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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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Steady 10:26 Sat Mar 2
Re: Moyes Out
3rd best manager, not a patch on Greenwood or Lyall for style or trophies won

twoleftfeet 9:52 Sat Mar 2
Re: Moyes Out
I hope he leaves at the end of the season with his legacy intact, he is West Ham’s 2nd greatest manager in my opinion but I want him to leave on a high.

The Moyesiah

1964 9:49 Sat Mar 2
Re: Moyes Out
Is this thread going to sink

ray winstone 9:32 Sat Mar 2
Re: Moyes Out

Percy Dalton 11:53 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
Always been my biggest criticism of the way he manages the team apart from his crap tactics he never uses the five subs available.
All that young talent going to waste ruining careers no wonder the kids don't want to stay at the club.
Biggest crime is letting Marshall go to a promotion seeking West Brom where he's not getting a look in.
Just want him gone the end of this season can't come quick enough

daveyg 9:48 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
I mean what do we need, 7-0 up with 2 of the opposition sent off.
Moyes missed a chance to get fans on his side.
Could have gone 5-1 up.Some contribution from one of the Youth and the place would have gone wild.
Surely the fraud had watched the cup final and enjoyed that. Any proactive football loving man would have loved that.
Just beyond belief

Sir Alf 6:21 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
Yeah good assessmemt of candidates and rationale for wanting Moyes gone asap in these posts.

Steidten has has success in Germany working with coaches that are aligned with footballing philosophy and hence type of players needed to execute it successfully.

Moyes us not and while there is no guarantee that Steidten will be successful the least Sullivan has to do is facilitate that bu empowering the German on all recruitment and alliwing him to set up the football side in the way it has worked for him before.

He doesnt need a “prima donna” manager who thinks he knows it all and must have final say on everything or someone who opposes every proposed deal for players because he wants older experienced Premiership players with past reputations for “now”. Moyes us no longer a solution but part of the problem. A barrier to progression. Moyes was a great interim manager who did move us from perennial relegation strugglers to European football and got us the huge bonus of a trophy but the word “interim” is key and we now need a different approach to try and consolidate and regularly get Euro finishes and play a different way

Willtell 4:57 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
That's a really good set of posts there guys. Well said....

Takashi Miike 3:21 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out

Fauxstralian 12:09 Fri Mar 1

we're still second in PL2, despite the three best attacking players either being out on loan or sat on the bench for the past two months. also through to the semis of the international cup (no idea of the draw yet. PSV, Palace & Everton also through)

Hammer and Pickle 3:06 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
This no doubt in my mind that Moyes is not cooperating with Steidten rather than the other way around. And there is no doubt that his behaviour in this respect has nothing to do with the interests of the club, players and the sport.

Russ of the BML 2:40 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
Good posts ED and Manuel.

I also feel that there is a little bit of a starry eyed view of Steidten from the fans. He's proved he's got an eye for a player and that he is capable of getting a deal done. But ultimately his job is to bring success on the pitch using a whole wealth of different skills and techniques. Until that happens he cannot be viewed as a success.

One thing stands in his way. Moyes. And for me, that is why Moyes has to go. By bringing Tim in, and now subsequently his brother, the club are clearly steering the ship in a new direction. However, Moyes stands on the bridge trying to steer it back n the same direction.

So why Moyes is still here, only Sullivan can explain. I hope Moyes doesn't win the battle. because if he outlasts Tim and Bro then we are genuinely fucked. Even Sullivan may as well turn of his PC and go home.

If, however, Moyes is removed and the ship is directed where the club want, and they employ a coach that will collaborate with Tim and engage in his methods, then I do genuinely see us progressing to the next level and being successful.

Manuel 1:42 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
No I totally agree, I'm pleased Steidten is here too as it means the club is at least trying to go in the right direction and yes he has a good rep in the game and we have every right to be optimistic, but he still needs to prove himself, the same as anyone joining a new company in any industry, past reputations can count for nothing if you don't deliver. Let's be honest many are creaming themselves over him just because he isn't Moyes and he may be the man who ultimately gets Moyes out, is European and wears nice scarfs. Yea, prove will be in the pudding, but fingers crossed he will take us in the right direction.

I would file O'Neil under the same category as Silva and Emery, ie modern day coach, lives and breathes the game, fine attention to detail etc. Got a feeling he could go onto big things, he won't come here though, apart from anything else we don't go for in-work coaches.

Eerie Descent 1:31 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
Manuel 11:44 Fri Mar 1

I didn't want to elaborate on that point, as I'd bored everyone enough, but since you've asked, I'll explain.

I'm not being starry eyed over Steinden, he's proven nothing with us so far and the proof will be in the pudding long term. But we have brought him in to take the club in a direction, and personally I'd rather the man who has his reputation, interviews with Chelsea, nicknamed the pearl diver etc, making the big football decisions. He's the one who will have an extensive data and knowledge of European football, I'm not saying it would guarantee success, but I'd be happy if he had identified someone specific to work with going forward.

As much as some will laugh as I've been one of the early Moyes out'ers, but I actually get right behind any new appointment we make, try to see the positives and hope it works out, I would do if we got Potter in, I'd still get on board and give him a chance. But that doesn't mean I won't change my mind if I don't like what I'm seeing over a decent enough amount of time.

