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Q: 2022/23 Moyes In or Moyes Out
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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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BillC79 8:53 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
He had a poor season with Everton when he was there too, but they stuck with him, and he got them up to 4th and regular top 7 finishes afterwards.

With the new signings from this season finishing the season well (Paqueta, Emerson, Kehrer getting better and hopefully more from Scamacca), I reckon we'll do well next year.

nychammer 8:50 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
Under Moyes:

Season1: 7th and some good football
Season 2: good first half, fell apart second half, Europa semi final and finished 7th
Season 3: played poorly but finished 14th and won a European cup

Best three seasons in a long time and on paper we’re successful and going in the right direction

but……..we’ve played with fire league wise this season and some horrible football along the way, and that’s the rub.

BRANDED 8:48 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
I dont get people who want people sacked the whole time. Show some back bone and honour. You might win something.

David L 8:32 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
Nicely put nagel

Texas Iron 8:19 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
Deserves his start next season…

But must deliver better football and of course RESULTS…

Otherwise…Moyes Out…

Texas Iron 8:18 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
Deserves his start next season…

But must deliver better football and of course RESULTS…

Otherwise…Moyes Out…

Nagel 8:02 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
I really don't get the attitude some people have about managers. People would never say, "Oh, Benrahma scored a crucial penalty in the final. Without him we might never have won the competition. Let's keep him here for years and never bother trying to get someone better for his position." But they will think that way about the manager, as if somehow he should only be replaced if he does something sackable, like get us relegated.

The idea that someone else could come in and greatly improve how we play, who we buy and how well we do in all competitions doesn't seem to enter into it. I guess it's just the old "careful what you wish for" thing that Fat Sam's cronies came out with when he was sacked.

fraser 7:33 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
I still want him to go, however thank you David for winning us a trophy.

zico 7:32 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
Great dad dancing Moyesie. How a dressing room has changed, all players looking at their phones!

I thought Moyes should have gone like many, but how can you sack a guy who wins the first trophy in years. Even if you brought in a top world class manager he would have to win a trophy next season to equal what Moyes has done. Maybe now he has won something as a manger he will now relax a bit. Yes the style and ball retention has to improve but I think he deserves another year. Nice to see in those clips he seems to have a personality, he should just show it more often.

nychammer 7:28 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
It’s been a shit season PL wise an I’ve been vocally moyes out for a lot of it, but i think we have to put this one to bed for now. Whatever you think of Moyes I don’t think he’s going anywhere soon. We have to have some faith that the right signings are going to be made over the summer and we can start to play the football we all know this squad is capable of.

The Moyes out 2023-24 thread can start if and when it goes belly up start of next season.

scott_d 7:11 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
I said before the game that although I've not been his biggest fan, I would not be too as gutted if he was still here next season.

He's earned another crack at the Europa League but he really needs to sort our Premier League form out as it's been poor for about 18 months now.

There is a big job in the summer with Rice almost definitely leaving and a bit of a rebuild to try and give us a team that can compete without him. So it probably makes sense to have some stability and continuity.

In summary, I think we're in a good position where I'm looking forward to next season regardless of whether he stays or goes. Unless he goes and we bring a shitcunt in to manage us!

Sir Alf 6:51 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
Hard to say he doesn’t earn more time after winning a Euro trophy or any trophy after so long time.

He has to address the inability to get keep the ball or his extended tenure won’t last that long. But that’s for discussion in the future.

We all deserve to have some time to saviour winning something. Give it a month and we ( certainly me ) can start getting all miserable again :-)

Fifth Column 5:34 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
Thank you moyes.

Time to go now.

, 5:19 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
Here is a stat to savour, we won more matches in the ECL than we did in the Premier League this season.

Northern Sold 3:59 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
He's going nowhere Ex fella so I'd stop banging your head against the wardrobe... and just enjoy the moment

the exile 3:48 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
Great to see that clip of Moyes dancing in the dressing-room - not bad for a dour Scotsman. I'm grateful to him for last night's triumph but I still want him gone. His style of football is just dire and I have had enough. It's embarrassing. It has also proved largely ineffective in the PL this season. He has said he wants to improve it but hasn't shown any signs that he knows how to go about accomplishing this. Please come and get him, Celtic.

goose 2:06 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
classic dad dancing from Moyes!

dolph 2:02 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out

Might be one of my favourite non-footballing West Ham clips. Cant help but think he's a top fella. Fuck it, 12 more months Moyesy!

ironsofcanada 1:56 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
I respect people trying to make rational comments at this point.

I really hope Moyes leaves on this incredible high.

But hard to be upset at anything at this point.

swindon hammer 1:44 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
I wonder what Football Italia said about Roma and their “Dinosaur tactics” and constant play acting and time wasting during their semi final win against Bayer Leverkusen a few weeks back.

Not forgetting Mourinho’s disgraceful actions after the final last week.

Takashi Miike 1:36 Thu Jun 8
Re: Moyes Out
what absolute twaddle, fiorentina players were rolling around on the floor after just a couple of minutes. they got what they deserved

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