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Coffee 11:07 Sat Aug 20
Saturday football
Like it or not, there’s a buzz about Spurs this season. Conte’s settled in with the elan and disposition of Il Duce and doesn’t seem inclined to take any shit from his players. Or, speaking of dictators, from opposing managers. The apparently gentler Bruno Lage may benefit from following that lead, particularly as it applies to his forwards who have long failed to convert some excellent build-up play into goals. No such limitations for the hosts who have added firepower and should be way too strong for their visitors today. Home win.

At face value, two evenly matched sides and a tough one to call. Villa have a first win of the season under their belts, while Palace have managed a draw from their two opening fixtures. But that was at Anfield and they can and should take a good deal of confidence from that into today. Territorial advantage may be the difference. Home win.

Well, Forest have been splashing the cash. As have Everton, who despite it all remain pointless this season. Unless the Toffees get all three points today, such confidence as remains in the home team will dissipate and the pressure on FLJ will soon ratchet to an intolerable level. The Goodison crowd are a faithful lot, though, and can be counted on as the twelfth man. Home win.

Some may see this as a Championship game in Premier League clothing, but both sides have shown that they’re no mugs and that they deserve their places in the top flight. Expect a tough battle beside the Thames – the points could prove invaluable. Draw.

The Foxes have a good record against Southampton, having beaten them more than any other side in the Premier League. The Saints will do well to emerge with their top flight status intact come May, but it’s certainly something they can manage. With Leicester’s star arguably on the wane, this is the type of fixture where at least a point should be on offer – if they can keep their defence tight. Once again, Ward-Prowse will be key to the visitors’ fortunes. Draw.

With Bournemouth among the favourites for relegation, anything the hosts can take from this one will be a significant bonus. For the visitors, this is the kind of must-win that will determine whether they finish in the top four. It should be routine, a hattrick of wins for the Gunners, but football’s a funny old game. Away win.


Promising starts to the season for these sides and both will fancy adding to their points tally this afternoon. The visitors will be favourites, but don’t write Leeds off too quickly. Draw.

Brighton have become a pain in the neck. Our Premier League record against them is abysmal. They’ve started the season brightly, as they did last year, and will be looking for another portion of bubble and squeak today. Our defeat at Forest last week was unfortunate – on another day we’d have won that game comfortably. But Thursday’s victory over the Danish side should give us a bit of a boost, the more so with Rice back in the line-up. It will be interesting to see how Moyes adjusts the rear guard with the arrival of Kehrer and Ogbonna’s return. At the worst, those two will add some steel to the defence, which will be needed against today’s opponents. Benny’s game against Viborg should give him the nod from the start, while Antonio and Scamacca up front offer the kind of strength in attack that’s been missing for too long. With Bowen on form and Fornals getting there, we should have enough to take all the points and send those tossers back to the south coast with their tails between their wings. Home win.

Should be a good game, and a measure of the Barcodes’ remarkable transformation in 2022. Pep has done nothing but win in his 10 Premier League outings against Eddie Howe’s teams. It’s hard to see that changing today. Away win.


Man U currently save us the ignominy of occupying the bottom spot. Just what is wrong at Old Trafford? Whatever it is, you don’t fancy things improving today. Who’d be Eric Ten Hag? Away win.

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fraser 12:28 Thu Aug 25
Re: Saturday football
I have a decent sized TV I could see it fine.

Could also see it at the LS first half Sunday, second half the sun came out....

⚒️ 12:23 Thu Aug 25
Re: Saturday football
Could you see the ball at the Philips Stadion?

fraser 12:21 Thu Aug 25
Re: Saturday football
Manuel :-)

⚒️ 12:18 Thu Aug 25
Re: Saturday football
How was it in Eindhoven, frase?

Manuel 12:14 Thu Aug 25
Re: Saturday football
Fair play to Rangers last night, fraser must be delighted :-)

Van Bronckhorst must be doing an even better job than Stevie G?

pdbis 9:41 Tue Aug 23
Re: Saturday football
No chance Moyes will try anything radical as he is too stubborn.

Sydney_Iron 7:30 Tue Aug 23
Re: Saturday football
Judging by some of the football sites, Scousers in full meltdown at the injustice of their start to the season, making our knicker wetting look like a minor whinge……………..and they at least have a couple of points!!!

Cheered me up no end TBH....hahahahaha

Sven Roeder 12:13 Tue Aug 23
Re: Saturday football
Dropped lethargic players like Maguire, sulky Ronaldo & Shaw & picked hungrier players.
The left back Malacia looked good & got more energy from players like Elanga.
Underperforming players dropped and others given a chance.

threesixty 12:07 Tue Aug 23
Re: Saturday football
Mad Dog

"Ten hang has made loads of changes to the team. True they have a better squad to choose from and it might not work. But he's tried SOMETHING. Players will know they aren't guaranteed a start.

Moyes take note"


Sometimes you've got to show players you're not having it.
Ultimately Hag realised quicker than most Man U managers the reality that those players will get you sacked. So it's you or them. Indeed, Moyes take note.

Mike Oxsaw 12:05 Tue Aug 23
Re: Saturday football
That's us uppity oiks firmly put in our place, that is.

Sven Roeder 12:04 Tue Aug 23
Re: Saturday football
We were bottom yesterday evening & were relying on Liverpool to not be tonight.

Northern Sold 12:02 Tue Aug 23
Re: Saturday football
10 match ban....

when the seagulls follow the trawler

pdcwhu 12:01 Tue Aug 23
Re: Saturday football
Ok so we are bottom of the League...
Now all you cunts cribbing every week about West Ham can Fuck off back to Where you came from.


Sven Roeder 11:59 Mon Aug 22
Re: Saturday football
Fernandes had the ball
Salah grabbed him from behind and thrust into him wihile clawing at the ball
Known as an ESSEX MAN CUDDLE I believe

Northern Sold 11:58 Mon Aug 22
Re: Saturday football
Ha Ha... proper GBH

only1billybonds 11:56 Mon Aug 22
Re: Saturday football
Fernandes attacked?

Behave Sven you soppy tart.

Browno22 11:56 Mon Aug 22
Re: Saturday football
Im embarrassed for fernandes tonight. It's a really hard watch

Browno22 11:55 Mon Aug 22
Re: Saturday football
''Attack him' hahaha fmob

stewie griffin 11:55 Mon Aug 22
Re: Saturday football
Salah ATTACKED fernandes?

I suppose in tennis it would be an attack. Not sure about anywhere else

Sven Roeder 11:49 Mon Aug 22
Re: Saturday football
Given it is Man U's kick off after Liverpool score why is Salah allowed to attack Fernandes when he has grabbed the ball?

Northern Sold 11:45 Mon Aug 22
Re: Saturday football
pdc... now sports?

All I know is the adverts are interesting... loads of japs eating fluroscent shit and sqwacking a lot

Gonna be a long last 10 for the red lot

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