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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

brundal 6:00 Mon May 23
GSB out
For those that think GSB are doing a good job running our club then take a good look at our subs for the Brighton game.

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Leeshere 4:07 Tue May 24
Re: GSB out
I’m pretty sure the West Ham ticket office has been infiltrated by the Gestapo!

Nick QQQ 3:42 Tue May 24
Re: GSB out
"But of course it's hard to complain too much when we're experiencing perhaps the best spell of our Premier League years."

Exactly their sentiment and why i feel so pessimistic about the transfer window.
Much of the same will hopefully work will be their motto

scott_d 3:39 Tue May 24
Re: GSB out
For me, there has been some obvious improvements from our owners but largely overshadowed by actions.

On one hand they are not spouting the media regularly, at all really. Which was utterly embarrassing, especially when they try to defend their words or actions. There are a few incidents that spring to mind such as the Willy Carvalho 'ghost' bid which prompted the Sporting chairman to call them the "Dildo Brothers".

Any decent transfer dealings they have done are very quickly forgotten about when they finish a January transfer window with fuck all movement until the last couple of days and then some panic fictitious bids that were never going to come off (Phillips, Rafinha, Nunez) with just 24 hours left.

It has taken some time but they have also made some minor improvements to the stadium. Nothing huge but at least there has been some positive changes. But once again they ruin it with the big reconstruction of the West Stand which is supposed to bring fans closer to the action and yet base on the illustrations provided by the club, it looks like there will be a handful of fans who are actually closer to the pitch, and more fans being moved further back - not just this but the club blatantly appear to take the fans for mugs by claiming that the reconfiguration is to improve the views when it is just to get more ticket sales and to increase the price.

So in summary, it just seems for anything good they do, they still remain fundamentally flawed.

But of course it's hard to complain too much when we're experiencing perhaps the best spell of our Premier League years.

We say it every year but this summer really is massively important and going on past experience, I would be very surprised if they got even close to matching the expectations/ambition of the fans (and perhaps even the manager) by actually giving us a competitive squad for League and European competition next year.

Is there a fan of this club that genuinely has any faith that these owners will deliver in this transfer window?

Lily Hammer 12:08 Tue May 24
Re: GSB out

I’m interested to see how that goes, but I certainly won’t hold my breath.

ornchurch ammer 11:32 Tue May 24
Re: GSB out
To be blunt I just think that they are cunts.

chav_corner 11:19 Tue May 24
Re: GSB out
Lily.We are asking them for a meeting mate.And we have sent complaints/requests for reimbursement.

Sajmo1 11:04 Tue May 24
Re: GSB out
What other owners have signed players based on their fifa ratings?

Willtell 10:59 Tue May 24
Re: GSB out
There's a lot of reasons to doubt the current owners but frankly, I don't know any club that is happy with their owners or the way they run their clubs.

It's not the amount of money we spend that matters but the quality of players we sign. Pellegrini showed us that and so have Everton recently.

For me WHU is well run by miserly chavs. I'd rather that than a Russian Oligarch or Saudi prince but actually, I don't really care as long as they do what is needed to keep us in the top 7 now we have got there.

At least the existing shit shower know they need to spend wisely to achieve top 6, cup and/or European success again. Any failure to do that and fans will certainly have cause to turn on them...

Westham67 10:52 Tue May 24
Re: GSB out

Rossal 9:45 Tue May 24

Lily Hammer 10:41 Tue May 24
Re: GSB out
Have the club given kind of explanation or made any kind of apology for the ticket fiasco out in Frankfurt?

Rossal 9:45 Tue May 24
Re: GSB out
The club has made major improvements on the pitch due to the manager.

Under new/better owners we can hopefully make major improvements off the pitch which are needed, and hopefully new owners can help Moyes take us to that next level.


one iron 9:11 Tue May 24
Re: GSB out
Chav, 100% mate, the old boiler in the ticket office offered two fans money back on missing frankfurt tickets, and made like she was doing them a favour. gsb and ticket office manager out. not a hammer in sight. pound note fc, cardiff city,birmingham,and villa.

Grumpster 8:58 Tue May 24
Owners have been extremely lucky with what Moyes has done as it has taken a lot of the focus away from them, though the fact Sullivan shut the fuck up in the press didn't do him any harm.

It's still pretty obvious that they're only in it for profit though, so fingers crossed every day is one closer to them fucking off.

Do despair of many of our so called fans though. All managers make mistakes and moyes is no different, but for some to want him out in a season where we were in the quarters in the league Cup, the semis of the europa and made it back to back top 7 finishes is fucking laughable.

Course he was part of the annoyance of January's non existent transfer activity, but we all know exactly what our owners are like with their fake or pathetic bids to try to pretend they're up for splashing the cash.

Absolute clowns.

RBshorty 11:59 Mon May 23
Re: GSB out
303 days to go.

Takashi Miike 11:30 Mon May 23
totally agree with the opening post. is wd40, Karren's new username?

chav_corner 11:27 Mon May 23
Alex G ,perhaps if you were one of the fans who took time off work,and paid hundreds of pounds in flights and hotels to Frankfurt,only to be told the club had no ticket for them.-or perhaps if you were one of the hundreds of fans who were 'relocated' to inferier seats,many being split from their friends and family.Perhaps then you would realise that there is more to a football club than results on the pitch.GSB OUT.

ironsofcanada 11:21 Mon May 23
Re: GSB out
I have wanted the owners gone for a while if only so their replacement might show a little more class.

But I also try to look at their decisions objectively, as much as that is possible. With full knowledge that a good percent of what I read about our club and football in general is made up.

That all said, whoever was at fault, not bringing someone in
(anyone in some positions) in January was a massive failure.
You take the bad with good, but that was a definite mark against whoever was responsible.

Hermit Road 11:08 Mon May 23
Re: GSB out
Surf, I think that’s a risk they should have taken. Easy to say now of course but our squad depth really took its toll towards the end of the season. Also, there’s no guarantee that any additions would have risen to the level required but from a purely numbers point of view, we were really short and did not have the numbers to do what we could do in two competitions

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:59 Mon May 23
Re: GSB out
Let's say that in January we had spent, say, £80 mio on inflated January fees and high wages for 3-4 squad players to provide support and competition.

What would have been the consequences for the club if we had failed to qualify for Europe?.

goose 10:34 Mon May 23
Re: GSB out
Spurs loaned both new signings in January.
Both from from juventus.

Fell into their laps somewhat because of the Juve connection and Juve needing to shift a couple of players to sign one.

nychammer 10:24 Mon May 23
Re: GSB out
We spent large last summer
Zouma: hit
Vlasic: expensive miss

On the one hand We can’t afford to fuck up too many times on expensive misfits.

On the other hand we’ve had gawd knows how long to track potential signings so there no excuse for not making a move sooner than later. Sorry to bang on about them but spurs managed a January signing and it galvanized their season while we dithered and fizzled out.

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