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Coffee 8:04 Sat Apr 16
Saturday football

If this is half as good as last week’s game between these two, we’re in for another treat. No idea who will win.



After a good swig of Listerine, it will be acknowledged that Conte’s Spurs have done incredibly well to get themselves into the top four after a shaky start to the season. Brighton’s miserable run of form ended last week with victory over Arsenal, but they’ll be hard-pushed to repeat that today. Home win.

Golden eggs don’t come along that often and when they do they have to be grabbed with both hands. The Canaries aren’t yet mathematically down, although that’s just a matter of time. Until then, they’ll hope to scramble at least one big name opposition. Not today, though. Home win.

The Saints were well and truly poached by a wounded Chelsea last week, continuing a run of form that has seen them lose five of their last six. But Arsenal, too, have had a dodgy time of things lately. The last couple of times that Southampton have conceded big time, they followed it with a draw. Play it again, Ralph. Draw.

There’ll be quite a buzz at Vicarage Road as the Hornets take on the Bees. Brentford are virtually assured of survival – something that few people would have predicted last August – while Watford are just as assured of relegation. Away win.


There’s little for either side to play for today. For the home team, that represents an achievement that is largely down to the arrival of Eddie Howe. For the visitors, it reflects a poor season overall. Home win.

The dismissal of Sean Dyche is inexplicable and reeks of desperation and panic. There must have been something else in the untold background that prompted the decision. Without a successor lined up, it’s hard to think that Burnley will enjoy a new manager bump. For us, this fixture represents a different kind of bump – the type that comes of falling from a great height. A return to the bread-and-butter reality of an important, if mundane, league game. The players will be exhausted after four tricky games already played in April and, after today, the prospect of another five games (Chelsea, Arsenal, Norwich and Eintracht Frankfurt twice) in the next fortnight. Would David Moyes consider introducing players on the fringe of the first team for this encounter? Somehow I doubt it. He’s a demanding drill-sergeant. Home win.


By now, Liverpool must be fed up with continued Manchester opposition. At least this one should be easier, and with luck the hosts will do us a favour while they continue to battle for the title. Home win.

It’s all done bar the last mathematical details. Fulham missed the chance to secure promotion last night after falling to virtually relegated Derby. But they will have secured promotion if West Brom beat Forest on Monday. Bournemouth will join them, while only the unlikeliest arithmetic can stop Barnsley and Peterborough from joining Derby in Division 1 next season. But five sides – Sheff U, Boro, Blackburn, Coventry and Millwall – are still in a realistic battle for the last golden play-off spot and each will hope to join Huddersfield, Luton and Forest in that agonising end-of-season ritual worth millions.

Happy Easter.

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, 12:09 Fri Apr 22
Re: Saturday football
Good home win for Burnley tonight. Lampard cannot be resting easy yet.

Athletico Easthamico 11:32 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
The fixed Everton v Wimbledon game.

cambsiron 11:31 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
Don't care too much about Burnley but would love Everton to go down. Gobby fans that might finally be silenced and justice for the Anders Limpar dive that kept them up many years ago.

happygilmore 11:30 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
Oops.. Everton *

⚒️ 11:21 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football

And the win against Man Utd, of course.

daveyg 11:20 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
Is that Chelsea playing Liverpool and Chelsea loanees
and Burnley playing a combined Wolves and Watford..a stinging Wolf ?

Sven Roeder 11:19 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
I fancy Chelsea in the game v Chelsea

Havent seen much of Burnley but this is probably their best performance against a very SUPINE Southampton

Fat Frank is taking Everton right to the wire
Last minute equaliser v Leicester & the recent late winner v Newcastle with 10 men is all thats keeping them afloat at the moment.

Takashi Miike 11:16 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
"I don’t like Burnley and I see them like a Blackburn/Bolton/Wigan in that I want to see them crash out of the PL"

spoken like a true spurs/chelsea cunt

happygilmore 11:07 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
Next up

Chelsea v Liverpool & Chelsea

Burnley v Wolves & Watford

Very probably Everton will be in the bottom 3 at the end of them games and squeaky bum time for Frank

⚒️ 11:04 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
I don’t like Burnley and I see them like a Blackburn/Bolton/Wigan in that I want to see them crash out of the PL, however seeing Everton in the Championship would be hilarious.

cygnet 10:53 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
In the game against us last weekend it was the same player backing into Fabianski at every corner. Doing the same thing again tonight against Saints. I'm surprised Referees aren't picking up on it. Or maybe they're just thick? He's not making any attempt to head the ball or be involved in the game other than impede the opposition keeper.

Takashi Miike 10:44 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
great to see burnley winning

Manuel 3:39 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
davey - Like most i haven't that much of Burnley, but I am not totally convinced with Cornet, and I can't see Moyes being interested. But yes, would take the Pope and Tarkowski.

daveyg 3:35 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
I hope it's Burnley.
Like you said Manners outstanding.
Don't you think we would go for many off Evertons players wherest we can take Pope and Cornet off thir hands.

Now let's hope Arsenal beat Man United as top 4 is out of reach now there are 2 alternatives. Knowing Arsenal they will lose to a last minute Ronaldo goal.

⚒️ 11:11 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
Everton will stay up because Burnley are complete shit (even though we couldn’t beat them this season), and Watford are a joke.

I really thought Watford would have beaten Leeds and Brentford at home, or at least taken 3/4 points, but to lose both is criminal.

Having said that about Burnley, it’ll be interesting if they grab a win tonight as they’ll only be 1 point behind. I won’t hold my breath though.

Manuel 10:51 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
I can see Everton staying up, and Lampard aside that's fine with me, never had any real issues with them and Burnley offer the league nothing and it's a shithole. They have outstayed their welcome.

Chelsea have lost 3 straight home games for the first time since 1993. Wonder when they last lost 4 straight?

Alfs 5:13 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
But Tex, if the other teams also would have beaten lower teams, they'd have more points too.

Texas Iron 2:21 Thu Apr 21
Re: Saturday football
If only we hadn't thrown away all those points against beatable opponents wed be at least finishing 5th...or 4th...
Our bare bones squad is due totally to Owners and Moyes...

Such a shame...great opportunity wasted!!!

Sven Roeder 11:57 Wed Apr 20
Re: Saturday football
Azpilicueta went over to some bloke in a group of 3 or 4 who was obviously having a go at him.
Probably pointed out that those 4 were the only fans left in the whole stand as the rest of the cunts had scarpered.

Last 3 home games conceded 4 (Brentford), 3 (Real) & 4 (Arsenal)
They were absolutely shocking and hopefully another 4 on Sunday.

Can anyone explain why Azpilicueta's wrestling Saka to the ground wasnt a red? It wasnt a genuine attempt to tackle.
Mount should have gone also for studs up tackle on a shin.
VAR had the night off

⚒️ 11:49 Wed Apr 20
Re: Saturday football
I’d like to know where Leicester would be without all the late goals they’ve conceded.

Texas Iron 11:47 Wed Apr 20
Re: Saturday football

Last minute draw…


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