only1billybonds 2:32 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar

We all know that this world cup was bought and i got over that very quickly simply because I' not naieve enough to think corruption can be eradicated as far as FIFA is concerned. I have thought of boycotting the whole thing but fuck it,if I'm lucky i may have 4 or 5 world cups left in my lifetime and dont want to sacrifice one for something that I can ever change.

gph 2:29 Sat Apr 2
Re: World Cup Qatar
Budweiser (US version) is the Official Beer of this World Cup.

Is the idea to choose a beer so horrible it puts people off drinking?

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