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b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

goose 1:13 Wed Jul 27
Barcelona taking the pi$$
Got rid of Messi to meet their so called 'austerity' targets.
Still owe De Jong millions in wages.

and yet they sign Lewandowski, Raphina, Kessie and they are trying to sign Kounde.

they havent been able to register any of these players yet.

How are they allowed to get away with this?

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Nagel 7:43 Mon Sep 12
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
That's right Sydney. Last year, Barcelona got the most TV revenue at €158m. The 4th highest team got €85m and the lowest was €48m. Compare that to the PL, where top was £164m; 4th was £155m and lowest was £98m.

Sydney_Iron 6:29 Mon Sep 12
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
Money in La Liga isn't nearly as well distributed as the PL their 'equal share' and merit-based money is much lower where as money for when a game is shown on TV is a much higher proportion, and basically every TV game involves one of Real, Barca or Atletico.

It is a bit better than the pre-2016 days when the 2 La Liga giants took over 30% of the total TV revenue! Now it's the big 3 clubs that takes about 1/3 of the total revenue but even then the big 2 take a bigger slice of that 1/3 than Atletico, almost a 35/35/30 split, It is moving in the right direction I suppose but still makes La Liga an almost 3 horse race every year with all 3 almost guaranteed CL the follwoing season.

Nagel 4:17 Sun Sep 11
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
La Liga seemed to have been well pissed off about Mbappe choosing to stay at PSG for more money rather than head to Madrid, and that probably made them change their stance on wages. If the other leagues don't enforce these rules as stringently then the Spanish league potentially loses prestige and therefore money through sponsorship/TV rights, etc. by restricting the quality of players coming in.

threesixty 2:30 Sun Sep 11
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
When they say “more than a club” what they really mean is that us and Madrid pretty much are the foreign audience for la liga so stop fucking with us.

A la liga without Barca fixtures is a lot foreign tv stations cancelling whatever billions they’ve paid to watch. It’s unsustainable.

Fair play to la liga for playing chicken long enough to make Barca actually do something materially to fix things. But la liga could ultimately not win this. Barca is bigger than their league at least financially.

RBshorty 1:29 Sun Sep 11
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
It's easier to make more money out of them (Barcelona) slowly. Rather than trying to squeeze a quick buck out of them. Refinance the debt. Kick the can down the road. It will be the next guy problem.

Barcelona will become the "Sick man of European football." If they ain't already in that position. Nothing to see here. Move on.

El Scorchio 12:45 Sun Sep 11
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
Just read La Liga have granted them a HALF BILLION raise to their salary cap.

That’s nice for them. So mismanage away and the rules will be altered to cover it up.

Not exactly sure how La liga calculates it but the difference is ridiculous. It’s worse than here. RM and Barca have almost 600mill each, Athletico only 295, but 11 clubs in the division under 100. Suppose it’s their version of FFP but how is anyone supposed to even try and compete with the odds stacked like that?

El Scorchio 2:44 Sat Aug 13
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
Absolutely, I was grossly oversimplifying it but even if them kicking this can down the road goes tits up they will get some sort of bail out which magically clears up all their problems sooner or later if they really need it.

Nagel 11:24 Sat Aug 13
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
They haven't moved money around. They've sold off club assets. Don't know how much it will eventually cost them having sold off the club’s content production company for €200m, but the TV rights they sold for €315m will end up costing them close to €2bn over the next 25 years (€80m a year!).

I suppose they think that they'd lose more money if they had a mediocre few years and lowered their status and value as a global brand.

El Scorchio 10:29 Sat Aug 13
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
Don’t worry everyone. They’ve found a way at the very last minute to register all but one of the players by moving some money around in a way that’s satisfied La Liga.

Fancy that.

Alfs 2:20 Fri Aug 12
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
"Barcelona's Spain defender Gerard Pique, 35, has offered to play for free..."

As long as a brown envelope is left in his locker, stuffed with a million Euros.

Mex Martillo 1:28 Fri Aug 12
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
I know, they had to sell first and then buy, or at least a bit of both to try and get keep it balanced. Don’t make much sense what they’re doing.
However, don’t try and tell me there are poor footballers at Barca. I agree though they are entitled to get what they’re owned. Not their fault last president screwed it up.
Crazy as it is, it’ll probably work out.

Crassus 12:27 Fri Aug 12
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
Good point
Apart from its disingenuous relationship to actuality
Pique, a multi millionaire, approaching the end of his career, has political aspiration in Catalonia
Now think how a lad from South London to Serbia may consider a move to the debacle that is growing in Barca

Mex Martillo 12:18 Fri Aug 12
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
Sydney it is a massive gamble, but Laport put this selling the next 25 years of TV and restructuring financing squad to a vote and the fans voted for it.

Sydney_Iron 11:12 Thu Aug 11
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
it's a massive gamble by Laporta, and the other thing to remember with these fans-owned club is that the President has to stand for election every 5 years, so they all tend to make very short-term decisions that will help boost their popularity.

If the punt does not work, then Laporta is going anway as he wont get re elected he can say he had a "plan" to get them out of trouble knowing full well having spent all the future money, no way was he going to be in charge, someone elses problem............

What baffles me is all these highly sought after players signing on? Surely they can see what has happened to other players getting shafted and not paid and if Barca does go under doubt they will see a bean!

Mex Martillo 10:16 Thu Aug 11
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
Barcelona's Spain defender Gerard Pique, 35, has offered to play for free in order to help the club meet La Liga's financial fair play rules and register their new signings. (AS - in Spanish)
From Alan's newspapers.

RBshorty 9:59 Thu Aug 11
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
Until someone calls in the debt. (Possible could still happen.) They are still going to try and take the piss as much as they can. As for the players they will eventually will wise up and say "Fuck That."

When the money get's tight. The Shit get's real.!

Crassus 9:51 Thu Aug 11
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
I get that corporately
But hypothetically, imagine you are say Dec’ and they start a media campaign (tapping up)
Would you sign for them?
Fucked if I would
Choice of clubs and them?
I’d on a point of principle fuck them straight off and tell the world why
Their current antics with contractually obligated players is beyond the pail and I’ve never witnessed the like of it

RBshorty 9:38 Thu Aug 11
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
Because everybody knows they are too big too fail.

Crassus 9:37 Thu Aug 11
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
The bit I struggle with are their acquisitions

They are using media levers to whip up a public hate campaign against players they are contractually obligated to, who they now want gone

Not just convenient journeymen like Braithwaite but the Dutch A grade boy

If you were a player, why on Earth would you sign for the cunts?
I’m waiting for someone to publicly fuck them off when courted and say pointedly they are beyond trust
A hateful club

RBshorty 1:10 Thu Aug 11
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
Mes Que Un Club.?

threesixty 11:38 Thu Aug 11
Re: Barcelona taking the pi$$
apparently they sold one of their companies to raise funds but used their own money to buy it!

lol... those guys!

And the rumour was they were asking Pique to take yet another pay cut (or deferement?) when they are at the same time trying do FDJ out of his money from the previous pay cut!

The lack of shame is intense haha

I imagine they are gambling on the fact that its Barca and Madrid games against other teams in the league that make the most money for the league. And so its a you need us more than we need you type of thing.

Will be interesting if they cant register all the players theyve bought. I think this could really hit them hard. Could this end them as a big club? Too much is going on.

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