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Coffee 7:21 Sat May 7
Saturday football
With the season edging towards its conclusion, a couple of important things remain to be decided while dead rubbers offer an opportunity to blood promising youngsters.

Two sides with only goal difference separating them. Both are all but mathematically safe. Brentford will be more than delighted with their first season in the top flight. How much higher can they climb? Home win.

The first of the two league fixtures between these sides within a fortnight. Sandwiched between them is an away game at Spurs for Burnley before they end the season at home to Newcastle. Most Villa fans would probably consider this a disappointing season, although a win today could take them into the top 10. Draw.

The incentive for Chelsea is the uncomfortable sight of Arsenal breathing heaving in their rear view mirror. Wolves have collapsed in recent weeks. With luck, that run of form will continue today. Home win.

Watford will be relegated today. Few will mourn or be surprised at their disappearance from the Premier League. Home win.

Brighton have rediscovered their early-season mojo of late. With Man U you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get. This is their penultimate game of the season, with just Palace (away) to go. They’re six points ahead of us, so there’s still an outside chance that we can pip them to a UEFA spot. Come on, you Seagulls! Home win.

It’s hard to see either Liverpool or Man City dropping points in their remaining games. Unless you’re wearing Spursy specs. Home win.


A fixture that reeks of classics of yore. Lorimer, George and the rest. After today, Leeds host Chelsea and Brighton before ending the campaign at Brentford. Nervy times for the Yorkshire club. Form says home win. Heart wishes for a draw.

Speaking of nervy times, they don’t come more bum-squeaking than for the blue Merseysiders. But having beaten Chelsea last week, their peckers may be suitably raised for the visit to the midlands. After today, they have Watford (A), Brentford and Palace (both H) and Arsenal (A) to negotiate their survival. A point or more today would do nicely. Draw.

The disappointment of relegation has become a familiar sentiment for Norwich fans. But with it also comes the removal of pressure and a freedom to play without shackles. For us, a win is essential if we’re to maintain the still winnable race for sixth with Man U. How much will the Frankfurt game have taken from our players? Physically and emotionally, Moyes will have to raise the players once more to play to win. Can he do it? Yes. Away win.

Newcastle’s spectacular 2022 looks likely to take a bit of a hit at the Etihad this evening. No ifs or buts for City, they have to win this. And they will. Home win.

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Mike Oxsaw 7:59 Mon May 9
Re: Saturday football
Scene 1: Man U win at Crystal Palace:
West Ham have to beat both Man City & Brighton away to get 6th spot.

Scene 2: Man U draw at Crystal Palace:
4 points are needed from those games for us to get 6th place

Scene 3: Man U lose at Crystal Palace:
3 points are needed from those games.

Scene 4: West ham lose their remaining games;
Wolves have to beat all of Manchester City, Norwich City & Liverpool to claim 7th.

Brighton can't catch us.

Aston Villa still can, but they have to beat all of Liverpool, Crystal Palace Burnley & Manchester City


Villa don't win 10th May (Liverpool (h)) - they can't catch us.
Wolves don't win 11th May (Man City (a)), they can't catch us.

pdcwhu 1:01 Mon May 9
Re: Saturday football
Mad Dog.......10.11..
Spot on

Mad Dog 10:11 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
David Beckham.
"They (man u) have got great fans, there's not many teams that have been through what they've been through and still fill their stadium"

Oh really David?? We've won fuck all for over 40 years and we sell.out every game. Your shite have had a few years where they didn't win the league, but still have all the star players, spend fortunes and challenge. We normally fight relegation.

terry-h 9:50 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
I am watching Leipzig v Augsburg to see how Reece Oxford is performing in Germany.
I'm afraid he's not my idea of a solid strong central defender. Augsburg are 3-0 down in the 56th minute. He tries to look flash in his yellow/orange boots but to be honest he's as flaky as I always thought he was.

pdcwhu 9:26 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
Newcastle were the form team before Today ????

goose 8:55 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
Ted you can’t give a penalty if the ball isn’t in play.

Texas Iron 8:46 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
Here’s hoping Palace can upset ManU…

Vieira and Co should be up for it

Texas Iron 8:45 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
Here’s hoping Palace can upset ManU…

Texas Iron 8:34 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
City totally destroyed Newcastle…could have been 10-0…
Gonna be tough to get anything against them…

Best chance will be Brighton…but not easy as they are playing well and have momentum

pdcwhu 8:29 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
Man city go ahead on GD

ted fenton 8:10 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
Man city get a corner Burn keeps holding a City player then gets booked surely that's a foul and should be a Pen Cresswell gets red carded for putting his hand on the Germans shoulder yet they allow this fecking nonsense of holding inside the area for corners and free kicks !
The only way to stop it is to start giving penalties.

pdcwhu 7:56 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
Fuck you Flopp

Sven Roeder 7:42 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
Dias off, saying might be done for the season.
37yo Fernandinho will have to play here, Wednesday & then against us.

Romfordboy 7:22 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
That was such a reckless challenge in the Leeds game all those supporters must be thinking wtf

happygilmore 7:19 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football

Roy is gone after the next two games , they don't need to sack him.

Nice little boost to his pension pot.

the coming of gary 7:14 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
over ten thousand at non - league Wrexham today

goose 7:12 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
Had the Arsenal game on the TV and saw Martinelli go down off the pitch and roll back on again to stop the game.

Refs need to get on top of all this business.

Sven Roeder 7:05 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
Watford & Norwich's effort to stay in the PL has been pathetic. Again
Neither ever looked like staying up
Shame that 12 points are disappearing though

gph 6:55 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
What's the matter with Watford?

They haven't sacked Hodgson yet for getting them relegated.

At this rate, they won't have time to get in another manager before the end of the season, so they can sack him for not turning it around...

Sven Roeder 6:46 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
To be fair to Rodgers he has just been in a Euro semi & hasnt had Fofana all season & seemingly not much of Vardy.
All the usual stuff about Tielemanns & Maddison leaving too.
Disappointing PL season though

Manuel 6:26 Sun May 8
Re: Saturday football
feet - Yea agree, he seems to have hit a wall there, heard the fans are turning a bit too. Note Man Utd didn't go in for him, he was probably hoping for a call.

Everton won't go now, which is fine by me, Burnley can do one.

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