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BRANDED 9:54 Wed Jul 6
Birthing people’s Euros
Gash Bash Ball

Nice cheap tickets I see

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Side of Ham 3:57 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
Probably Brenty, but you bitching about it like a mincey hairdresser isn't going to stop them making the most of it. I mean we've done shit at major tournaments and every player instead of keeping their heads down decided to bring out a book......you talk like the women are going over the top when blokes in general would be 10 times worse......

13 Brentford Rd 3:50 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
Are they still dancing (like your parents at a wedding) and screeching about how aaaamaizing it is?

stewie griffin 1:38 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
Womens sport also needs to get out of its own way a little, I'm not entirely sure that the people that run it are entirely clear on their growth plans

Take Womens cricket as an example. Danni WYATT seems to head up an awful lot of the marketing campaigns and TV adverts. Not the outrageously talented Nat Sciver, or Anya Shrubshole, when she was still playing. There's a reason for that.

Side of Ham 12:44 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
Bloke I know first met his future father in law for the first time with his ear hanging off from playing hurling. Came in sat down had his Sunday dinner then fucked off down to A&E......

Mr Kenzo 12:38 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
Zico - You would hate Shinty and Hurling then

zico 12:37 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
Must say the most dangerous sport I ever played was against the girls at school playing hockey. You had to wear shin pads both front and back!!

Side of Ham 12:34 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
I don't think they (Women's football) would be looking for that either, and tbh it would be more to do with playground space.....I honestly believe they just need a bit of genuine respect from men folk in general......stigma seems to be the biggest hinderance on their recruitment drive....winning shit can get rid of that....but respect of this can help just as much.

I honestly think the England women are looking to go toe to toe with the often bigger bullying Scandis/Germans & Americans not be on par with mens actual game.....sourcing a goal keeper over 6 foot would be a starter as they all seem to struggle with that.....don't be a super model come and be a goal keeper and get your nose broke would probably do it.....no?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:21 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros

I'm not sure facilities are worse for girls, are they? Many clubs have boys and girls sections, so the facilities and coaching will be the same.

As for the playground/school stuff, I'm really not up for blaming 8 year old boys for anything, although I understand that is now the way of the world.

I have a son and a daughter and I want the best for both of them. But I'm certainly not prepared to punish the son for the actions or inactions of someone else's great-great-grandfather.

Side of Ham 12:00 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
Surf, it's clear they want to get more girls playing the gam overe here this is where those nations thrive, this win is the best advert for that....to encourage more girls to play football because now they have proven they can achieve great things. I'm guessing they want to impress that their facilities, coaching levels, club choices whatever it is, is on some sort of par as the men/boys otherwise it will be dismissed by say their sibling brother as being shit from the get go.....this country like it or not piss takes everything including the abilities of our girls/women, it starts from a young impressionable age and carries on. I see it for myself when my kids were at primary....girl wants to play football so gets involved and gets lots of flak off the boys, she can take this even thrives off it joins a girls team the lot, other girls wonder why she bothered and don't even attempt to have a go at kicking a ball let alone find out the strategy etc. Even if girls started their own game in the playgrounds boys would look to spoil it......it's that ingrained for the boys to prove only they can play it well. They even spoil younger kids games if they are in a small playground so what chance do girls have.....this is what they are trying to change .....they want girls to have an easier path way at any stage in their growing up to enjoy what is a great sport for everyone.

We generalise the girls game even to the point that only lesbians play the game....when the reality is lesbians will more likely kick back and have the character to not care about wanting any attention off boys so tell them to fuck off I'm playing football.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:35 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros

Side of Ham 10:19 Tue Aug 2

I don't know if you missed it, but we just this minute WON the UEFA European Championship.

I'm not sure money has much to do with it. The England women's team underperformed for years when no other countries even had a professional league.

If I remember correctly in the last big tournament, the 2019 World Cup, out of the three nations with a professional league we finished fourth - USA, France and amateur Sweden. An appalling performance that was again presented as something of a triumph.

Johnson 10:21 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
What are you waffling on about Branded you strange fuck?

BRANDED 10:20 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
I’ll spell it out for you you fucking retard.

Success in sports generally results in all kinds of methods of increasing revenues. Tv rights, ticket prices, customer numbers, sponsorship and selling other stuff, like clothes. In the women's game selling clothes could be a great opportunity for the successful stars.

After the shirt off celebration on Sunday there was a huge surge in searches for sports bras. Particularly the one on show. This is an example of women specific clothing that could be sold.

