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scott_d 5:53 Thu Sep 15
Boleyn Ground Memorabilia - Final Game Pack (Seat, Ticket, T Shirt)
Not sure if this is frowned upon although pretty sure I'll get cunted either way!

Looking to raise some money so selling a leaving pack from the final game against Man Utd at the Boleyn Ground which includes:

- Seat from Row Y, 34, West Stand, in presentation box
- Ticket for above seat.
- Match day program.
- T-Shirt and Wrist-band presented to fans at the final game.

Looking for 500 based on what others have gone for but offers welcome.

Happy to do it through ebay for security but if anyone is interested drop me a whomail.

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scott_d 6:15 Fri Sep 16
Huffers, I've dropped the price on ebay to try and shift it - that was since I put it on here.

The original price of £500 was based on what my brother sold his for about a year ago.

Tanglefoot 5:43 Fri Sep 16
Not sure why anyone would part with £500 for a seat that wasn't theirs? Each to their own of course but doesn't make sense to me.

Huffers 5:33 Fri Sep 16
eBay will give you your best representation of value.

Not sure listing it on here for £500 then giving a link to eBay for £425, where it has been listed for a while with no offers is the best tactic.

scott_d 11:11 Thu Sep 15
it's been on ebay for a while, but no offers.


michael 8:02 Thu Sep 15
Stick it on EBay you’re get a lot more.

joe royal 7:44 Thu Sep 15

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