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Gary Strodders shank 12:55 Sun Jul 24
Gianluca Scamacca Gone
Taking to Twitter, the Italy international wrote: “Dear West Ham.

“While my time in London didn’t go the way I had planned, some of my greatest life moments were made here. And for that I’m forever grateful Thank you to the players and staff for making me feel so welcome, and the fans for their continued support.

“I will continue to support this fantastic club from home in Italy, and will be keeping in close touch with the lifelong friends I have made whilst in England Thank you for everything, Ciao.”

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Manuel 8:57 Mon Oct 2
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
Cheers. I like Serie A, the only other league I take much interest in. Lukaku has got off to a decent start at Roma.

ludo21 8:52 Mon Oct 2
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone

Manuel 4:50 Mon Oct 2
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
Thought I'd look up how he is getting on but can only see he scored a brace on his full debut on the 2nd Sept, but has only played 3x since going there, so 3 games 2 goals.

Is he injured again?

El Scorchio 6:33 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
zico 4:51

Completely agree. We might as well just go for that type. A pacey battering ram.

BBondsBootlaces 5:03 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
I blame the manager. Good luck to him (Gianluca).

Swiss. 4:53 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
What Broja again? He won't fit either.

zico 4:51 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
El Scorchio 3:01 Tue Aug 8

That's what I mean, he has a type so why buy the likes of Scamacca?! Not that I would have done but he would have made more sense getting Traore from Wolves and playing him as a striker!

DukeofDevo 3:19 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
Does this mean we’re going after this bloke from Chelsea Armando Broja!

Swiss. 3:09 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
I seriously pissed off about this. Fucking terrible mistake due that Scottish cunts way he manages his team . Will be a Haller Mk 2.

So we have Antonio and the injury prone Ings as our starting line up. Fucking shambles of a club.

El Scorchio 3:01 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
zico 2:33

They both have the physical attributes Moyes wants in his strikers. Fast, tall, can make long runs on to through balls all day from very deep. Arnie could also finish consistently as well, which was a bonus. Big miss when he left.

Until he finds another basic clone of these two to run his 'system', we're going nowhere under him. I think he sees Mubama in the same way. It'll either make or break the kid at West Ham.

nychammer 2:42 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
Quality Striker. Poor system.

A mistake we are bound to repeat until the latter is changed.

zico 2:33 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
Willtell 10:32 Tue Aug 8

The irony is out of all of those is that probably the most "successful" two, certainly for Moyes system, were Arnautovic and Antonio, both wide men turned into strikers!

GoalLazio 2:23 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
Ings is injury prone and finished, Antonio fucking useless and never a premier league striker and Mubama completely untested - If he was any good he wouldn't be playing for us.
Shockingly run club

New Jersey 12:14 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
So we've got a choice of Mubama, the prolific (5 Prem goals last season) 33 year old Antonio and 31 years old Danny Ings to fight it out for the up front spot!

You couldn't really make this shit up. I'm probably in the minority on here but I think Ings is a decent player still and would score plenty in a team that plays more possession type football but everyone of us knew that he wouldn't do well in a Moyes team, why the fuck he was bought and is on over £100k a week is anyones guess.

Dick Shaftsbury 12:03 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
Scamacca's playing in this West Ham team reminds me of that confused John Travolta meme.

Takashi Miike 11:01 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
*summed him up*

Takashi Miike 11:00 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
I didn't like him saying it just before the final, but antonio summer up perfectly what it's like playing in his team as a striker. absolute thankless task, zero service and a joyless existence. the cunt would have made greaves/rush look like a carthorse

Vexed 10:56 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
Shame, he was a good player but if the giraffe necked gutless fucking sulker hasn't got the self belief to try to succeed away from his mama's fucking saggy ol teat then it's probably best he fucks off, the cunt. However Moyes doesn't get away with being a fucking clueless dinosaur cunt who wouldn't know a good player if it smacked him in the face with a big dick. The bloke is an absolute anti football imposter and most of his transfer targets are the equivalent of ludicrously overpriced wet beige cardboard. Unimaginative, short term fucking wanker signings. If Sully had a pair of testicles as big as his current birds, he could have saved tens of millions by sacking Moyes on transfer calamities alone. Fuck knows what cunt we'll bring in to replace Scamacca, he'll probably overpay for the terminally average Solanke or try to tempt Kevin Philips out of retirement for a 30m package, the fucking chump. What a load of shit. Fuck off.

