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Sven Roeder 9:57 Sat Aug 13
Saturday Football
Coffee is away this weekend with limited internet access (just as the Classified Results have gone) so I am filling in


Distastrous start for Gerrard at Bournemouth & pressure will build quickly if they don't perform soon. Everton were toothless last week against Chelsea's 100yo defence & still lack a proper striker despite picking up Onana so will struggle to score. HOME WIN (2-0)

Arsenal have hit the ground running with Jesus & Zinchenko good additions while Leicester have done less business than us with more talk of Fofana, Maddison leaving. Arsenal roll on. HOME WIN (3-1)

Both impressive winners on the opening day. Brighton's home record has been pretty abysmal & Newcastle look on the rise. AWAY WIN (1-2)

As we saw Man City look to have got better with the addition of Haaland so will be a long afternoon for the CHERRIES. Nailed on HOME WIN (5-0)

Two teams tipped to struggle so points will be vital even in #MATCHWEEK2. More misery for the Saints. AWAY WIN (1-2)

Highly impressive start by Fulham & Mitrovic and will look to follow up against a Wolves team whose biggest preseason achievement has been retaining Neves. DRAW (2-2)

Ten Hag was about Three Hag last week and is already under pressure as Man Utd struggle to deal with their reduced circumstances and their inability to attract quality by just clicking their fingers as in days gone by. Awkward place to go and dealing with Toney may be beyond them. Brentford havent beaten Manchester United since 1938 I believe. Today the drought breaks. HOME WIN (2-0)


After being Sky's bit part players in the Haaland Show we are now the fall guys in Forest's first Premier League home game in 23 years.
The place will be bouncing and we need to be prepared, start quickly and be on the ball. All things lacking in our season so far on and off the pitch. Of course Lingard will score but hopefully Scamacca & Cornet add some bite & quality. Heart over head ... AWAY WIN (1-2)

Painful as it is Tottenham have started impressively and Conte seems to be building them up for a title challenge even.
Chelsea are in transition having shifted striking failures Lukaku & Werner so may be undercooked. AWAY WIN (1-3)


The Scousers were lethargic in the sunshine at Fulham so will welcome being back at Anfield under the lights. Normal service resumed. HOME WIN (3-1)

LaLiga & Serie A kick off this weekend but have lost the energy to preview further.
Except to say the National League fixtures include:
Maidenhead United v sCUNThorpe United

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Manuel 3:23 Tue Aug 16
Re: Saturday Football
Rarely seen such a lack of discipline, a little shove in the back and he immediately turns round and nuts the cunt like he's playing over the park? Incredible.

only1billybonds 12:00 Tue Aug 16
Re: Saturday Football
Fair play to Palace,fully deserved at least a point.

Grumpster 11:50 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football
No idea of he can defend, but the greek fella Liverpool have looks fucking useless.

Seen 7 year olds wearing clown shoes stick better crosses in.

only1billybonds 11:48 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football

only1billybonds 11:46 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football
Agree with that lowlife,the way he reacted after a little shove was ridiculous.

Saha could and should have put this game to bed by now,couple of more than decent chances to sew it up.

lowlife 11:41 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football
Nunez could be in for a record number of red cards this season. If he gets wound up as easily as that a lot of teams will target him. Klopp has his work cut out.

⚒️ 11:33 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football
Eze been brilliant.

Sven Roeder 11:33 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football
Made contact unlike the normal thing where players just touch heads and lean into each other.
Three obvious reds this weekend ... that one, Romero grabbing Cucurella by the hair and throwing him into the turf & the Forest defender handling to deny an obvious scoring chance.
Got there in the end.

Gaffer58 11:32 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football
Martin Tyler not at Anfield commentating tonight?

twoleftfeet 11:26 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football
I’m amazed Andersen didn’t die after that brutal assault 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

happygilmore 11:23 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football
Nunez looks a bit of a lump. Clearest red you will ever see.

Mane is a huge lost for them.

Next Monday's big game...relegation six pointer

twoleftfeet 11:20 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football
Nunez gone.

Referee has not read the script.

happygilmore 10:39 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football
Palace 1 up.

Liverpool relegation thread next.

Manuel 4:49 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football
Sven - To be fair, the refs started letting more go from last season if you recall.

Souness is a prick, but it was refreshing to see a proper game of football like that.

Northern Sold 1:59 Mon Aug 15
Re: Saturday Football
proper derby that

goose 9:15 Sun Aug 14
Re: Saturday Football
Handshake at the end was all a bit Froch v Groves.

Sven Roeder 9:08 Sun Aug 14
Re: Saturday Football
They gave up the second time Sounness said we've got our game back , a MANS game.
First time obviously the director in Dave Jones ear to whimper ... its a womens game too.

Lets see how long referees last letting the game flow and how they treat different teams.

happygilmore 9:04 Sun Aug 14
Re: Saturday Football
That Basil Fawlty is on the Spectrum

claretandbluedagger 8:58 Sun Aug 14
Re: Saturday Football
VAR takes no issue with a deliberate hair pull (which would come under violent conduct in the rules), but decides two players running into each other is enough of a foul to rule out a goal.

happygilmore 8:48 Sun Aug 14
Re: Saturday Football
Sky: That was everything that's great about our game.

Of Course if the touchline incident involved us, they would be talking about the shame

Manuel 8:43 Sun Aug 14
Re: Saturday Football
Was a good game of football, couldn't care less about the decisions. Funny as fuck with the two managers.

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