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Don Ravioli 1:09 Tue Sep 13
Fury v Joshua
Joshua has accepted fury’s terms to fight in Cardiff on December 3rd

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Hermit Road 10:43 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
I used to get worked up about Ali and his past statements but I honestly think if I grew up where and when he did, I'd have thought the same. Most people would.

Yep, the Nation of Islam fed it and fed off it, but as he grew older he left that and joined mainstream Islam and from that point to my knowledge, he never reiterated the other statements.

He also had a massive amount of plus points and was genuinely endearing.

As for AJ, he didn't grow up in the deep south, he's made more than one statement, and if he was a white bloke making those statements about whites/blacks then nobody would have to justify not liking him.

You can talk about Ali all you want but it doesn't change a thing about Joshua.

Council Scum 7:11 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
"I'll agree to differ on that. I still think growing up where and when he did"

That didn't make him racist, the nation of islam did that.

"“I know whites and blacks cannot get along; this is nature,”
"“Black people should marry their own women,”

“A black man should be killed if he’s messing with a white woman,”

“We’ll kill anybody who tries to mess around with our women.”

He was an out and our racist, who only changed his tune when he became short of money and needed whitey again.

I loved Ali growing up, but sugar coating how much of a racist he is, whilst picking up on one thing AJ has done is ridiculous

Willtell 4:20 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
When a champion boxer refers to "superior black race" he is probably talking about boxing. History suggests in most non-athletic things it just ain't true...

And hang on. Wasn't Usyk older, fatter and white too...

Hermit Road 4:02 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
“You are a disgrace to the superior black race”

Anthony Joshua to a black heavyweight who had lost to a whitey. Long before BLM and him telling people to only spend money in shops owned by people with the same skin tone.

If any white fighter referred to the white race (whatever the fuck that is) as ‘superior’, it would never be forgotten about and nobody would have to justify not being a fan of his.

Everyone knows this to be true and yet a decent amount pretend that it isn’t. Very strange.

BRANDED 2:50 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
BLM is designed to divide. Joshua was between a rock and a hard place.

J.Riddle 2:28 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
Seems Fury never intended to retire kept training to unify the belts by taking on Usyk, but Usyk injured. Fury wants to keep fit and motivated so using AJ to fill in as a warm up for Usyk next year. I think Fury will knock out AJ and beat Usyk. AJ doesn't take a punch well, see AJ v Ruiz 1. Fury should then retire and avoid any talk of Wilder, no one else to beat and nothing else to prove.

Northern Sold 2:24 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
I like both of them so split loyalties... just hope for a fight that delivers as the hype nearer the time is going to be off the scale...

Willtell 2:14 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
I liked Joshua when he appeared on chat shows and came over as personable and humble. Then I saw him coming out in support of BLM and criticising racism in UK. Most of the people that buy tickets are the people he criticised.

I don't like gypsies for their dishonesty, trouble making and tax avoidance . I liked Fury when I saw programmes about him on telly. How he's a family man and lost weight to make a come back etc. He obviously has to pay taxes.

I think I'll just cheer both of the scummy bastards

southbankbornnbred 2:07 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
Joshua is a little lucky to get this shot, if it happens (we've been close to this fight before).

He has a puncher's chance against Fury, of course: Wilder showed that Fury can be hit. But I just can't see Fury losing to Joshua unless he has another meltdown ahead of the fight.

Fury's reach, movement, decent chin and ringcraft get him out of most troublesome moments. And he wears opponents down.

People go on about Joshua having a big right hand, but he really hasn't KO'd anybody of real note for about four years. He hits hard, certainly, in the way that most good heavyweights hit hard. And he's a better 'boxer' than Wilder. Joshua is a decent heavyweight, even if he is not elite level.

But I just can't see past Fury if he's fit and healthy.

Hermit Road 1:30 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
I'll agree to differ on that. I still think growing up where and when he did makes comparisons to Joshua pointless.

And Joshua has exactly zero of the things that endeared Ali to others making the comparison even more pointless.

Council Scum 1:21 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
Ali didn't grow out of it; he grew into it. It was only when he needed money, he tried to be more likeable again.

Hermit Road 1:17 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
Ali, growing up where and when he did gave him every right to be as racist about whitey as he wanted to be. And even he grew out of it.

Joshua hasn't got that excuse.

Council Scum 1:02 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
Ali was a massive racist, but it doesn't stop him being universally loved.

AJ was and is a bit thick and gets a bit carried away on a microphone.

BRANDED 12:35 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
BTW Cassius Clay was Muhammad Ali but not a butterfly or a bee!

BRANDED 12:33 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
Travellers back up their lifestyle with numbers and violence. I like people who dont kowtow to the elites and their rules.

New Jersey 12:12 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
A few weeks ago the travelling community rocked up in the town near where I live. They just set up camp on the local council owned football matches so no summer kids football could take place, when they were given their marching orders they left all their rubbish for the council to clean up and generally terrorised the local community. Surprise, surprise no old bill around, they went into local pubs and refused to pay the bill etc. Total utter lawless scum, if that makes me a racist, then I'm happy to be one!

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:27 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua

Ooh! I dunno. Could it be because one of the contestants is universally known as 'the Gypsy King'?

BRANDED 11:11 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
Racists dont see complexity. They like to simplify. Or have a badge.

, 11:01 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
Why are we mentioning Gypsies on a thread about a Brit with a Nigerian roots fighting a man from the Irish traveller community?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:52 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua

The joke was, to simplify and paraphrase, 'everybody remembers that 6m Jews died in the holocaust, but nobody remembers the gypsies. We need to look more at the positives'

Now, to me, that's really very funny and very clever, because it satirises the way that modern society rightly condemns the holocaust and murder of Jews, whilst still deeming it somewhat acceptable to have racist attitudes against gypsies (and others).

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:44 Wed Sep 14
Re: Fury v Joshua
Eerie Descent 7:39 Tue Sep 13

I agree. Jimmy Carr is a massive cunt. I hate the semi-camp, tax-dodging, champagne-socialist twat.

But he's right about how society thinks it's OK to be racist about gypsies.

And the Welsh. The cunts.

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