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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

the coming of gary 7:26 Fri Jun 24
.. Wimbledon 2022
.. Starts Monday ! ..various absentees include Federer (long term injury), Zverev (done his ankle in Paris), Medvedev and Rublev (both Russians)

Top six seeds ;

1 - Djokovic
2 - Nadal
3 - Ruud
4 - Tsitsipas
5 - Alcaraz
6 - Felix A-A

..and the Women ;

1 - Swiatek
2 - Kontaveit
3 - Jabeur
4 - Badosa
5 - Sakkari
6 - Pliskova
Crumpet Watch (requested by Hermit Road) - Camila Giorgi, Katie Boulter

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Sven Roeder 8:49 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
As I understand it Kyrgios doesnt have a coach so what the point of engaging with (ie ranting at) his box containing presumably family and friends is I have no idea. What tennis related reaction was he looking for from people who would know one end of a raquet from the other?
Once that started Djokovic knew he had it in the bag.
Djokovic will know with Federer & Murray all but finished (neither has any chance of another title) & Nadal creaking that he has a window over the next 2 or 3 years to pull further ahead. Lots of pretenders amongst the rest but noone is seriously challenging him.

Another year goes by with Wimbledon making millions (have you seen the price of a PImms?) & being the most lucrative tournament yet STILL unable to use those funds to develop a male English Grand Slam singles champion.
Fred Perry's 1936 win at the US Open remains the last success by an Englishman and noone currently playing seems remotely close.

Auntie Thermite 7:37 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
The only conspiracy bollocks discussed on this thread was the claim Novak takes PEDs as evidenced by his vegan diet.
That is not to say I know one way or the other is that's true or not. Just not the evidence I'd require to be convinced.

Then again all sports stars are open to the suspicion being that drugs are so prevalent and the money involved.

Not sure the PED question is the reason this board has been reduced to emotional hysterical mumsnet rejects crying about others disagreeing with them.

Most people left because the posters more and more are becoming emotional tarts who can't bear the idea of a different opinion to their own, so actively campaign to get the only interesting posters from here banned.

Pagey 7:36 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
That was a decent final but Kyrgios had absolutely no chance as soon as he started wasting so much energy with his constant rants in between games. No focus whatsoever and Djokovic was just patient and waited for him to be the cause of his own downfall.

He’s highly entertaining to watch but Kyrgios is a vile cunt of a person. There’s being outspoken and then there’s that.

Takashi Miike 7:35 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
what conspiracy bollocks? the tennis 'community' demonized on of the fittest people to ever walk the planet because he refuse to take a medication he didn't need

the coming of gary 7:27 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
Congrats to the two champions Djokovic and Rybakina

Tournament finishes just as another thread gets ruined by conspiracy bollocks

no wonder so many posters have left

Auntie Thermite 7:24 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
Watching Kyrgios, the poor bloke simply hasn't the mental strength to compete at this level against one of the most single minded nerveless competitors yet.

His first final at Wimbledon, he can only learn from the experience.

There was an interview with Novak recently where some new Delta variant working for the BBC (affected plimmy accent an all) couldn't conceive of the notion that Novak has such a thing as strong principles that he would be willing lose everything over.

Honour for these folk appears to be an entirely alien concept in this rainbow flag waving day and age.

Made me laugh anyway.

onsideman 7:19 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
Tooting Popular Front

Auntie Thermite 7:09 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
Confirmation bias?

I thought he was dull before having not heard anything from him aside from some stiff post match interviews.
Which they all tend to be really.

As for your extreme emotions towards a guy you know little of solely for not being an obedient slave to the system, that's your issue to contend with.

onsideman 6:50 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
His determination to remain unvaxed was entirely his prerogative and I fully respect his conviction. That respect was subsequently diminished by his determination to lie and cheat and blame others.

His stance had obviously made him a hero of yours. Well done, and I'm glad that his PR offensive worked for you - but confirmation bias rarely fails

At no point have I questioned his ability on the tennis court. To do so would be bizarre in the extreme

onsideman 6:32 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
I think you're a bit fixated

Auntie Thermite 6:32 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
Yeah cos it's me who judges a man harshly on his reluctance to bow, genuflect and scrape before his masters

cholo 6:32 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
Wonder if the pissed up bird got thrown out?

onsideman 6:27 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
Sounds like you have as many issues as Kyrgios you oddball

Auntie Thermite 6:26 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
I listened to an interview with him where lots of his work was documented, and commented on by current star players from Nadal, Federer and even the greatest ever Timmy Henman. A fascinating bloke, with plenty to say on all kinds of matters, being judged by the mindless slavish serfs for not obeying and bowing to his masters.

It was that Nick the Greek bloke who pointed out the help and aid he gave to Australia during their problems, only for the Oz association to go full communist scum on him because he isn't a braindead slave, applauded by the most contemptible cunts of any generation in world history.

His game is incredible to watch, there's always about a dozen or so jaw dropping moments that require 1000fps to see what the fuck he even done in every match he plays and if you find his play boring, then it makes one wonder what the fuck you're doing watching a sport where the current best exponent of it, doesn't even please you enough.

But, no doubt you'd cheer for some south african you never heard of until a week ago until your lungs bleed, cos the BBC compelled you to.

Come on Timmeh!

El Scorchio 6:24 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
Which one? The one who looks like she’s had about 700 drinks mate.


stewie griffin 6:22 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
To be fair, his rant about the bird in the crowd was amusing

cholo 6:22 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
It's literally externalising, not sure where the argument is there? He's certainly an odd character and doesn't have the temperament to match his undoubted talent. It's not gamesmanship though because he's only hurting himself.

I didn't compare him to McEnroe but OK.

McEnroe was absolutely despised by a lot of people in his younger days. Kyrgios clearly not in his class ability wise though.

onsideman 6:16 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
Nice try auntie. He can do precisley what he wants you absolute bell end. What he can't do is then lie and cheat.

Now, about these secret acts of kindness....?

Takashi Miike 6:15 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
you think swearing and shouting after every point, like some spoilt two year old that has had his toy taken off him is externalising? all this bollocks comparing him to mcenroe, someone who won things first and then after like a twat. he's my favourite ever player and never reacted like this cunt after almost every point/game/set he loses

lowlife 6:15 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
Kyrgios is a deeply unlikely sportsperson. Imagine what he’s like with no cameras or crowd around him. An detestable cunt of a person.

Auntie Thermite 6:14 Sun Jul 10
Re: .. Wimbledon 2022
So there it is
I indeed thought it was all the neoliberal faggots crying because Novak refused to do as commanded by the powers that be.
That how the fags function now in this age of signalling one's own non-existent virtues to show support for the globohomo control grid.

Slaves hate nothing more than disobedience shown toward their masters.

Where as the Greek kid is just petulant without the big wins to justify the prima donna outbursts

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