Willtell 10:32 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
I know what you mean RoyalCocksGK. But then I look back at the list of strikers we have bought in the 12 years since G&S arrived..

Almost always from trying to sign forwards on the cheap or buying the wrong type of striker. This is largely down to Sullivan because he selects the wrong managers and never has a big enough budget. Always built up expectations too with the announcements as if no-one notices that they were invariably crap and/or injury prone. That's nearly 4.5 each of 12 seasons

Benni McCarthy – 14 appearances, 0 goals

Mido – 9 appearances, 0 goals

Ilan – 11 appearances, 4 goals

Pablo Barrera – 23 appearances, 0 goals

Frederic Piquionne – 62 appearances, 11 goals

Victor Obinna – 32 appearances, 8 goals

Demba Ba – 13 appearances, 7 goals

Robbie Keane – 10 appearances, 2 goals

John Carew – 21 appearances, 2 goals

Sam Baldock – 22 appearances, 5 goals

Brian Montenegro – 1 appearance, 0 goals

Joe Dixon – 0 appearances, 0 goals

Nicky Maynard – 17 appearances, 4 goals

Ricardo Vaz Te – 61 appearances, 19 goals

Modibo Maiga – 45 appearances, 7 goals

Andy Carroll – 142 appearances, 34 goals

Sean Maguire – 0 appearances, 0 goals

Marouane Chamakh – 3 appearances, 0 goals

Wellington Paulista – 0 appearances, 0 goals

Mladen Petric – 4 appearances, 0 goals

Carlton Cole – 56 appearances, 9 goals

Jaanai Gordon – 0 appearances, 0 goals

Marco Borriello – 2 appearances, 0 goals

Mauro Zarate – 29 appearances, 7 goals

Diafra Sakho – 71 appearances, 24 goals

Enner Valencia – 68 appearances, 10 goals

Nene – 8 appearances, 0 goals

Martin Samuelsen – 2 appearances, 0 goals

Michail Antonio – 228 goals, 61 goals

Nikica Jelavic – 14 appearances, 2 goals

Emmanuel Emenike – 16 appearances, 2 goals

Luka Belic – 0 appearances, 0 goals

Simone Zaza – 11 appearances, 0 goals

Jonathan Calleri – 19 appearances, 1 goal

Toni Martinez – 3 appearances, 0 goals

Sofiane Feghouli – 27 appearances, 4 goals

Andre Ayew – 50 appearances, 12 goals

Ashley Fletcher – 20 appearances, 1 goal

Marko Arnautovic – 65 appearances, 22 goals

Javier Hernandez – 63 appearances, 17 goals

Jordan Hugill – 3 appearances, 0 goals

Oladapo Afolayan – 1 appearance, 1 goal

Lucas Perez – 19 appearances, 6 goals

Xande Silva – 2 appearances, 0 goals

Andriy Yarmolenko – 86 appearances, 13 goals

Mesaque Dju – 0 appearances, 0 goals

Sebastien Haller – 54 appearances, 14 goals

Albian Ajeti – 12 appearances, 0 goals

Jarrod Bowen – 158 appearances, 40 goals

Nikola Vlasic – 31 appearances – 1 goal

Gianluca Scamacca – 27 appearances – 8 goals

Danny Ings – 22 appearances -3 goals

RoyalDocksGK 2:49 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
I'm genuinely gutted a out this sale. Under a progressive attack minded manager I think he'd have scored some good important goals for us. Which is shame as come November/December time I think we'd have appointed a manager of that calibre.

claypole 1:01 Tue Aug 8
Re: Gianluca Scamacca Gone
Will this be the thread that is bumped every time Scamacca scores or will there be another?

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