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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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Massive Attack 3:29 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
Not that thicko Ben Foster can count when claiming only 2 Clubs won a Trophy last season, Man City and West Ham. Err Man Utd also won a Cup you thick as pigshit shithouse.

Massive Attack 3:25 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
Made me laugh yesterday when the likes of Darren Bent, Andy Goldstein and Ben Foster rabbited on Talksport about our situation regarding Moyes with all the usual unintelligent clichés on the subject. I've learned that apparently we're not a proper big Club like all the Clubs currently above us in the League, which includes Brighton and Newcastle. So what the fuck do we actually expect ie know our little old place West Ham - You know, the Club that produced 3 World Cup Winners, 2nd British Club to ever win a European Trophy, 3 FA Cups, the 1 last year with a huge famous passionate support - that non-descript Club.

Then when discussing how fabulous Moyes is and how mad we would be to want rid, they all struggled to suggest a Club bigger than Brentford to be his next destination. Even when Godlstein suggested maybe Ipswich, Tractor Boy Bent scoffed at the suggestion and bottled it when trying to justify why that wouldn't be acceptable for Ipswich. For fuck sake! The debate is an absolute joke from outsider's making them look stupid, not the other way around as they'd all hoped. They literally justified many of our fans reasoning as to why he's no longer good enough for us. They genuinely believe I think that we're midtable in the Championship, it's got that bizarre. Not 1 who's been back in the Premier League for the past decade and been there for the lion share of it's inception.

We should now be having serious aspirations of playing decent, exciting football regularly (not expected all the time) and pushing hard for a top 4 position judt as Villa are currently achieving (as did Newcastle last season successfully) whilst challenging for the odd Cup, again as the 2 previous Clubs managed. And they've both been relegated more recently than we have. It's not like we regularly sell out our 62,000+ Stadium and away games without financial pressures anymore...

If you want a good laugh, here's the Talksport nonsense discussed here...


greenie1 2:57 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
They'll never get rid of Moyes while we are in Europe.

Massive Attack 2:56 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
There's a lot of money at stake if he has been offered a new contract, which is why I find it odd not to accept it now so he's got it in the bag, then decide later what to do if it's not for him long term.

Also the Club could withdraw the offer before the end of the season if the form doesn't improve, so he's left high and dry.

Just find it strange that he wouldn't sign it now so it's done and dusted, if that is the exact state of play.

Nagel 2:18 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
I said all along that he was never going to be offered a new contract until the end of the season, if at all, and wasn't likely to get sacked either. This announcement is definitely a face saving exercise that works for both sides and allows him to leave quietly at the end of the season and pretend it was his own decision, exactly as happened with Fat Sam.

Russ of the BML 1:46 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
Stevethehammer 12:20 Sat Feb 24

I fully agree. That's my take on it. I mentioned earlier in this thread that Sullivan seems to have a perverse affliction of upsetting Moyes. This is propoganda and allows both parties to part ways amiccably.

Tomshardware 1:23 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
Surprised Moyes had come out and talked about contract offer, suspect the club won't be happy with him especially after last 3 games.

Full Claret Jacket 1:04 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
It's all well and good bleating about Moyes out but it's obvious he isn't going until end of season at earliest and the only thing the board would react to is losing money. It's been clear for years they don't give a stuff for supporters opinions.
Our stadium is full, the Europa run is bunging a few million in and our league status isn't under threat.

Whilst people still fill the stadium then no manner of complaining on social media or forums is going to have any impact this season.
I'd rather we get behind the team to the end of the year and convince some of the players to stick around than it turn more toxic and our better players want to ship out in the summer.
Moyes has to go at the end of the year. I hoped someone would offer him a job last year and he would take it. Would have been a good send off.
Lets be fair, there shouldn't be hatred of him. He has done a job but he can't take us to the next stage where we play on the front foot as tactically he can't seem to best utilise the skilled guys we bring in.

scott_d 12:50 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
One of the problems coming out of all this is how UN-UNITED he is making the club.

muskie 12:33 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
Claret and Booze's inside source is Sullivan's cleaners dog.

Seriously, their "ITK" is an absolute joke.

british is best 10:55 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
These fan channels. Are increasingly becoming more and more of a joke . They're constantly putting rumours out as facts . As for nick from claret and boozes legendary source . What a joke that is . On the run up to the conference league final . His alleged source was telling him . Antonios comments on his podcast had literally upset everyone at the club and he was being dropped for scamacca . Scamacca wasn't even training . let alone fit enough to start . Total bullshiter .

Manuel 9:19 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
He actually said we are a few points above Brentford so we must be doing something right, fucking Brentford. This is fucking insanity now.

daveyg 8:59 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
He's the luckiest manager ever.
What more luck can he have,3 terrible defeats, losing to a poor championship team,the worst man man management in the league,players not wanting him,fans not wanting him,3 league fixtures against a below par Brentford n Everton then a virtually then relegated Burnley then a EL tie v an ordinary Frieburg.
He should resign this morning and let a caretaker coach come in and have the opportunity.
He looks a beaten man.

Sydney_Iron 4:46 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
RBshorty 4:08 Sat Feb 24

Agree, all becoming a bit stupid and click Baity lately and they all seem to contradict each other at times! LOL.

Add what Moyes says (or hasn't said) like Paquata was a possibility etc, but some channels saying the player himself thinks he's still a couple of weeks away.

A few of these channels have some kind of paid section as well, Patrons or something they call it on YT, so you get extra gossip and info (bullshit) and pay for the privilege of it.................No Thanks, bad enough reading all the headlines they put out without paying for more. fuck that.

RBshorty 4:08 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
Please press a like. And click on the subscribe button below.!

Manuel 3:25 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
I'm sure Nick at c&b will know what's going on, what with all his inside info and contacts. He might not be able to tell us though :-)

CR 3:06 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
There’s contracts and then there’s contracts. I suspect that he’s only been offered a contract, that he doesn’t want to sign, with a lot of conditions attached. Unfortunately, for all the praise he gets from his media mates and all the ‘careful what you wish for’ we get, I don’t expect many clubs, if any, will be trying to prise him away from us in the summer. This means we could well be stuck with him next season if he has no better offer.

Manuel 2:43 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
What Alfs says, Moyes is a blagger and a bare faced liar, but he wouldn't make that up, wouldn't get away with it, but it's very vague to say ''there's a contract there'' and why wait to sign it? As for bringing his family into it, haha fucking hell. Suspect this drama will just run and run now and consume everything.

zico 2:05 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
Quite possible of course Moyes and Sullivan have come to an agreement that Moyes will leave on his own accord at the end of the season. Seeing how the media and others have attacked those fans who want him gone Sullivan probably doesn't want to be the man to sack him and Moyes avoids without another sacking on his CV.

Alfs 1:50 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
He's not lying about the new contract, as the club would come out and deny it. What the terms are is a different story.

Gaffer58 12:52 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes Out
I think Moyes is that deluded that he thinks he’s on a par with Pep and Klopp, probably even now still thinks Man U were too hasty in getting rid, so actually believes we should be grateful for all he’s achieved, yes we all know about last year’s conference cup.

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