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Texas Iron 6:57 Fri May 6
A Failed Season
If we don’t finish 6 or 7th Moyes and GSB have failed…

Get a younger progressive manager like Potter or Howe…

Moyes like the board is old fashioned predictable tired uninspiring manager…

Moyes GSB OUT…


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Texas Iron 10:07 Thu May 19
Re: A Failed Season
7 th guaranteed….

Chances for 6th…

Beat Brighton. And ManU only get a point or less at Palace


OneAll 12:10 Wed May 11
Re: A Failed Season
not a failed season I’m 27 and has easily been the best and most enjoyable I can remember, payet season comes close but the run in Europe defo wins it. It’s why it makes me fucking crack up when people want moyes out 😂

the exile 11:41 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
It would be a real bonus to pip Man U to 6th place, giving us another season in the Europa and leaving them with the Conference, which will really hinder their recruitment drive. Even if we lose to City, which, let's face it, is the most likely outcome, we could still do it. They will have the pressure of knowing that we have a superior goal difference and will leapfrog them if they lose and we win.

joyo 11:15 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
Texas Iron = A Failed Poster

Surfinglizard 11:07 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
Utter nonsense. Moyes has done an amazing job. The problem is fly by night supporters don’t remember what it was like before. Lock this shit.

goose 6:59 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
our form over the last 30 or so years suggests that getting someone like Moyes has been the hardest thing to do.

good luck replacing him.

threesixty 6:57 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
"Moyes is far from irreplaceable and I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep if he went except for our owners idiocy when it comes to getting decisions right. "

objectively... thats a kind of crazy statement to make.

Picking a manager that can give you what you already had is hard enough. Picking a manager that can improve you without wholesale changes to a squad is even more difficult.
Picking a manager that can do that consistently... well that's ridiculous really.

No one is irreplaceable. But anyone who's watched football over the years will tell you, its the hardest part of the game to get right.

rumford 5:15 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
nychammmer 4:43 Tue May 10
I agree fans will look back and say if only, but had we beat Leeds and Brentford we would have probably lost to Liverpool and Chelsea.I think with the team/squad we have we are where we are. Hopefully finishing in sixth place or being the best of the rest.

nerd 4:52 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
Nice to be competitive in all competitions , we have pretty much played all but 7 games we can .We need more European football as shit as the other 3 we're in the semis, all seasoned European teams and we got schooled.If we fail in this transfer window I think it will be safe to say next season could be huge Fail potentially.

Pee Wee 4:51 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
I do find the people that can’t understand the. Yes criticism very weird. He has a number of faults that need addressing. Inability to sign strikers, dithering in the window and in games. Too negative.

I believe we got into such a good position this season because of Moyes… I believe we blew it because of Moyes.

With all that it mind, I do think he’s earned the right for another window and to have our backing for the coming season. But this season will always be looked back on as a massive what if?

Huge window for us and we need to move early.

Moyes is far from irreplaceable and I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep if he went except for our owners idiocy when it comes to getting decisions right.

I do think he has improved as a manager since his Everton days and even his early West Ham days. It used to be that he couldn’t compete at all against bigger teams and he seems to have overcome that to a degree.

Managers like any career should improve with experience and he has. If he can iron out his dithering, his negativity and transfer issues then I’d want him to stay forever.

nychammer 4:43 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
MOST teams will look back and say “if only we hadn’t lost to XXX we’d have been / won YYY” even Man City will point to one or two results if they don’t win the title. We’ve just had a number of those this season and you need to reduce those “sloppy” results to the likes of Leeds and Brentford where really you should be winning at least the home games to be justifying a top 6 finish.

Side of Ham 4:28 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
Brentford took 6 points off us and Leeds managed to beat us at home with some of their youth team.......

RM10 4:24 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
Yes Southampton and Man U, lost 9points and out of the cup, also Frankfurt was such a good opportunity for the final, average teams all of them.

threesixty 4:22 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
When you look at it, we achieved more than we did last season with only one real 1st 11 upgrade (Zouma).

Even if we finish 7th, we also go to the semi final of a major European competition.

So we actually have improved given what we had and what we did last season.

The disappointment for me this season is more not investing enough than our performances really. Another 2 actual 1st team level players would have done wonders for us.

El Scorchio 4:13 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
eastend joker 3:39

Absolute lowlights for me, along with completely shitting the bed against Frankfurt twice and Saints in the cup.

Man U are dogshit but they still beat us twice somehow.

eastend joker 3:39 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
it is the two results against the poorest Man Utd team in my lifetime that has fucked us this season .

Westside 3:19 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
If we don’t finish 6 or 7th Moyes and GSB have failed…

So Texas, when we finish 7th (at worst) we will you be editing the original post, saying Moyes and GSB have succeeded?

And be happy for Moyes to remain in post?

Moncurs Putting Iron 3:00 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
Somewhere in the no mans land that Spurs have occupied for five+ years.

Not bouncing out of the top six, but not winning anything either.

Like Russ said below, Not failure (If we nab 6th) but MASSIVE missed opportunity

Russ of the BML 2:22 Tue May 10
Re: A Failed Season
Failed season? No.

Missed opportunity? Yes.

As good as it has been to be flirting with the top six and getting to a euro semi, it also has to be recognised what this season could've been had we had some owners with some bollocks who weren't actually frightened of what they promised.

The Jerking Knee 10:32 Mon May 9
Re: A Failed Season
Mike Oxsaw 3:56 Mon May 9

Did someone call?

Rossal 5:57 Mon May 9
Re: A Failed Season
Definitely not a failed season, if you would have offered top 7 and semi of Europa before a ball was kicked most would have taken it.

With a small squad the manager and players have done well. It feels a bit greedy to of expected or want more but it feels like it so easily could have.

We lost twice to Man Utd and Brentford.....thats not acceptable. Neither is drawing to Burnley twice. The home defeats to Soton and Leeds were really really poor results...... however we beat Chelsea and Liverpool at home.

In Europe the Sevilla and Lyon results were fantastic, what great memories for us fans. However I feel like we are better than Frankfurt......missing out on a european final to them hurts.....we didnt play well either game so no complaints but what a huge opportunity missed.

I think it has been a good season, a very good one if we nick 6th. With a small squad and 1 striker we've done incredibly well. There has been many great trips and memories and plenty for us to build on. Lets not forget how far we've came.....and how we're most certainly looking up rather than down. Just need to get that illusive trophy or into the top 4 now.

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