I do like Gary O'Neill, and would be on board with that, but wouldn't be my top choice. And any gimp suggesting he plays the same way as Moyes is an idiot. I'd have him and Howe just below Slot & Silva, just personal preference, but would be happy with any of them.

Fauxstralian 12:09 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
Said earlier that when Paqueta was understandably rested after 75mins at 4-1 it was the perfect opportunity to give Scarles and Earthy 15mins on the pitch
Saw the interview with the kid Danns who scored twice for Liverpool in the cup match and he was like every Christmas had come at once ...greatest day of his life he said
That opportunity energises him and every other youth player at the club. Plus probably rubs off on the senior players to see such enthusiasm

If we do progress in Europe trying to flog every 1st team player by playing them every week and NOT rotating them with youngsters will ruin any small chance we have

Takashi Miike 11:48 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
watching liverpool recently and how klopp integrates his young players, it just strengthens my wish for the jock twat to disappear as soon as possible. he's admitted he has no interest in one of the best group of youngsters in the country and there's no future for anyone outside his favourites clique while he's picking the team

Manuel 11:44 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
ED - Good post that, enjoyed reading it and couldn't disagree with anything, except until possibly your last paragraph.

Now it's probably me just being cynical, surely not, and Steidten may well be some footballing genius as everyone on here has assumed he is, but personally I find it all a bit cringe and will judge his work over a couple of years rather than hero worship the bloke after only being here for 5 minutes. You say you will be onboard with whoever he brings in, very sweet that, but that will only last until he starts losing a load of games, right?

What about O'Neil (O'Wall)?

Willtell 11:42 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
The biggest problem over the choice of managers is Sullivan. We have lurched from inexperienced Zola who I thought did OK on a nothing budget for 2 seasons.

No Sullivan wanted success so appointed CL finalist Grant who promptly relegated us. Boring old Sam Allardyce got us back to PL and frustrated the hell out of fans. Four seasons and in comes popular Bilic and a 7th place followed by relegation troubles brought a safety first manager in David Moyes for a 6 month stint to avoid relegation.

It was close so Sullivan returned to an ambitious signing by appointing PL & twice FL Cup winning Manuel Pellegrini. After spending big the relegation threats returned in Pellegrini's second season. So back to a known safe pair of hands in David Moyes whose record is 6th, 7th and 14th places; 3 years of European football; a semi-final and a final win with a trophy for the bare cabinet. Currently 8th place and still in Europe with all the extra revenue that brings...

It's easy to see why Sullivan is currently shitting a brick. He's about to let the most successful manager he's ever had go and replace him with who?

Eerie Descent 11:28 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
Potter's football flatters to deceive for me, and he comes across as a bit flakey, hearing about him talk about how he suffered when he left Chelsea, affecting his mental health whilst on £9mil a year, and yes I get the argument about that sort of stuff, but he was only a manager of a football club, if you can't handle that pressure whilst on that money, then maybe go and stack shelves for £9 an hour.

Lopetegui a big no from me, Wolves seemed boring to me, and we need someone younger on the up. I've seen Van Nistelrooy mentioned, why exactly?

Tuchel is another one I just don't think would be a good fit, I get that he's managed top clubs, but he seems like an excuse maker to me when things aren't going his way, which seems to happy often, blaming everything but himself publicly, and I can't stomach another one of them.

We could've got Alonso, if we would have sacked Moyes when we should have in November 2022, or in the summer, but that ship has sailed. We also won't get the Lisbon manager.

I don't watch Dutch football, but everything I've read about Arne Slot he seems very impressive. Has a bit of arrogance that I think you need with managing us, but not arrogant in that he'll think he's doing us a favour, and I think we get him if we want. He'd be the one I'd be most on board with.

I've always want us to go for Marco Silva in the past, I like the way his teams play, I like the man as well how he comes across, one of them that takes it all on his own shoulders, and hearing soundbites from players, he's one of those that lives and breathes the job, of the Emery ilk. I reckon with decent dough to spend and a club like ours, he'd take us up a few notches. Would also be a safe pair of hands for those 'be careful what you wish for' cunts.

In saying that, if it was Steiden picking, then I'd be on board with whoever he wants. I'm not bothered whether he chose Alonso or not, but he's clearly a bloke that knows European football better than anyone else at the club, and if he's identified someone and we get him, that's good enough for me.

Nagel 9:45 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
Yeah, would be surprised if Howe keep his job at the end of the season, which could be good news for us. Newcastle have had injuries all over the team but they were doing reasonably well despite that, until the goalkeeper got injured. Both of their backups have been awful when I've seen them. We're talking Roberto levels of bad. Since Pope got injured they've won 3 league games in 12, conceding 31! Before that they'd conceded 14 in 14.

Manuel 3:43 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
RBshorty 7:22 Thu Feb 29

Not so sure, I did hear it somewhere that Ratcliffe is in charge of all football related matters/decisions, but who knows.

Chairman Alf 2:50 Fri Mar 1
Re: Moyes Out
I see that the Geordies are already questioning Howe and claiming that he can’t take them to the next level. The fickleness of some fans!

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