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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

chav_corner 3:14 Wed Aug 31
Club Cash
If you have a Club Cash balance which you have been told has to be used by 31 August 2022 (today) or will be lost, please get in touch with us via our Contact Page:
Put the following in the Subject Box: Club Cash
In the "Your Message" box only give us your Client Reference Number, Club Cash account number (if you have one) and how much Club Cash you have.
Please note this is ONLY for people with a Club Cash balance that HAS to be used by 31 August 2022.
We will take each case to the club.

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El Scorchio 1:28 Mon Sep 5
Re: Club Cash
Interesting! I'm positive I've done so several times in the last few years, so maybe it is as you say that online can't differentiate. Quite weird that in the T+C's you can't apparently do. Not sure what any difference to the club is, regarding what sort of match tickets you spend your credit on. The club still gets the money. I guess maybe they think that you'll buy one anyway with new money and then have to use the credit in the club shop or something. (which is pretty shitty- if anything I'd like to see HU push the club to make it formerly OK to buy domestic cup tickets with credit. As I've already said, i think there are better and wiser fights to pick than challenging the 12 month expiration date of credit)

In my case, even if I couldn't, I suppose I'd just use any accumulated toward next seasons ST anyway.

I can see 12 months expiry for credit only really being an issue for those who don't want to renew.

Fifth Column 10:57 Mon Sep 5
Re: Club Cash

First season you couldn't use it for domestic cups as I phoned up and asked and was told that was the case. I didn't know it had changed.

If you look at the terms and conditions it actually only says "premier league matches".

I think they then just change the rules each season re cup games depending on what they think is in their commercial interest.

Either that or if you buy online, the online system just isn't sophisticated enough to stop you buying domestic cup tickets that technically don't fall within the Ts&Cs?

SnarestoneIron 10:33 Mon Sep 5
Re: Club Cash
The problem is, if you allow people to build up their credit, some people will never touch it. Weird but true. Then when the club is sold, the new owners have this to deal with.

The vast majority will be for STH, who will renew each year or buy cup tickets and have an opportunity to spend it each season (I used mine for the Europe tickets).

The problem I can see is if you decide not to renew, but then you could just buy the odd ticket to use up the credit.

E13 Forever 9:47 Mon Sep 5
Re: Club Cash

No body who uses ticet trade sees it as a con. Or else they would not use it.
The problem is with the club wiping out club cash for no good reason.
Why do they have to do that.
What reason is there.
It is not like the credit is going rotten and got to be thrown away is it.
This is the club screwing more money out of their own fans who already have paid out enough and got hardly anything back if they have got club cash in the first place.

Niblets 9:07 Sun Sep 4
Re: Club Cash
It's not difficult to understand. It's purely category based, you're obviously going to get more money back for Man City or Spurs than you are for Brentford or Fulham.

If Fulham, Brentford or Bournemouth is KFAQ, which I'm sure one of them will be, you'd otherwise get more money back than they'd resell it for if you sold an U18 ticket on the exchange.

I've got no time for the ticket office but I'm amazed how people see ticket trader as a con. You technically get your money back, albeit in club cash, they then sell if for the same price as they would if the seat wasn't taken by a STH.

Sell all 19 games back and you recoup the full cost of the ST, but some seem to want to be able to earn out of it.

On The Ball 6:07 Sun Sep 4
Re: Club Cash
I've put my band 3 seat on there for Newcastle - if it sells I get £28. I was under the impression it was 1/19 without any weighting and minus a little, but have never really known.

As I've said below, all credit has an expiry and the Club aren't going to want an unlimited load of credit building up in people's accounts. The length of validity needs to be fair though.

penners28 3:38 Sun Sep 4
Re: Club Cash
I understand its 1/19, on average, if you sold all 19 tickets. You’d get your money back.

