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Dicko75 10:26 Tue Jun 14
Julius Frances
Great judgement of distance
Perfect timing
Cracking shot
Well done son

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Eastside surge 12:39 Sat Jun 18
Re: Julius Frances
Act like a piece of shit get treated like a piece of shit.
Hopefully it might change his outlook but I'm guessing it won't

Lertie Button 11:46 Sat Jun 18
Re: Julius Frances
Is he a left back or a striker, never heard of him

Side of Ham 11:23 Sat Jun 18
Re: Julius Frances
Looked like the feller had plenty of time to fuck off in full peaCOCK mode but chose not to and at this point Julius had, had enough…..not a cheap shot just plain logic that he would demonstrate he needs to calm the fuck down.

Kidders 8:42 Sat Jun 18
Re: Julius Frances
Hammer Oz 5:37 Sat Jun 18

Spot on

Alfs 6:19 Sat Jun 18
Re: Julius Frances
Eerie Descent 12:11 Wed Jun 15


Manuel 6:14 Sat Jun 18
Re: Julius Frances
Great to see, but I have to take Swiss's point, why take so long to spark him out, it seemed almost like a bit of an after thought, why didn't he do it earlier when he was fronting up and attempting to clump some of the others? I was watching the vid thinking so when does he clump him. I don't think for one minute Frances felt threatened when he finally did. Then again, as said below, maybe it was some kind of tactic to wait so long.

Hammer Oz 5:37 Sat Jun 18
Re: Julius Frances
I am confused as to why the lad went down...
He had a head band on..
he had a 'man bag'
He was walking around 'bossing the place'
His mates were 'hard' as well
He was going to knock people out..........

Fuck me, I though you was an automatic winner, regardless.
Size and inability to back up your mouth is irrelevant I thought these days

Far Cough 10:58 Fri Jun 17
Re: Julius Frances
From what I saw, wasn't a cheap shot at all, the idiot squared up and got sparked out

GBHammer63 10:57 Fri Jun 17
Re: Julius Frances
How things used to get done, like a step down memory lane growing up in Romford. There should absolutely be more of this going on, far too many mouthy little “ you can’t touch me” pricks. Job done, well done Julius.

Swiss, what an out of touch with the real world knob.

Norman 10:56 Fri Jun 17
Re: Julius Frances
Swiss you obviously don't understand the law. Going towards him in an aggressive manor Frances has the legal right to do what he did. Self defensive, pre-emptive strike whatever you want to call it. So many people armed with knives and other weapons these days as well increases the risk

Eerie Descent 10:56 Fri Jun 17
Re: Julius Frances
Swiss has clearly been that mouthy prick who pipes up and gets iced out.

Fifth Column 10:43 Fri Jun 17
Re: Julius Frances
Just seen that the Police have confirmed that no action will be taken. Presumably because it was legally a case of using reasonable force (as I outlined below, Julius played a blinder from the legal perspective):

an updated statement put out on Wednesday said: “The incident took place shortly after 17.00hrs on Saturday 11 June. Officers were called and attended the venue.

“A group had been ejected and one male customer had become involved in a confrontation with security staff.

“Officers have spoken to all parties involved and have reviewed relevant CCTV.

“No further action will be taken in relation to the incident involving the security guard and male customer.”

Fifth Column 10:40 Fri Jun 17
Re: Julius Frances
Swiss you are joking aren't you?

Swiss. 10:38 Fri Jun 17
Re: Julius Frances
The rabble had already been dispersed and then an ex pro boxer hits him with a cheap shot.

Yeah he was a mouthy c*nt but there was no need. Did he take a swing at Julius? ..no. That's assault and he should do time.

lowlife 9:53 Wed Jun 15
Re: Julius Frances
My favourite video of the year to date. Marvellous stuff. Wouldn’t be surprised if those pricks go and pick on some smaller people to feel better about themselves.

A shame the pasty ginger dude didn’t get laid out as well. He must be even softer than his mate as he was acting as his backup.

Detest cunts like this. This should happen more often.

Russ of the BML 4:29 Wed Jun 15
Re: Julius Frances
I love his mate when he says "There was no need".

Yes mate. There was every need. Its cunts like that mob that ruin a lot of events. Hope the fucking weasel gets brain damage.

Eerie Descent 4:24 Wed Jun 15
Re: Julius Frances
This will hopefully do the lairy cunts all a favour. You can't be throwing yourself around like that because you've done a bit of shadow boxing in the gym and think you can handle yourself. That should be lesson learned, pipe down as there's always a chance someone like Julius Francis is about.

Charoo 3:52 Wed Jun 15
Re: Julius Frances
Truly magnificent- watched it over and over.

Loved seeing the lifeless, man bagged, prick , spark out on the floor and his previously trappy mates who were giving it to the small bouncer completely lose their arseholes.

“No neeeeed fam no neeeed”

Every fucking need hope that du rag cunt learns his lesson and his gobby mates - fucking embarrassment.

Has it come out yet that they are spurs fans?

Eerie Descent 2:16 Wed Jun 15
Re: Julius Frances
I know you're in tune with the law, Fifth, so I hope you're right.

In fact, he should get an OBE for that.

Fifth Column 2:10 Wed Jun 15
Re: Julius Frances
He wasn't stupid old Julius. Clearly wanted to knock the little shit spark out. Julius walked away twice, on camera to avoid the bloke who was trying to get at him, then walks all the way around him and stands still.

So the bloke has to consciously walk towards him. The bloke has already been throwing punches. Turns towards Julius, starts to raise his hands (clear in slo mo). At this point, Julius has been standing still at some distance, made no step towards the bloke and the guy has constituted a clear threat. Definite reasonable force in law. Superb legal planning from Julius as well as execution.

Lee Trundle 1:50 Wed Jun 15
Re: Julius Frances
He's just a shit James Collins.

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