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Pub Bigot 2:44 Sun Jul 31
So I'm sitting here half-cut after a few Guinness, and I've been sat here at home for the last half hour with my head swaying, watching videos of supporters across Europe on YouTube and the racket they make, which got me thinking about what we could do to improve our atmosphere, home and away.

The best atmosphere I've experienced in the London was Seville. Everything about that night was special, and the place rocked. Probably one of a dozen times the place felt proper.

What can we do to have more of that regularly, bar a run in the later stages of a competition? Some European clubs seem to have a rocking atmosphere at all games, win, lose or draw.

I'm not advocating Ultra groups. It's all Pre-orchestrated chants and dance moves like a ballet, and it's not all that intimidating. Their only use is the constant noise. Options are limited, though, and clubs throughout the UK are adopting an Ultras movement.

I also mentioned our away support, which is one of, if not the best away followings in England. My issue, though, is our song book - Bubbles, COYI, Bubbles again and again. We can be flat away a lot, too. How can that we improve that?

I expect shit for digging out the say support, but I travel/enough to have an opinion that we travel well, but are not the most atmospheric of supports at times.


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mashed in maryland 10:29 Mon Aug 1
Re: Atmosphere

Side of Ham 2:07 Mon Aug 1

Coked up messes and pissed up incoherents are responsible for about 50% of the noise tbf.

mashed in maryland 10:28 Mon Aug 1
Re: Atmosphere

⚒️ 2:32 Sun Jul 31

You're not wrong. Singing about other teams unless we're not playing them has always been weird

Side of Ham 2:07 Mon Aug 1
Re: Atmosphere
You've got coked up messes, Johnny come lately's, pissed up incoherents, couples, families and basically people who just don't want it to go back to the terrace days......then you you have the youth who've only heard folklore stories of how it was......how the fuck are we going to recapture any of our old atmosphere's on a regular basis with people filming everything and on top of that cameras looking at you for the whole time you are there hoping they can catch you out?

Football is fucked and more so whilst you reside playing in the Premier League as they want the football AND the supporting to be of a certain type.....even Leeds will eventually file into line.....

BRANDED 1:38 Mon Aug 1
Re: Atmosphere
Anyone mentioned Russ Abbot?

Pav BML 1:34 Mon Aug 1
Re: Atmosphere
I think last season had a few better home atmospheres than past seasons with Sevilla, Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea. But then next game you've got an atmosphere like the Everton game which was deathly silent. The team has to get the fans going when it should be other way around. The Frankfurt home game was so disappointing. I tried to get in there early and the dates didn't even open until about 1h30 before the game, the club could have done more aside from get the DJ again and one really basic display before the game.
Away support has got a bit worse, I think it's become a closed shop with the PP system. I think the Villa away went down to fewer points and it was rocking that day.

bigst 6:04 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
Essex boys with poofy man bags, instagram girls who seem to be increasing year on year, Hardly intimidating as we blast out bubbles to the chitty chitty bang bang tune or tell everyone how fat big fat frank is. Super david moyes song should never be sung again either.

Mex Martillo 3:58 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
I think factory is right about the spacing, gaps, fire walls, it means if someone or group shouts out and tries to get something going, probably just dies no one hears. Standing area might help, but I think the still try and space everyone out with barriers and stuff.
Not sure can be done.

Pub Bigot 3:49 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
Likewise, Simon.

Bubbles does make me laugh. We've managed to make a feminine song sound aggressive, especially when we're away and go a goal behind.

charleyfarley 3:35 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
simon.s agree with you on bubbles, but the massive song love it or hate it ...it definitely got the crowd going

balders 3:29 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
Let’s tell the truth

The atmosphere at west ham is one of the worst in the country

We gave up our sou; when we moved to the bow;

simon.s 2:56 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
Bubbles gets on my nerves, beyond hearing it when we come out, I’d be happy not to hear it again during the game. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that, but there it is. And the west ham are massive thing? Turn that shit in now….