But if you sold only all cat A games then you’d get more than 1/19 on average

El Scorchio 12:37 Sun Sep 4
Re: Club Cash
Fifth Column 12:21
It must have, because I’ve definitely used it to buy domestic cup tickets before. I’m sure going back a fair few years too. I can’t recall ever trying to buy one and it telling me I couldn’t use club cash for it.

Fifth Column 12:20 Sun Sep 4
Re: Club Cash

Its weighted based on category of match. If you sold ticket on exchange over season for every single match and divided by 19 then the mean fraction would be 1/19 per match. So individual matches you'll get more or less than 1/19 depending on category of match but overall it is 1/19 on average.

penners28 11:45 Sun Sep 4
Re: Club Cash
Its not 1/19. I got £14.50 for my sons ticket for spurs and £5 for newcastle

Fifth Column 12:21 Sun Sep 4
Re: Club Cash

In the past you could not use club cash for domestic cups but you could use it for Europa last season.

I don't know if that's changed and you can use it for domestic cups now?

El Scorchio 3:50 Sat Sep 3
Re: Club Cash
Yeah it’s 1/19.

You can use club cash for tickets for cup games. You can use it for a ticket for any game.

Huffers 1:28 Sat Sep 3
Re: Club Cash
If it is 1/19th I think that element of it is fair. Otherwise a child could buy a season ticket and not attend 1 category A game and have paid virtually nothing for the other 18.

Expiring credit is a piss take at 1 year. Most places are 2 years. From what I’ve seen it can’t be used for cup games either.

On the other hand, there never used to be any facility to sell so at least there is an option there.

Hermit Road 12:10 Sat Sep 3
Re: Club Cash
Huffers 8:19 Sat Sep 3

Pretty sure it’s 1/19th.

They offered me a fiver for my kids tickets for a Cat A game a few years ago that they would have sold the seat for £60 for. It didn’t seem worth my while to have to sit next to an adult tourist supporting Man City while streaming it on his phone.

chav_corner 11:08 Sat Sep 3
Re: Club Cash
Fifth column.I believe there may be a deadline date in the terms and conditions but it has never been applied before.certainly the terms and conditions need revisiting.-The legality of the terms and condions is another matter and our solicitors are looking at it.

Lily Hammer 10:36 Sat Sep 3
Re: Club Cash
Good work, HU.

I can’t fathom how some people try to make excuses for these leeches.

It’s one thing to debate whether you should get your money back or have it held as credit to use only with the club, but there is no excuse whatsoever to make a use it or lose it deadline. That a money grab, pure and simple.

Huffers 8:19 Sat Sep 3
Re: Club Cash
Can someone please advise me how the figure they pay you is decided. Is it 1/19th of the ST? Is it the individual match general sale fee minus a percentage?

SnarestoneIron 7:46 Sat Sep 3
Re: Club Cash
Woodford Green 7:13 Fri Sep 2

I said MOST, as I did not want to be jumped on if there are other ways of earning it! So, basically, you don't know how else you earn. Thanks for clearing that up.

E13 Forever 3:12 Sat Sep 3
Re: Club Cash
Do not think it is about weather they sell the ticket for more than they give you is it.
It is about them putting a deadline on when you have got to spend the club cash.
When this deadline is past and all your club cash disappears that is what is unfair.
There is no reason they have to do that.
But they do it any way and that is taking the piss in my book.

Hermit Road 1:12 Sat Sep 3
Re: Club Cash
Fair enough. Everyone is different. I think them making a huge cash profit out of my seat and giving me a small amount of time-limited club credit in exchange is a poor deal for me but each to their own.

Fifth Column 12:23 Sat Sep 3
Re: Club Cash

If they paid you more than the pro-rata cost of a season ticket for each match, then you could buy a season ticket, sell it every single match and come out with a profit. As a STH I don't expect to be able to make a pro rata profit on tickets.

I'd prefer cash than "club cash" however again I've bought a ST with the intention of attending all matches so I don't get upset about the club giving me a means of selling on my tickets if I'm not able to attend and allowing me to put it towards Europa games or ST for following season.

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