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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

Sydney_Iron 12:30 Wed Apr 6
Champions League games
QF start today.

Atletico parking the bus, basically the tactics seemed to be 11 behind the ball in their half and niggle Man City and fall over at every opportunity, not a single shot on goal, horrible team, and horrible brand of football, Still fancy Man City to go through and win in Madrid.

Unfortunately the victims also won their game away at Benfica, basically means they are all but through to the semis

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Side of Ham 7:17 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Sold is right , you should give minimal fucks about this type of game the only reason it will be good is because they've nicked all the best players from other clubs on the up and if that don't work they get dodgy decisions to keep them those 'BRANDS' the wankfest you's all admire.......

Northern Sold 7:12 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Yeah too be fair Scott only 130 posts last 2 days on this thread.... I'll take it all back !!

scott_d 6:35 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
NS - to be fair:

the Champs QF thread is 1 month old and there has been 12 games since.

the EF v WH thread is 2 days old and the game hasn't even taken place yet.

RBshorty 12:35 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Manny. Sorry mate. Didn’t realise you was in charge. Won’t happen again. Honest.!

Northern Sold 12:31 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Eintract Frankfurt v WEST HAM UNITED – 67 posts

Champs League Thread involving LIVERPOOL and MAN CITY – 162 posts

Like I said… we are obsessed with OTHER clubs…

Manuel 12:27 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Short - Just focus on the SPIVS, you clown.

RBshorty 12:24 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Manny. Let’s get the Bosch out the way first. Before worrying about the Salford Superstore. And yes. I have been watching the football recently. It’s been pretty grim mate.

Stevethehammer 12:18 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
The media love in for Liverpool is boring. Klopp can do no wrong, Liverpool fans are the greatest fans to ever grace the earth, Salah is the greatest person to ever kick a football and Virgil Van Dijk is the greatest ever defender.
Makes me sick the amount of love they get considering Klopp does nothing else apart from moan about the game in this country. Salah dives left right and centre and goes down easier than a whore knickers. Van Dijk is a good defender, but best ever??? Liverpool fans greatest ever, people very quickly forget the abuse Karius got in the champions league final and the plane noises they make towards Manchester United. Hillsborough was a disaster, a tradegy and rest in peace to those who died that day, but it really does cloud judgement about the club have their fucking skeletons that seem to be ignored very quickly. Their fans think everyone should love them, love Klopp for the amazing job he's done on some sort of shoestring etc when as someone said on here, worlds most expensive Gk, most expensive defender etc.

Lee Trundle 12:18 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Whoever would have imagined that not buying a striker would come back to bite Pep, and Moyes, on the bum?

Oh yeah, it was pretty much everyone.

Manuel 11:48 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Shorty - Do you still think we will finish above Man Utd? You been watching much football lately?

madeeasy 11:41 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
happygilmore 10:42 Thu May 5

I agree, they should have forgot Grealish and thrown an extra £50mill at spurs and got Kane. they would have then been a different team. Grealish for as good as he is, does not offer them anything massively over and above what they have got whereas Kane would have.

Hope you are well btw mate

madeeasy 11:35 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Vexed 11:24 Thu May 5

Let's put it this way, imagine you had 2 friends, tall order I appreciate but imagine it was a reality.

Now one of them has to sleep with your imaginary Mrs, what one do you choose....

RBshorty 11:35 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Liverpool haven’t bought success.? Worlds most expensive goalkeeper (At the time) World most expensive defender.(Still is.) The only team in the Premiership era to spend over a billion pounds in transfers before winning it. (And still only once.)

So yeah. The Pool hasn’t bought success.!

madeeasy 11:33 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Vexed 11:24 Thu May 5
Because they complain about fucking everything. the Media is full of the filthy, spit when they talk, illiterate cunts. Even carragher windows his window down and spits at people when driving.

They kill their own and hold mass vigils, they then do exactly the same thing and storm gates to get in in Istanbull but everyone sees it as excited fans trying to pull a fats one, you can't knock a scouse.

They kill Juve fans and have all English teams banned from
Europe. But obviously that wasn't their fault was it...

Basically I can't fucking stand the wingy cunts.

Manuel although I agree what you say about city owners etc, still no where near as annoying as a scouse.

Manuel 11:27 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games

Yep, I know many feel like that, but personally I can't stand Arab owned, corporate, cheating City. They bore the pants off of me, and that includes watching them play. Shit fans too. One look at Liverpool's net spend tells you that they haven't bought success, I respect that.

Vexed 11:24 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
I find it strange that anyone could prefer Liverpool over Man City. I cant get my head around that.

madeeasy 11:21 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Manuel 8:48 Thu May 5

Not saying I want us to lose against them, but 100% I would rather City win the league than Liverpool nay day of the week.

I fucking hate Liverpool and everything associated with the club.

happygilmore 10:42 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Pep did everything to sign the sulking Kane but couldn't get the deal done.

I always thought the Grealish signing was a case of, we will sign him so no one else gets him, rather than a case of needing him.

And he is a decent player but yet another affected by lack of game time.

Manuel 10:36 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Grealish has become a problem for Guardiola now, they overpaid for him, but I rate Grealish and looking forward to seeing what he can do in the world cup this year.

I don't think old Pep will ever win the CL with City now, become a real holy grail.

stepney hammer 10:33 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Son only had a year left on his contract last summer. Shocked no one went for him, even more shocked he decided to sign a new 4 year deal with those cunts rather than join a club that might win something.

Grealish was not a player City needed at all, had plenty of that type in their squad already. Strange one, even more so the fact he has barely played.

Sven Roeder 10:16 Thu May 5
Re: Champions League games
Man with £100m to spend buys Grealish
Gets what he deserves
Should have gone for Kane & Son sending Sterling & £100m the other way.

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