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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

camel-with-3-humps 10:44 Fri Jun 10
Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
Papers saying the West Ham hierarchy has surveyed the wreckage of the Vlasic transfer. Now want to claw back cash by flogging him this summer.

This car crash transfer is a mystery and interested to hear views. Some thoughts:

Why did Moyes buy him, only to play him on the wing, where he was crap previously at Everton?

Did Moyes actually see he was shit in training and realise he'd blundered?

Conspiracy theory: was the deal foisted upon him by an over-eager Sullivan?

What are the chances of him staying and turning it around?

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PwoperNaughtyButNot 7:54 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
We don’t play a classic number 10

Why did we buy a classic number 10?

Perhaps if we had a classic number 9 Moyes might be able to deploy a classic number 10

Vlasic wasn’t needed and has wasted a year of his career at West Ham.

threesixty 3:25 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?

Ozil is an extreme case, a supremely talented player and assists machine.
Didn’t realise he played that many games outwide, I dont think I ever saw an Arsenal or Madrid game where he did that. He was always a no.10 when i saw him,Was that in Germany?

Anyway, Until i see a player play in his normal position I’m not willing to say hes shit.

Nagel 3:07 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
Ozil has played about 150 games out wide, scoring 20+ goals and 50+ assists. Probably not as good as when played centrally but not a huge difference. We're not talking about playing as an old fashioned winger anyway, because these days they cut inside and don't hug the touchline.

I've said myself on numerous occasions that I think Vlasic would be better in the middle, but I really doubt he'll be good enough to cement a 1st team place there, based on how poor he's been out wide.

threesixty 2:54 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
I think its the equivalent of playing someone like Mezut Ozil as a winger. I cant imagine he’d do as much there. He’s not a striker and not a runner. If he isn’t doing it centrally I’m not sure it would be a good look. He is good on the ball though so he would keep it wide but not much else would happen.

Obviously Vlasic isn’t on Ozil’s level. But if a player does really well elsewhere its unusual that he’d be completely shit. It’s generally because they are not playing in the same position / strategy they are used to. Look at Lukaku at Chelsea vs Inter. Could the same thing here?

I remember we all thought Arnie was shit until Moyes moved him to the striker role.

There maybe hope still!!

Takashi Miike 2:23 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
yes, but the current system would be ideal for him to play that role but the manager has shown he prefers lanzini. that we have numerous players who would be far more comfortable in this job (lanzini, fornals, vlasic, benrahma) shows how unbalanced the squad is and how sullivan is setting up another manager to fail

Nagel 2:20 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
I just used 433 as shorthand to differentiate it from 442 where a no 10 like Trevor Brooking would be very much a central midfielder and not play behind the lone striker. You can debate what a no 10 actually means these days but the players I mentioned are all generally given that moniker, and Vlasic has described himself as such. Basically we're talking about an attacking central midfielder.

Takashi Miike 2:12 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
nagel, not looking for a row but isn't it impossible to use a classic number ten in a 4-3-3? wouldn't using him in one of the wide attacking midfield positions take away that playmaker role? possibly a narrow three with one sitting in front of two holding/box to box players may work but it does/or can isolate the fullbacks if you have lazy cunts playing in those two wide positions

Eerie Descent 2:10 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
This playing out of position thing is doing my fucking head in.

He's not been deployed at centre back for fuck sake, he's been played as an attacker. Even if he played central, he'd still be expected to track back at times. Playing on the flank, the only major difference is he'd have a full back to look after.

From either high left or no.10, he'd still need to beat a man, play an incisive pass, or shoot. He's not produced a single moment of note, and he's probably played 20 hours of football for us. He's been fucking useless, and I've never been more (unfortunately) confident that he'll be exactly the same this season, if no one is mug enough to take him off our hands before then.

Nagel 2:07 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
360, I generally agree with that, but when you look at the best No 10s in recent years (eg Coutinho, Hazard, Ozil, etc.) they've all been able to play wide as well. Even those without any pace, eg Eriksen, Joe Cole, Juan Mata, etc.

Can you actually name a decent no 10 in the 433 era who hasn't been able to play well out wide when called upon? Bruno Fernandes might be one who can't, but he's not really been played there.

threesixty 1:39 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
If we are saying a player is crap because he’s not a utility player that can play multiple positions then thats pretty silly really.

When integrating forward players it seems managers always like to throw them in wide because its easier as that position doesn’t have any defensive liabilities.

But it doesn’t always work. Look at Aubemayang at Arsenal, scored 25+ centrally, scored nothing wide.

Put players in the positions they have trained for before you judge whether they can do the job.

BRANDED 12:53 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
Had a good game last night. Might be the next mardy.

Admiral Lard 12:40 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
Vlasic is a waste of space in our set up.
Yes, we play him out of position, so what?
Antonio played at fullback, wing back, on both wings and lately down the middle.
Bowen plays well anywhere we put him
Fornals has altered his game to become good in defence as well as attack

Vlasic seems to think he can only play down the central channels. When he gets a chance he, more often than not, blazes over/wide/at the keeper.

I read that his family don't understand why he isn't starting every week.... because he's not up to this level of football

Sir Alf 10:15 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
Not playing him as a central midfielder tucked in behind the front man/men hasn’t helped. That was where he earnt his footballer of the year crown in Russia. I don’t think he was ever given a start or run in that position? Lanzini and Fornals preferred. Bought a player for a position we already had or was it an attempt by Moyes to buy and covert him to a wide role when he realised we could not get Lingard?

Manuel 9:04 Sat Jun 11
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
Yea, while it may not be any consolation the game is littered with mistakes of clubs doing their money. There are tons of them down the years, a few that spring to mind are Iwobi to Everton for 40 mil, Sigurðsson 50 mil, Pepe to Arsenal 72 mil, Kepa also 72 mil, even Chelsea paying Inter 97 mil for Lukaku. Ferguson and Wenger had a few too.

gph 11:44 Fri Jun 10
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
There are always mistakes in football.

At least we haven't had "the things this boy does in training" yet

Keep dreaming 9:48 Fri Jun 10
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
It won't wrong with bad management.
If Moyes had played him more often, he would firstly gain more match practice, secondly he would get better and thirdly he would be easier to sell.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 8:52 Fri Jun 10
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
Did Everton have a sell on clause?

I always wondered why Moyes bought Hugil from his old club for such a large amount.

Eerie Descent 7:24 Fri Jun 10
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
"That’s not what he’s good at."

What is he good at?

As per usual, like on every subject, you speak utter nonsense.

Full Claret Jacket 7:18 Fri Jun 10
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
It's an utter nonsense we would be selling everyone when we have not bought anyone or increased the size and depth of the squad sufficiently. If we do sell the likes of Diop, Vlasic and Benrahma then it just says to me that the club has no money to spend.
I'd keep him and start him in his proper position. Not a left winger.

COOL HAND LUKE 7:06 Fri Jun 10
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
Where did it go wrong?

Well, it hasn't ever really gone right... has it?

Wasted money, when what we needed was a striker.

Texas Iron 7:05 Fri Jun 10
Re: Vlasic: Where did it go wrong?
Blame our supposed professional scouts and ultimately Moyes…

We’re they all posted when they saw him or his videos play…???

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