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Coffee 8:21 Sat May 14
Saturday football
FA CUP FINAL (Wembley, 1645)

Once the highlight of the English footballing year as, for now, league positions dissolve into irrelevance. There’s always been – and there remains – something genuinely special about the occasion, even if its gloss has been dulled in recent years. The build-up. The walk of the teams onto the field, two sets of gladiators pumped for battle, tension and nerves etched deep on every face. Abide with me. The national anthem. The roar of more than 80,000 fans as the man in black or yellow or green or purple blows for the start of combat. And two hours later, one team will climb the stairs to receive the cup. No deepening darkness or vain shadows for them. But who will it be? Not the foggiest.


The Premier League enters its penultimate weekend with three key issues still to resolve: the title, the third relegated team, and the final Euro spots.


Has Burnley’s new manager bump run its course? After today, they take on Villa and Newcastle in their bid to retain top flight status. Meanwhile, Spurs have ample incentive to play up as they seek to pip Arsenal to the last Champions League spot. Home win.

Little but mid-table pride to play for here. Draw.

Things are looking dark for Leeds and a win today is an absolute must. Their last game is at Brentford. Draw.

Boring ahead. Away win.

City will all but claim the title if they win today. But they have a wounded and therefore vulnerable defence, with Walker, Stones and Dias all confirmed out, while Fernandinho and Laporte have late fitness tests. This may (or may not) come to our advantage in set pieces. Either way, it looks like the only realistic straw that presents itself for clutching. De Bruyne is on fire and will be looking to add to the four he bagged at Wolves last weekend. For us, this marks the last home game for Mark Noble. He’s been with us through thick and a lot of thin. He’s played for more managers than any other West Ham player: Pardew, Curbishley, Zola, Grant, Allardyce, Billic, Pellegrini, Moyes. In the old days, he may have played out the last year or two of his career at Orient. There’s only one Mark Noble, one Mark Noble. Away win (Scorer: Noble, own goal).

Wolves will be smarting from a comprehensive defeat at home to Man City last time out. Home win.

Brentford have a major say in the relegation battle. Many would have thought that they’d be one of the sides heading back to the Championship, and much credit to them that they’re not. Everton’s fate is now in their own hands and home advantage will be significant. A win today will virtually assure them of safety, with another home game against Palace to come before they end a traumatic season at Arsenal. Home win.


There’s something increasingly appealing about the thunder on Arteta’s face when Arsenal lose. It’s something that seems to run in the Arsenal manager lineage. Newcastle will be preparing for next season, but will want to end this one with respect. A tough game beckons. Away win.


The Saints may go marching into this, but you feel they'll be leaving with tails firmly twixt legs. Away win.


Home win.


Home win.

Luton and Huddersfield drew last night, leaving the Yorkshire side as probable favourites to make it to the final. Today, Saturday, sees Sheffield United host Nottingham Forest. The second legs are on Monday and Tuesday, respectively, with the final at Wembley on 29 May.

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Percy Dalton 12:08 Fri May 20
Re: Saturday football
Trouble at Port Vale v Swindon as well last night.
Probably a lot of Forest fans gatecrashed the game

Sven Roeder 9:15 Fri May 20
Re: Saturday football
Pitch invasions
Opposition players & managers attacked
Flares seemingly everywhere

Any club been punished yet?

Lampard back as Everton manager next season. Can have a better run at trying to relegate them.

Manuel 7:17 Fri May 20
Re: Saturday football
Have to hand it to Everton coming back from the dead like that. Say what you will, but there is some proper passion up there.

Hard to call what will happen on Sunday, it's in Burnley's hands but Toon is a tough game, but Leeds game is tough too. Eddie Howe up against his old club.

Sydney_Iron 5:04 Fri May 20
Re: Saturday football
Another pitch invasion and Everton fans provoking Vieira, wonder if he will be introuble for this, trys to grab and then kick the Everton fan, i thought the PL had tough rules on pitch invasions???? If Viera is to get in trouble then so should Everton...


Alfs 1:12 Fri May 20
Re: Saturday football
twoleftfeet 1:04 Fri May 20

It's the biggest football story of the day, maybe?

twoleftfeet 1:04 Fri May 20
Re: Saturday football
Can I just check something, did Everton just win the league? The BBC seem to think they did and their fans also.


El Scorchio 12:36 Fri May 20
Re: Saturday football
Fuck. Was really hoping Everton went down but never mind.

Tough call coming for them though. Do they keep fatty or not?

Sydney_Iron 12:00 Fri May 20
Re: Saturday football
Well done Burnley, deserved that after the farce of the sending off, whats the point of VAR if thats a red? imagine if that was Liverpool or ManU, would never have been given.

Nick Pope doing himself even more credit, doubt he will be at Burnley next season, outstanding keeper who has had a season of so much practice, If they stay up its down to him IMO, sign him up Moyes.

Any Old Iron 11:54 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football
The cunts in black on and off the pitch are trying to turn the game into a non-contact sport.
Fucking disgraceful red there at Villa.

VirginiaHam 11:54 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football
What a terrible decision that VAR saw nothing wrong with.

So, winning the ball by a mile is now banned.

Stepney.Ammer 11:54 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football
'm fucking on the pitch at the end of the next massive end-of-season game we win.

Every other fucking club seems to allow/get away with it.

claretandbluedagger 11:52 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football
Never a red card for Lowton there.

Sven Roeder 11:40 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football
Given the pen against them at Tottenham Burnley will be a bit confused as to why that wasnt one for them

Leeds need Villa to win so that a point could keep them up if Burnley lose on Sunday
Great save by Pope

⚒️ 11:38 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football
Palace will want to bounce back from this capitulation on Sunday.

White Pony 11:38 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football
I thought we all knew crossed hammers wasn’t actually a West Ham fan.

Barty 11:35 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football
ffs crystal palace collapse

GBHammer63 11:34 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football
Everton comeback3-2
Pitch invasion

Athletico Easthamico 11:34 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football
Hope Palace are better than this against Manchester United.

⚒️ 11:33 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football


Frank working his magic.

twoleftfeet 11:33 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football
Everton safe.

Think it’s going to be Leeds down.

twoleftfeet 11:32 Thu May 19
Re: Saturday football
⚒ is still upset that Spurs sold Alli.

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