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13 Brentford Rd 8:42 Wed Aug 17
Breaking point?
So here I am on the barely functioning packed tube sweating in 100 degree heat, on the non air-conditioned central line that I pay over 2k a year for, trying to get home to my flooded house. The Epping branch is flooded because of a bit of rain, so will take me over 2 hours if I'm lucky. More rail, tube and bus strikes this week to come. It's a shit service at the best of times.
Our house is flooded because like the last London floods the council who steal £165 a month council tax off us don't bother maintaining the drain outside our house so it's completely blocked.
Inflation is at 10% and rising, highest in 40 years. People are working hard just to pay shareholders in utility and fuel companies and keep a roof a roof over their heads.
I hear gas prices will rise even higher than the predicted further rise due to drought, and I got an email from Thames water today informing me of an upcoming hosepipe ban 🤣
Capitalism and privatisation has eventually eaten itself and now ordinary people are paying whilst the entitled greed merchants are allowed to carry on printing money by our completely pointless and clueless career politician leaders.
No investment in infrastructure, no care of duty, just keep on paying the shareholders.

At what point are people going to break and stop accepting this shit. What would they do about it these days in any case?

Rant over.

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13 Brentford Rd 10:01 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
LOL, Chadwell Heath? May as well end it now.
Many very pissed of looking people.and whispers of dissent, incompetence and corruption.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:59 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
'fuel poverty'? wtf is 'fuel poverty'?

muskie 9:52 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
Try somewhere on the Elizabeth line then, got to be a few years before that starts to tank.

13 Brentford Rd 9:35 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
Muskie why the fuck would I want to move to the West Bank, Tel Aviv yes but it's not cheap either.
Stuck at Leytonstone now on the shuttle to Woodford.

Didn't think it was possible but it's worse than last night. The crush trying to get on the few trains that are running in this heat is an accident waiting to happen!

They are waiting for someone to die or a disaster on the Central line before they try and improve it, they will be shocked and wonder why, CUNTS!

mallard 8:47 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
From 2019..

‘ Analysis by the CPS estimates the costs of these renationalsiations as: over £55.4bn for energy, £86.25bn for the water sector, £4.5bn for Royal Mail, and £30bn for PFI nationalisation’

master 8:36 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
N68 - a number please.

muskie 8:23 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
You won't have these problems on the West Bank mate.

However you might get murdered by a Palestinian.

13 Brentford Rd 8:07 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
Happy days, you couldn't make it up.
Central line fucked again tonight.

Will eventually go straight through Stratford (no way am I (bothering with the London Stadium "experience" at the moment even for £20) and get my special bus they've kindly laid on from Leytonstone, another 2 hour plus journey back from work.

Mike Oxsaw 7:39 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
There's no (ZERO) hope of a decent government being formed from the current generation of politicians, whatever colour rosette they wear.

northbankboy68 7:01 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?

The cost of nationalisation is variable over time. If a decent government imposed a stringent regulatory regime on the water companies the share price would plummet making nationalisation a perfectly viable option.

Mike Oxsaw 6:15 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
Don't give the local councils/government any more hints on increasing diversity in the UK please Mr. B.

BRANDED 5:31 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
Consider yourself lucky

The stench is overwhelming as the two slight figures wrestle the lid away from the concrete drain, but the pair hardly flinch. Instead Mukesh Niyak lowers Manu Kumar into an unlit, ten-foot deep pit containing filthy, untreated sewage. 
The contents reach the 20-year-old’s shoulders. Intermittently, fist-sized cockroaches crawl over his face as the insects scuttle to the surface. 
“I try to be friendly with the animals – but it doesn’t always work,” said Mr Kumar nervously.
Last month, he added, the duo encountered a highly-venomous cobra. They were lucky that, amid the commotion, the snake chose to flee the sewer system in Bokaro Steel City, an outpost settlement in India’s eastern state of Jharkhand.

“It must be the worst job in the world,” said Mr Kumar, emerging from the pit covered in brown sludge. “It’s so dangerous, but there are no other opportunities for us in India.”
The two men are among five million people in India known as “manual scavengers”, who clean and unblock the country’s municipal sewage lines and private septic tanks in return for a pitiful 386 Indian rupees – around £4.10.
The profession is considered to be the most dangerous in India, with government figures released in July conceding that 347 people have died in the last five years.

Stevethehammer 4:30 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
Re nationalisation won't happen as a few people at the top will lose their seat at the top table of making decisions that impact this country. A select few will end up loaing their access to millions at the expense of the taxpayer. The only way it happens is if Labour get in, then elect an leader who is all for it. Starmer is a tory plant in the Labour Party to try and keep it a win win situation.

Westside 4:19 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
Anyone remember - personally - the last time that happened?

Whilst no a belt and braces nationalisation, some private rail franchise, have come under DOT control (South Eastern, Northern Trains for example) in recent times.

Mike Oxsaw 2:37 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
Re-nationalisation will never happen, even if it's financially viable; it will be tantamount to the government/civil service admitting they got things wrong.

Anyone remember - personally - the last time that happened?

They won't even admit they fucked up with the Olympic Stadium deal.

master 2:10 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
Re nationalisation - what's the cost? Rough estimate will do.

eastend joker 2:10 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
and still the boats keep crossing the channel to our green and pleasant land .

dealcanvey 1:51 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
Remember when Corbyn wanted to re-nationalise the energy companies and our media portrayed him as the next Stalin.

Stevethehammer 1:28 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
According to a study 45 million people will be in fuel poverty by 2023. Fucking hell IF( and its a big if) that's true then maybe just maybe that will be the breaking point. Almost 3/4 of the country struggling to pay their gas and electricity bill let alone everything else.

1964 1:13 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
You know what they say..


ted fenton 1:03 Thu Aug 18
Re: Breaking point?
Blimey Brenty £165 PM Council tax !!! that's well cheap.

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