However, this year's big fashion for women is no bra. Its all the rage in London even if it hasn't reached the sticks. This particular fashion isnt good for making money thus creating this conflict between making money though influence and visibility of a big ladies footy match and prevailing womens fashion through traditional influencers like actors and musicians and models.

Blokes just buy another shit shirt each year.

Side of Ham 10:19 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
You’re just being over sensitive about this Surf, if they really think they are on a level par then no help is needed it will sell and grow itself, but instead they are openly asking for help in progressing their game. The mens game is as safe as houses because iIF the womens game gets really serious about thinking it’s on a par then public games will be arranged between the sexes as people will genuinely want to know the outcome, that is sport and it hasn’t happened in any other sport has it? Darts is the only singles sport I can think of but no team sports?

All that’s happening now is our women are saying they can consistently compete with the German/Scandinavian/U.S. women as they have dominated their game massively….and our focus has been solely on the mens game….a lets face it we win fuck all internationally and even domestically our game is propped up by foreign imports. The women now have justified a bit of better structuring to push on by actually winning something major in their game of course they are going to over inflate this it is still a first for them as well, they need to see if there is any potential to be one of the top nations on a regular basis, over hyping their achievement is going to be very handy for them getting to progress, it happens in all team sports in need of being taken a bit seriously.

Johnson 10:09 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
What are you waffling on about Branded you strange fuck?

BRANDED 10:07 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
Interesting conflict this week. The goal celebration caused a huge uptick in searches for sports bras. This at a time where the biggest breast fashion this year is no bras. Of course the no bra fashion makes no money.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:50 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
Side of Ham 12:42 Tue Aug 2

'Ahh, so you want women to promote and evolve their own game'

Poor lambs - they need men to do it for them, tight?

'yet also want them to say it’s shit at every opportunity '

Clearly I didn't ask them to say it's shit at every opportunity. I asked the media, male and female, to stop pretending it's on the same level as the men's game and yet simultaneously making allowances for it.

'compared to the mens (sic) game? Not going to work that is it?'

Clearly not. So the media and women players have a choice of continuing to lie, and a lie which is obviously a lie will be spotted very quickly, or just saying, 'clearly as women are a different shape and size to men, the game is different, many people prefer it, many don't'.

But that honest approach isn't what happens, is it? What we get instead is demands for money based on the normal behaviour of people 100 years ago - another one this morning, I note. I wouldn't mind if this meant slipping a few quid to the England captain of 1965, but it doesn't, does it? It's all code for paying more money to (levelling up) today's professionals or allocating a disproportionate share of grass-roots funding to girls at the expense of boys.

But hey! It's 2022 and it's a boys job to be beaten with the shitty stick, especially if they are white and straight.

Just as an aside, how many people, if offered the choice, would plump for a ticket for the Women's Singles Final at Wimbledon instead of the Men's. Not many, I would suggest.

gph 2:48 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
Ancient football was a little bit different:

"Another early account of kicking ball games from England comes in a 1321 dispensation, granted by Pope John XXII to William de Spalding of Shouldham in Norfolk: "To William de Spalding, canon of Scoldham of the order of Sempringham. During the game at ball as he kicked the ball, a lay friend of his, also called William, ran against him and wounded himself on a sheathed knife carried by the canon, so severely that he died within six days. Dispensation is granted, as no blame is attached to William de Spalding, who, feeling deeply the death of his friend, and fearing what might be said by his enemies, has applied to the pope.""

What was the linesman thinking of, letting on the pitch with a knive, even if it was sheathed?

Oh, there wasn't a linesman...

gph 1:45 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
I knew a) that the archery laws fell into disuse a very long time ago;
b) the reason why they did so;

Before I Googled it.

I didn't know the dates, and I didn't know that they had actually been repealed.

But the important thing is how long ago they became irrelevant

BRANDED 1:36 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
When men elevate women to a higher status they do do for material gain or a decent blow job. Strangely, that doesn't seem to be the case in women's footy. Or, it could be a ling game play.

gph 1:36 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
The laws for compulsory archery practice fell into disuse. Longbows werent even regularly used in war after about 1600, and probably even before.

Mainly because people got into the habit of bringing guns to a longbow fight

The archery laws were long used as an example of a law falling into disuse, rather than being repealed.

This was tidied up in the '60s, over 300 years after anyone could be arsed to enforce these laws.

So, 10-12 generations ago, the supposed reason why football was banned died out.

My grandparents were around when the FA tried to kill women's football

BRANDED 1:27 Tue Aug 2
Re: Birthing people’s Euros
One of the strange ironies is that men are better chefs and dress designers too. Go figure. Talent and skill and desire win out everytime.

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