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Fresh 12:04 Mon Apr 25
Used Car prices
Anyone seeing a drop in second hand car prices ? The last year has seen prices rocket but with inflation creeping up and economy at risk of recession are we seeing sales of used cars go down and hopefully prices too?

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charleyfarley 11:07 Tue Apr 26
Re: Used Car prices
Two of my boys are in the motor trade (BOO) vans are still very much in demand, prices for most cars have dropped not necessarily newer cars, difficult to call the market at the moment as everybody seems to be holding back due to fuel prices

Bungo 9:50 Tue Apr 26
Re: Used Car prices
Not sure if it is still the case, but there has been a massive shortage of new electronic chips for engine management systems over the last year or two, which has led to high second-hand prices as decent used stock has become more desirable.

My wife is still awaiting her new car which was ordered about 6 months ago.

violator 9:35 Tue Apr 26
Re: Used Car prices
Bought ours just over a year ago, checked the other day for same specc and similar mileage and there was one for 3 grand more than what we paid.

Fresh 9:21 Tue Apr 26
Re: Used Car prices
You'd think that with low sale prices would start to drop

Northern Sold 2:47 Mon Apr 25
Re: Used Car prices
Bought a new Quasqai 18 months ago got a brilliant price buying from Ukcardiscount... put my motor in webuyanycar.com a few months back I could still get more what I originally paid for it... mental times

j2daeww 1:52 Mon Apr 25
Re: Used Car prices
Based on US and that’s not happening here. Issue now is financial companies aren’t willing to lend on inflated vehicles so dealers are starting to require larger down payments. Additionally larger vehicles are getting crushed as fuel prices are a massive deterrent. Here’s a good set of data should you be interested in the us market:


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