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Tanglefoot 4:10 Fri Jul 15
Little Driver - Bow
I heard that the Driver is closing down due to rent being doubled? Has anyone else heard the same? That pub was about the only redeeming feature of moving to the new stadium so will be gutting if true..

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british is best 6:15 Tue Aug 23
Re: Little Driver - Bow
My mate lived above it for years . He pretends to be spurs . But isn't supports orient and Liverpool. If you see the cnut he owes me £30 LOL .

⚒️ 1:11 Tue Aug 23
Re: Little Driver - Bow
Cheers Keeno son.

Shame they didn’t retain some of the young ladies behind the bar.

Keeno78 12:35 Tue Aug 23
Re: Little Driver - Bow
Went in briefly Sunday after the game, place has had a lick of paint and a bit of a spruce up. Moved the TVs round a little bit, but still got plenty and the one in the garden. New dart board by the khazis. Now take card as well. Still seemed decent prices and lots of deals advertised. Tunes still playing and West Ham flags up etc. Only gripe I could have was new bar staff weren't as switched on or used to dealing with the crowds, but got to give benefit of doubt - only just reopened and probably new. Will stick with it and just hope they don't change much more and allow it to be the pub it has been for the last few seasons!

⚒️ 12:18 Tue Aug 23
Re: Little Driver - Bow
I’m popping in on Friday before heading over to All Points East in Victoria Park.

Niblets 12:03 Tue Aug 23
Re: Little Driver - Bow
Anyone been back in yet?

hammer205 3:26 Wed Aug 17
Re: Little Driver - Bow

Imperial crown was demolished many years ago. However like yourself I saw Jimmy fahy in there not seen him since mind

⚒️ 2:04 Wed Aug 17
Re: Little Driver - Bow
Little Driver reopening on Friday.

Pub Bigot 5:59 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
The only poncy pub I like is the Coborn. The Old Man says they've been serving rotten pints recently, though and not offering to replace them.

⚒️ 5:54 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
Fair enough, Occupy son.

Sounds like one to avoid.

OccupyGreenStreet 5:45 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
Was in the Lord Tredegar a few weeks ago, it’s quite a student/foodie pub these days, like the Coburn or a cheaper Morgan Arms. Decent for a quiet pint but can’t imagine it would be lively at all for pre-match pints.

Tanglefoot 5:09 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
Will try the Green Goose on Sunday and will then seen if they ruin the Driver once it re-opens. Fingers crossed they don't make to many changes.

⚒️ 4:59 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
Anyone been in the Lord Tredegar recently? Used to drink in there when I was living near Victoria Park.

Toe Rag 3:54 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
The beer was always shit in the Bankroft but the piss taking about it was part of the charm about the place.

Never stopped me drinking bucket loads of flat piss lager in there ha ha ha!

Toe Rag 3:52 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
Anyone know if Doreen still runs the Bankroft?

Not been in there in years and I think she was about 80 5 or 6 years ago!

I’m amazed that it survived Covid. A few years before that it was going to close but got made into an asset of community value.

riosleftsock 3:45 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
I assume the Imperial Crown is no longer open?

Used to watch Jimmy Fagg there, hilarious and very talented bloke. Always thought he could have been a bigger star if he toned some of his edgy stuff down a bit, so looked him up on wiki, expecting him to be long dead. What a bloke, have a read of my shameless Eddie B

"immy Fagg (born 1929 in Gravesend, Kent) is an English stand-up comedian, musician and actor. He is most notable for his roles in the Comic Strip Presents.. and in other British comedy films.

He had a long spell as a musician in the Royal Marines between 1940 and 1960. During this time, he is reported to have been accused of mutiny on two occasions. On both occasions, however, he was excused from any punishment; it is believed due to his charm and wit as a comedian.

During his time as a marine Fagg forged a career as a stand-up comedy actor, performing in the traditional pub circuit of musicians. He performed in a number of pubs in the East End of London throughout this time. He became most popular as a weekend performer at The Imperial Crown pub, performing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. His talent as a pianist was often at the core of his performances. Both his talent as a musician and as a comedian were honed during his time in the band of the Royal Marines.

While performing in the early 1980s, his talent as a comic was spotted by the then newly formed Comic Strip. He appeared on a number of the features produced by them including; The Bullshitters: South Atlantic Raiders: Part 2 Argie Bargie!, GLC: The Carnage Continues, Oxford, Spaghetti Hoops, Les Dogs, The Crying Game, Detectives on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown, Space Virgins from Planet Sex, Queen of the Wild Frontier.

As well as the films produced as part of the Comic Strip Presents... series, he also appeared in a number of feature films; Walter (1982), Eat the Rich (1987) and The Imitators (1996).

List of acting roles
Walter – Hospital Patient – (1984)
The Bullshitters: Roll out the Gunbarrel – Himself – (1984)
Eat the Rich – Jimmy – (1987)
South Atlantic Raiders: Part 2 Argie Bargie! – Soldier – (1990)
GLC: The Carnage Continues – Soldier/2nd Workman – (1990)
Oxford – Don – (1990)
Spaghetti Hoops – Newsvendor – (1990)
Les Dogs – Groom's Uncle – (1990)
The Crying Game – Lift Man – (1992)
Detectives on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown – East End Drinker/Landlord – 1993)
Space Virgins from Planet Sex – Nappy Lorry Driver – (1993)
Queen of the Wild Frontier – Ken – (1993)
The Imitators – Truck Driver – (1996)
Minder – If Money Be The Food Of Love, Play On – Pub Pianist / Comedian – (1984)"

the peckham cod 3:45 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
The Widows Son (Bun House) might be worth a shout. Used to be very battered and nearly closed but due to its historic Naval connections think it's listed so survived. Lots of new flats in area so had a recent makeover so not sure what its like now. Has an outside area and is 2 stops to Pudding Mill


the peckham cod 3:21 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
Looks like Craft Union is part of a larger pub chain - Formerly Enterprise Inns - so all a mirage really that its small and craft. 'Stonegate Pub Company successfully acquired Ei Group'

Pub Bigot 12:37 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
The Coborn lost the arms in their name and it feels like a pub that should be in west London. It's asthetically pleasing, family friendly, but like west London pub, the drinks prices are extortionate and the menu is poncy shit nobody eats.

The Little Driver, Wentworth and Bancroft are still proper pubs.

The Albert and Lighthouse for me though, if they fuck the Driver.

SDKFZ 222 12:21 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
When I worked in Bow twenty years ago I occasionally drank after work in The Little Driver and Coborn Arms. Both were old school east end pubs during those days. During the late 80’s and early 90’s I also had visited the Railway Tavern at Stratford after work.

Side of Ham 12:18 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
It's only Soda Stream to those who drink a fucking lot of booze......

Mr Kenzo 12:00 Wed Aug 3
Re: Little Driver - Bow
Fosters and Carling should be banned in the UK, its Soda Stream

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