charleyfarley 2:47 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
Agree with pub bigot re bubbles too long during the match..I thought the bloke who was doing the ~DJ thing worked really well 'west ham are massive' absolutely fired up the crowd
Frankfurt all in white looked great we need a swathe of claret and blue colours
Wasn't there a thing from west ham asking for suggestions?
perhaps hammers united could also get involved

factory seconds 2:46 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
the thing that isn't mentioned much about all these new stadiums is seating distance. the luxurious armchairs might be good for stopping half of the morbidly obese lad next to you rolling over into your seat, but it simply means there are less voices per sq metre.

atmosphere builds like a wild fire, not only are we well spaced out to minimise the risk, but we have huge firewalls spaced all around the stadium in the form of chasmic GAPS.

standing areas could be the solution to this, but only if they were designed for standing (say a 1/3 less space between the seats horizontally and half the distance vertically) instead of just putting an iron bar infront of a regular seat.

Pub Bigot 2:33 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
I heard someone trying to do it in Glasgow, and it was met with a half-hearted response. But that right there is indicative of where some of the support is at. Lack of creativity, borrowing shit chants from shit clubs and then rolling out the same old tired stuff when they can bothered.

Wolves, Everton and Burnley, have just sprung to mind as turgid away atmospheres.

⚒️ 2:32 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
“On a side note, at Luton pre-season we had someone shout out what do we think of Tottenham... and it got a healthy response.”

To be honest, we should leave all the anti-Spurs guff to Arsenal and Chelsea.

The Fonz 2:27 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
PB - Leeds away was something else. I think it helped that they probably have the best home atmosphere in the league and it was clear it was going to kick off after the game which gave it an edge.

I missed only Watford away last year and I agree the majority were very average. I do put some of it down to most of our kick offs being at 2pm on Sunday's which never helps!

On a side note, at Luton pre-season we had someone shout out what do we think of Tottenham... and it got a healthy response.

Got to cut it out, fucking Arsenal song.

Pub Bigot 2:23 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
Fonz, for the most part, I agree with A. The songbook you listed and the fact we lack creativity. Where we might differ; of all the aways I did last season, Leeds and Villa were by far and away the best and most vocal for me. Man United in the League Cup and league were decent, but beyond that, I don't remember being blown away as I had in previous seasons.

I did 11 away games last season, so I'm open to fact that I just got unlucky with the majority of games.

The Fonz 2:16 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
And as Sven reminded me, West Ham are massive. It was one of the only songs that was able to spread around the home ground.

Other song's don't last long enough to spread and seems to finish as the other end joins in.

I much prefer us singing we are massive then about Spurs.

The Fonz 2:14 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
Our away support when on point is up there with the best in the country.

Last year we had a variety of songs which was helped by our good form in Europe as half the songs referenced this.

Last year we had:
- Zouma kicking a cat song
- Fornals - going/banned from Vienna
- Bowens on fire
- Oy big boy (by far the best song in the prem)
- Forever blowing bubbles chitty bang bang version
- Twist and Shout
- We got super David Moyes
- Cresswell's (although this isn't really sung anymore due to Zouma's being same tune)
- Aint nobody like Lanzini
- Antonio on repeat
- Ohhhh Said Benrahma (shit song)
- Over land and sea
- David Moyes Claret and Blue army

Not really sure you need more songs than this when you also include songs we sing about other teams/players, cockney boys on a bender 'xxxx' is a sex offender, carlton cole, christian daily songs etc etc

My issue is that we do not really like songs with lots of words for our players. The Declan Rice song epitomises this. Also, its always the same boring tunes.

We need a bit more creativity but anything with more than 10 words is a real struggle to us.

Sven Roeder 2:13 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
West Ham are massive was hopefully a one season ironic song that will revert to Tottenham get battered.

Am hoping we can make a Wembley final this season so we can sing WILLIAM TAKES IT UP THE ARSE at the FA President.

Side of Ham 2:07 Sun Jul 31
Re: Atmosphere
All songs created today are there not to offend this makes it difficult to build in any humour and you just end up with cringeworthy stuff like ‘West Ham are massive’ yes it started off as a bit of sarcasm but now it’s being half believed by us and worse still taken on by clubs in all divisions….

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