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Gary Strodders shank 6:56 Thu Aug 4
Noble Mark (horse)
Goes in the 5.36 race at Sandown.
Amateur riders race but trained by Sir Mark Prescott

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Russ of the BML 10:53 Wed Oct 5
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
Came third Grump

Grumpster 8:41 Wed Oct 5
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
So anyway, how did the horse do?

Went to Uttoxeter races on Sunday and don't know if there's a university near by or it's just a very rich area, but it was absolutely rammed with unbelievably fit women who clearly had rich daddies.

goose 12:23 Wed Oct 5
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
Yup time for bed before you embarrass yourself any further.

Btw the protest at the Southampton game went ahead despite your heroic efforts.
Not like you to get muddled……… again.

Willtell 12:19 Wed Oct 5
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
Bored now time for my slumber as i seem to be as old as the hills………yawn!

Willtell 12:16 Wed Oct 5
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
So how old am I then goose as you know me so well? I’ll give you a clue. The only time I piss myself is when reading your bullshit on WHO.

So now you’re back tracking and telling posters they should be laughing because, according to Snide, I called protestors mugs.

I remember the abuse I got from everyone on WHO including gobshite cunts like you that wanted protests at a game in spite of GSB accidentally stumbling on delivering on their promises of European football.

I might be ageing but I haven’t lost the marbles you never had…

Side of Ham 12:13 Wed Oct 5
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
For you to prove me a liar it will take me to confirm to you the information you need it to be about me, this makes it your word against mine and I'm not feeding your weak defence for you to deflect over and over about something that is not really controversial. You however have a posting record that confirms you are trying to lie your way out of what you've posted in the past......you need to reflect on what a silly old cunt you have been on here and still are.....because you've typed it all out numerous times trying to stupidly defend yourself as you cannot be wrong in your own tiny stubborn mind.....

Willtell 12:03 Wed Oct 5
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
So Snide won’t deny lying because it’ll detract from his lies about me!

Wow there’s some logic to conjure with.

Sad really! See you on the anxiety thread soon when I’ll be really sympathetic towards you…

goose 12:01 Wed Oct 5
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
Will Biden - I think most posters will read your post & piss themselves laughing that you think you helped stopped a protest.

Coincidentally, pissing yourself is a feeling you’ll be all too familiar with at your age.

Side of Ham 11:57 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
I'm avoiding it because you are trying to spread shit away from you and your scummy comments about rape, towards mental health sufferers and you deeming large numbers of West Ham fans being mugs. You are such a scumbag you don't deserve to have the opportunity to confirm anything about me either way and you know the best part of fuck all about me yet you have posted utterly lowlife crap and still think you are ok to post on here.....so lets stick to what you've said on here over the years seeing as that is in a different league to anything anyone has ever posted......

Willtell 11:55 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
““As it happens the protest was stopped and I guess I take some credit for that it seems.”
Ah goose. You said -
He’s currently blundering around online claiming to have stopped protests…”

I think posters are intelligent enough to know the difference between what I actually said and your bullshit propaganda…

Willtell 11:46 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
Snide of Ham
Ok so you avoiding admitting to having lied about being a long time season ticket holder is me abusing you according to your logic? Really?

I think posters don’t need me to comment.

Side of Ham 11:45 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
LIES goose!

goose 11:43 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
“As it happens the protest was stopped and I guess I take some credit for that it seems.”



Willtell 11:39 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
Ha ha ha! Another sad wanker that lies constantly. When did I “claim to have stopped protests” I didn’t actually did I?

Just proves what I said about goose/Putin. He must have a small penis to lie about things on a forum. Either that or small stature (that means shortarse).

Side of Ham 11:38 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
Why? that question is born out of you attempting to abuse....that's all you do....I call you a cunt for your extreme disgusting comments about rape etc....you try and use something that you think devalues my reasons to call you a lowlife cunt......you brag about shit....you have snippets of info about me at a time I had to do the right thing by my family you try to use against me for some childish reason......maybe it's because I haven't been a cunt about drunk women and rape.....

goose 11:33 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
Uh oh Will Biden has been let out of his room.

He’s currently blundering around online claiming to have stopped protests and talking about other posters nobs.

Willtell 11:29 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
“ Let’s not skirt around the issue of you claiming to be a season ticket holder for years when it was a clear lie. Go on deny it? You can’t can you?”

When will you deny that one Snide?

Side of Ham 11:27 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
Just Willtelliam......

Willtell 11:27 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
Believe it or not I typed that before goose chipped in.

He’s a master at explaining Putin style what you should think. Obviously got a tiny penis…

Side of Ham 11:25 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
No direct response required for the world according Will Biden......

Willtell 11:22 Tue Oct 4
Re: Noble Mark (horse)
You’re a bit like goose and Putin. Explaining how posters should think and make you the hero clever one. I think we’re probably making fools of ourselves but the saddest has to be the stalker….

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