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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Stevethehammer 10:52 Fri May 13
The training ground
It's my sons birthday in a few weeks and I want to get him a signed West ham top., little shits at his school are trying to get him to support other teams, so a signed top will sort him out. Know the players hardly stop at the OS.
Does anyone know what time the Players arrive and leave at the training ground.
Thanks in advance

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Matthew Holmes 8:56 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Stevethehammer 3:21 Sat May 14

You Sir are a good father.

Your kids will appreciate everything youve done.

Fantastic work.

Stevethehammer 8:15 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Nice one Charoo, hopefully I'll get over there at some point

Mex Martillo 8:13 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Nice one Charoo
I cannot believe some of the cunty comments below, right wankers.

Charoo 7:52 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Went today, they came out about 1.30 all gone by about 3.45.

12 stopped but out of who I expect to start tomorrow only 3 that will possibly be in the starting line up.


Didn’t stop

Ben Johnson (not playing tomorrow)
Antonio (pics no sign)

All did stop.

Couple hours in the sun, both boys got a signed shirt, gutted about Rice but they are still very happy.

Pub Bigot 7:50 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Steve, since moving to Liverpool I've made friends with northern Hammers and people from the south who've moved up here and I know two Scouse lads who follow us to every away with their dad who's from Plaistow. If he can do it with all the giant clubs up this way, you won't have an issue.

Good luck, mate. 👍⚒

Pentonville 6:38 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
ASK HUFFERS, he is the man for signed stuff and usually quite helpful

RM10 6:08 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
As stewey said and get him to learn some good old West Ham wit to take the Mickey out of the plastics, one reason why they hate us!

stewey 5:47 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Steve get him some business cards made up
⚒congratulations you’ve just met the ICF⚒
Tell him to smack one of the cunts on the nose and tuck one in their blazer top pocket ,job done

Lato 5:26 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Its a tough one Steve in this day and age what with Manchester City and Liverpool being constantly thrown in our faces 24/7 by Sky, BT Sports and the like. Like others have said talk to your boy and point out that this season we have beaten Liverpool, Chelsea and knocked Citee out of the cup. The more you take him the more he will see what being West Ham is all about. I have never had this problem as all my 5 kids are West Ham must be my enthusiasm for the Hammers!

How times have changed..... back in 70's when I was at School.it was the complete opposite, if you weren't West Ham and it became known that you were Man Utd, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea etc you would be in for a kicking! There was one exception though we had a kid move to our school who came from Southampton and supported the Saints......no one said a word to him about it.....funny that!

Mr Kenzo 4:58 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Best of luck Steve, my old man is Millwall, thank fuck i didnt go down that road

Mike Oxsaw 4:01 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Stevethehammer 3:33 Sat May 14

Don't give him the attention he clearly craves.

It's pretty obvious from his posts that when the shit hit the fan in his life, he bottled it and is now busy being bitter at everyone who just picked themselves up and got on with their lives.

Stevethehammer 3:33 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
You really are a cunt crossed hammers.

Side of Ham 3:31 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Steve somewhere in that explanation is the reason your boy will be supporting West Ham with no need for a signed shirt to win him over.

⚒️ 3:27 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
You couldn’t satisfy your wife’s needs. Your best mate took care of it.

Weasel cunt.

Stevethehammer 3:21 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Crossed hammers what the fuck are you on about you cunt. A weasel of a father, please explain to me, how trying to get a signed shirt for my boy is being a fucking weasel.
For your information fella my boys mum cheated on me with my best mate, now I know many cunts who would have walked away and not given a shit about the kids due to his feelings being battered and spending all his income on drugs, hookers and drink. Not me, I've stood by my kids, been there every step of the fucking way, taken my kids on holidays every year, paid her rent when said bf fucked off just so my kids had a place to stay and the first thing out of my account is the maintenance money every month without fail.
Call me a sap for wanting a signed shirt, call me out for wanting to stop kids bullying my boy.. but don't ever call me a fucking weasel of a father.
Mods delete this thread.

Mike Oxsaw 3:03 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
⚒️ 2:48 Sat May 14

Have YOU ever fathered a child?

That's "fathered", not "fiddled".

Your own or did somebody else do all the hard work first?

Side of Ham 3:03 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Do me favour ‘Kids can be cruel these days’ ???? nothing compared to our generations…..your ‘cruel’ was known as banter when we were kids. All we did is bide our time and it also made me and the few West Ham in a West Ham catchment more stubborn to be West Ham…..you need to tell the boy it doesn’t make life any easier by backing down to their view and most those kids gobbing off at him won’t feature in his future…..

⚒️ 2:48 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Steve get a fucking grip you pathetic cunt.

He probably gets bullied more because his dad is a weasel cunt than the fact he supports WHU.

Stevethehammer 2:42 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
My boy is only 10, kids these days can be cruel to eachother.
He's said that he has been bullied for supporting West Ham, kids taunt him etc and we live in Kent ffs.
So as I've said giving him a signed shirt could help him.
I was the same really, loads of my mates at school were man utd etc and I was the odd one out, but met loads of players had shit loads signed, kept me wanting more and I want that for my son.
If we lived in North I'd understand but we live literally 30 miles away from Stratford

Mike Oxsaw 2:26 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
..." the little shits at school want him to support Liverpool"...

If he's old/mature enough, he should simply state that is their problem and theirs, alone, to deal with.

If they come back with playground taunts (as superbly exemplified by two posters on this site (no links)), his response should be along the lines of "I'm no sheep..."

Browno22 2:02 Sat May 14
Re: The training ground
Manuel, you should rename yourself Homer. Because you're a simp, son

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