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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

Stevethehammer 10:59 Thu May 26
No matter what party you align yourself to surely Boris has signed the death warrant for the Tories at the next election.
No one is squeaky clean but for him to keep clinging onto power and people coming out in support of him, surely they won't win their seat again.

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Far Cough 10:30 Sat May 28
Re: Partygate
ag ag ag ag


collyrob 2:34 Sat May 28
Re: Partygate
Hoping a fellow West Ham supporter dies because he has a different political belief than you.

Fucking oddball you.

master 1:05 Sat May 28
Re: Partygate
Hopefully ray keeps puling till he dies of malnourishment.

Not for any other reason apart from the hilarity of it. Knob.

WHU(Exeter) 9:56 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
I couldn't give a shit what they did or didn't do at these parties, maybe a photo of naked twister is the trump that somebody is still holding in their hands?

All been sorted out by the police though and our thanks must go to them.

Top marks especially for pumping out the "we'll of course warn people first" whilst simultaneously hanging around coach stops for the best part of half an hour to wait for the coach to depart and then stopping it to make spot fines. (Isn't there some of ethics involved in not waiting for a crime to happen?)

Anyway, great that they as the main arbitrators have now drawn a conclusion.

Sarge 9:55 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
Raaaaaab is my MP

I need no other motivation to not vote Tory.

wd40 8:58 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
Goox to hear Tony Blair has have completed his work as a Palestine-Israel peace envoy and moved on -well done Sir for making peace.
As for the Boris question
Any one but labour will do as my of us ex labour members have been saying ten years

ray winstone 8:44 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
Ernie, Johnson doesn’t make me cry, he’s makes me PUKE.

AKA ERNIE 6:16 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
Ray Winstone the only good thing with the cunt boris staying in charge isthat it upsets you so much and makes you cry

ray winstone 5:59 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
Show me fascism without using the word fascism.....

Boris Johnson changes ministerial code to avoid need to resign over breaches.

Boris Johnson is changing the rules to let ministers avoid resigning if they break the ministerial code, allowing them to apologise or temporarily lose their pay instead.

The prime minister, who is facing claims of breaching the code, published a policy statement on Friday saying it is “disproportionate to expect that any breach, however minor, should lead automatically to resignation or dismissal”.

Unicorns and sunlit uplands....

BRANDED 3:45 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
Sir Tony Blair is bringing together the political and business elite for a summer summit organised alongside a new centrist group inspired by Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche.

The former Labour prime minister will hold a “Future of Britain” conference on June 30 that will promote his solutions to help fill a “gaping hole” in British politics.

Organisers want the France's President Macron and former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband to speak at the event and already have Obama administration economist Larry Summers and former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson on the programme, according to a Politico report.

The conference is being organised by the Tony Blair Institute and the Britain Project, which was set up by a group of centrists in the wake of Boris Johnson’s huge victory in the 2019 election and Brexit.

That should sort everything!

mashed in maryland 3:32 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate

AKA ERNIE 10:57 Fri May 27

Technically its his own money...

Mike Oxsaw 3:27 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
solidbond 1:11 Fri May 27

Wrong (as usual).

YOU have to get rid of the tories in the Labour party and offer up a suitable leader; that's not a job that can be delegated to others.

BRANDED 1:54 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
Love of Corbyn.

Classic tory home economics types are spitting blood.


Nicola Sturgeon faces begging Whitehall for extra funds after £3.5bn overspend

BRANDED 1:53 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
The Tories have spent gazzilions as a response to the live of Corbyn. Thats where he got the Labour Party

AKA ERNIE 1:38 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
Solid they tried that with corbyn and where did that get them

Fo the Communist 1:22 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
Alfs 3:24 Fri May 27

Streeting is a good call.

If we are in to hypotheticals then an interesting move would be Gary Neville for Manc mayor paving the way for Burnham to get a safe seat and pitch for leadership. Would go down well in some of the Red Wall seats.

However I think there will be tremendous pressure for a female to be next leader which raises the prospect of Rayner/Cooper/Nandy tussle which is not so appealing.

solidbond 1:11 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
Aka Ernie .Come on you know labour's biggest problem is having a tory as their leader,to get rid of the tories you have to get rid of the tories in the labour party first

Lee Trundle 1:11 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
Which group of people do you have the most contempt for, solidbond?

Tory boys or the white man?

solidbond 1:07 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
My cocks sore (sex case username) My thoughts on the matter are irrelevant. .......oh the irony.

AKA ERNIE 1:05 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
Solid see right thete is labours biggest proble. , the minute you criticise labour the youre labelled a tory boy.
Tories and labour ate lieing cunts both parties led by cunts

Mike Oxsaw 12:54 Fri May 27
Re: Partygate
"My cocks sore"...

Oh! My sides. A user name visible on here since the .com days. Has it really taken you this long to figure it out?

I may well be one or more of "A silly old fool" - a condition that clearly vexes you more than it does me - your thoughts on the matter are irrelevant.

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