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Leonard Hatred 5:06 Thu Sep 8
Talk to me

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Queens Fish Bar 11:48 Tue Sep 13
Re: Cholesterol
Seems to be a lot of medical experts aka Doctors, Pharmacists on this thread.

Experts as much as Garrlic bread was a quality investment manager. And no I didn't spunk a loss on GB's suggestion.

riosleftsock 11:45 Tue Sep 13
Re: Cholesterol
Same as Soldo, had high BP 10 years ago and good cholestorol and everything else.

Got put on some BP medicine that made me have dizzy spells and poor focus, headaches and lost drive. So they put me on statins which seemed to clear the side effects, but then got limb aches and tiredness. Took them for years, stopped taking the statins in Feb this year, all good, limb aches gone, tiredness gone and BP and cholestorol is fine.

Consultant at hospital 10 years ago said I may have an intermittent over-active adrenal gland.

Bungo 10:28 Tue Sep 13
Re: Cholesterol
wansteadman 7:45 Tue Sep 13

Trial design can be quite difficult.

If you are testing something for a serious condition that starts to show a clear benefit to those taking the live medicine, (and there is therefore a lack of benefit to those taking placebo), the study may well be ended early to ensure the benefit can be made available to all.

The ethics of trial design can be tricky to ensure that outcomes are meaningful, but also that sufferers on placebo aren't denied the potential improvement.

wansteadman 7:45 Tue Sep 13
Re: Cholesterol
Trouble is you never know if you’re in the placebo group or not. I was told as I’m taking two lots of statins I was almost certainly being given the drug.
They have actually started giving it to people in this country but only for people who have really high cholesterol who are not responding to statins and have already had a heart attack.

Bungo 2:49 Fri Sep 9
Re: Cholesterol
wansteadman 1:03 Fri Sep 9

NICE published some guidance on this drug last October. They are cautiously recommending it for some groups of patients, but there is more trial work to be done.


The brand name is Leqvio and it does appear to be a step-on from statins.

Hope it goes well for you.

wansteadman 1:03 Fri Sep 9
Re: Cholesterol
I’m in a test group for a new miracle drug called Inclirisan.
It’s already in use in the states and you have 2 injections a year and apparently it’s a gamechanger

Percy Dalton 11:43 Fri Sep 9
Re: Cholesterol
Heath Hammer
You're right about side effects my statins have been changed three times same quantity but different brands.
Was getting pains in my legs doc just changed the brand each time.

Heath Hammer 11:09 Fri Sep 9
Re: Cholesterol
My level was 7 or 8.

Over 4/5 months i ate super healthy, cut out lots of fats, ate oily fish, lots of exercise.... i got it down to 4.8.

If i so much looked at a bag of crispsor thought about skipping a gym session it was back at 6.

started taking 20mg Atorvastatin's about 10 years ago. Still keep an eye on what i'm eating (more just make better choices) - that has kept it under control.

blood tests last week to make sure liver function etc was still ok (side effect apparently) and i am all good.

For me, statins have been a solution, but they can have some side effects.

WHU(Exeter) 10:37 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
I'm not a doctor, but battered sausages and chips four times week has been rumoured to help with this kind of stuff?

Kaiser Zoso 8:30 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
*high five slap

Northern Sold 8:21 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
* high 5's kaiser *

Kaiser Zoso 8:19 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
Good for you Michael

Mike Oxsaw 8:17 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
I was diagnosed with high blood pressure while I was living in the Netherlands in 1998 (or then-abouts).

It's been under treatment/management in about 2 dozen countries where I've lived & worked since then and not once have I been asked about my cholesterol levels.

Kaiser Zoso 8:17 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
Good for you Soldo

Bungo 8:16 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
Essentially, a person’s total cholesterol level is made up from two figures, their HDL level (high density lipids – often described as ‘good’ lipids), and LDL level (low density lipids). Which are seen as the ‘bad’ lipids. Statins will help control LDL levels increased levels of which cause cardiovascular risks, and cause clinicians most concern.

This link provides a good overall guide, without getting too technical.


Northern Sold 8:15 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
My cholesterol has always been low yet I have had high BP... one stage before medication was 205/110.... now 135/65...

Kaiser Zoso 8:08 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
No, they don’t

I was diagnosed high cholesterol and had normal blood pressure

Willtell 8:07 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
Well Kaiser I just looked up on WebMD and it seems high blood pressure and high cholesterol go together.

Cholesterol clogs arteries which restricts blood flowing through them so the heart works harder which raises pressure.

Kaiser Zoso 7:56 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
You can have high cholesterol without having high blood pressure, willtell

It just means you’re part of the demographic that might suffer a serious stroke or heart attack unless it’s regulated

Willtell 7:53 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
I have no idea what my cholesterol level is but my doctors have never worried about it all the time I'm 130/70 blood pressure. I guess my arteries aren't clogged.

Mike Oxsaw 7:44 Thu Sep 8
Re: Cholesterol
Bread & dripping is what you need.

None of that shop-bought muck, proper beef dripping from the Sunday roast that didn't make it into the gravy - and doorsteps of fresh farmhouse bread - preferably one of which is the end crust.

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