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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

one iron 5:11 Wed May 4
Dont trust german police.
german police had family in the war, it will be open season on english fans, our ob, cant interfear, stay together, and keep your eyes open.. help your friends if any of them get hurt, 60 games in europe i have learned, many things. no won likes the british.dont drift off in small groups, you run the risk of being picked off,apart from that have a great trip.

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stepney hammer 1:33 Sun May 8
Re: Dont trust german police.
bruuuno 1:24 Sun May 8

Will make a change from 'You sold your soul for this shithole' and 'You're not West Ham anymore.'

Pedro 1:29 Sun May 8
Re: Dont trust german police.
Uefa are a joke

We get fined and banned for a bit of overcrowding at Genk yet nothing happens to Frankfurt.

Fireworks / flares / pitch invasions / missiles / random attacks in centre centre .
“Party atmosphere “ apparentl

bruuuno 1:24 Sun May 8
Re: Dont trust german police.
I’m looking forward to hearing ‘West Ham get battered everywhere they go’ from every away fan next season

SDKFZ 222 12:18 Sun May 8
Re: Dont trust german police.
ted fenton 6:01 Sat May 7

I was at the match and watched the German police baton a few of the Frankfurt fans after they had invaded the pitch and had tried to get at us.

I did smile when one supporter got his hat knocked off by a baton (his black cap can be seen in one YouTube video sitting on the grass) and also when one rather fat female Frankfurt fan had lost her footing, fell face down and had to be then helped off by a steward because she had obviously done herself a mischief!

Karma, I’d say!

eswing hammer 11:03 Sat May 7
Re: Dont trust german police.
Mr burns it was in Weissfrauen strasse , l don’t know the area , a club called velvet , typical german techno club , 2.50 for half a pint , it was fucking packed , my boy loved it in the mosh pit before the screen, l went off toward to side , met a few blokes l knew ,but it was like the old Upton Park when packed , you had someone’s head or a pillar in front of you !

Mr. Burns 10:42 Sat May 7
Re: Dont trust german police.
eswing hammer 10:02 Sat May 7

Where was that Ironworks event? Was it any good?

smartypants 10:38 Sat May 7
Re: Dont trust german police.
There slippery fuckers and you were exactly the type of target they like. Funnily enough though I didn’t see any drinking around the London stadium/Stratford high street side. Literally there entire away allocation had a pre arranged escort from Victoria park

eswing hammer 10:02 Sat May 7
Re: Dont trust german police.
I must say the german OB were pretty good , l only went out there to look after my boy , his generation ,like one iron has tried to explain just don’t get it , we walked backtrack our hotel from the Thames iron works event ,about a mile and Frankfurt were everywhere, car horns going , you can imagine , no West Ham anywhere just Arabic looking Frankfurt fans everywhere , l just wanted to get back , he
wanted a beer anyway found this spatie(late shop) and bought a beer , it seemed every fucker was looking at us ,

smartypants 8:57 Sat May 7
Re: Dont trust german police.
Like many European clubs they seem to leave certain sections of the crowd to there own devices. I’ve been in curva A Napoli which is the same, it’s policed by the fans. They do what they want and the clubs let them get on with it. Imagine our owners allowing one end of the stadium to become like that. It’s still a bit cringy when it’s so orchestrated but over time they can certainly build up a hostile atmosphere and get some momentum behind them. Let’s face it though, fan power is the last thing they ever want to see at our stadium, which is a massive shame as there actually missing a trick.

Percy Dalton 8:19 Sat May 7
Re: Dont trust german police.
Exactly Ted.
Looks like Rice will probably get a ban for calling out the ref.Yet our players were pelted with rubbish at every corner.
Also I thought flares were banned can imagine that if our fans performed the same as Frankfurts that would be a ban for all English teams.

ted fenton 6:01 Sat May 7
Re: Dont trust german police.
Evidently 30 arrests in Frankfurt on Thursday night and NONE were West Ham!!!
We get a fan run on the pitch and fines are handed out along with possible bans.... how many German fans ran on the pitch on Thursday ? they even moved the barriers for them !! fecking joke.

one iron 4:53 Sat May 7
Re: Dont trust german police.
CROSSED HAMMERS, VEXED.I wont say i told you so,but.I told you so. mugs

Side of Ham 2:42 Thu May 5
Re: Dont trust german police.
Some people learn the hard way, some people learn the easy way..............

smasher. 2:37 Thu May 5
Re: Dont trust german police.

They like to run off after throwing shit and putting windows in. I was lucky where I was as I was able to creep up on one and spin his jaw.

North Bank 2:30 Thu May 5
Re: Dont trust german police.
brundal because many on here have never been to an away game, never mind one abroad.

I saw first hand what Frankfurt were like in Seville, hitting kids and old men until they were fronted and ran off, then the Spanish police turned up and cracked a few West Ham with their batons

brundal 2:25 Thu May 5
Re: Dont trust german police.
I don’t understand why some one here are not taking Bills advice seriously, what he is saying is if you find yourself in a situation where it’s kicking off and West Ham fans are being attacked without provocation the German lob bill will always take the side of there own and batten the English.

Far Cough 1:45 Thu May 5
Re: Dont trust german police.
ag ag ag

Dr Matt 1:35 Thu May 5
Re: Dont trust german police.
“Just act like … some invading army.”

That’s terrible advice - that will annoy the German people.

Hermit Road 1:26 Thu May 5
Re: Dont trust german police.
‘ Nobody rational cares and more about a war that started over 80 years ago’

My grandad and uncle died (were killed) in it. Not that that impacts the way I interact with Germans or the Niponese these days but saying I don’t care about it would be a stretch. Not too irrational I think.

Also, it’s a laugh to talk about the war and take the piss out of Germans a bit.

norwaytips 1:26 Thu May 5
Re: Dont trust german police.
Just behave yourselves and don’t act like an idiot. German police are ok. I’ve never had a problem with them. Just act like a guest and some invading army.

madeeasy 1:25 Thu May 5
Re: Dont trust german police.

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