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Q: 2022/23 Moyes In or Moyes Out
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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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diehardhammer 5:24 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Just seen a pretty damning stat

Highest position we’ve been in the league all season has been 10th

Not went above it at any point despite having spent loads of money and playing in a weaker European competition

Rusta 5:22 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
By his own admission he tried to turn us into a more possession based team which he said we needed to do to go to the next level.

Problem is he's not capable of doing it, every time we try we just look slow and laboured and incapable of creating anything.

His version of it is just passing it backwards n forwards at the back till we give it away.

He just doesn't seem to be able to coach the pass and move at pace like you see other teams doing.

So he will always have to revert back to sitting in and catching on the break which he's had to do this season.

RoyalDocksGK 5:15 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Regardless of the result in prague. It's time for Moyes to go. 20 league games lost is not good enough for the team we've got. The only issue I have with Moyes going will be that midget owner. He isn't progressive enough to want a top manager from another team. He'll look for the cheapest options who will be out of work so no doubt after Rodgers and Potter reject us it'll be back to Rafa Benitez.

Texas Iron 5:12 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Moyes got...

40 out of 114 points...

Spent 200millionQuid...

Negative Defensive Football...

Relegation form all season...

Needs to be replaced...he's a Dithering Dinosaur...

Keep dreaming 4:54 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Factory seconds

Hilarious post...football being a thing others tries to do....

Hahahaha brilliant

Willtell 4:11 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
If Moyes is here next season I’d put money on us going down…

, 3:45 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Generally two, if not three, of the relegated teams would have been predicted as liable for relegation at the beginning of the season. Sometimes a team drops down who most would have not considered candidates. This year we were one of two teams that struggled throughout but it was Leicester that took the drop.

Make no mistake whether we rightly change manager or not WHU will be on pundit’s lists as a strong chance of going down.

factory seconds 3:21 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
probably my biggest issue with moyes is his presbyterian step dad approach to "fixing" the west ham problem child.

he always liked to use the word "flakey" to describe us in the past, but in that what he really means is a naive pursuit of actually trying to play football. for moyes, football is the thing the other team tries to do, while you hold a rigid shape and nick a goal off them when they get caught out playing too much football for their own good.

Side of Ham 2:55 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
He stated there were ‘cultures’ that needed to be changed at West Ham….yet he’s taken us to be set up more timid than we’ve ever known…this cup I hope will be won by those players willing to fuck off his ‘culture’ of letting the other team have the ball to pick away at us….if we win his way we should be ashamed but alas we will instead be grateful due to the club’s shambles of ownerships past and present starving our potential….

Hammer and Pickle 2:14 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
I’ll be delighted if we win the final, especially if we play the kind of football we’ve been seen of late. It’s got nothing to do with the way Moyes likes it but it’s certainly the way forward.

El Scorchio 2:10 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
I’m not wrong though am I. I understand you’ve picked your hill to die on but I doubt there will be meltdown if we win.

FWIW, I don’t dislike the bloke as a person, and some of the hatred and personal insults handed out to him on here are way OTT, but win or lose that final he has to move on, for the good of the club going forward.

I believe that will happen regardless and the only thing the result of the final will change is the messaging around his departure and how it’s managed. I’d be delighted for him to go out on a high as a trophy winner.

However even that is still only fixing a symptom and not the root cause. We need a new owner as well.

wd40 2:08 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Posts are all in draft ready to fill this thread up if we loose be lucky you lot that we loose then you can post .

if only we only changed him to the 3 managers that went down -what fools we are as a club not doing so.

Staying up plus a euro final -sounds ok to me if your a Hammers fan -99% of other supporters would take your hand off.

twoleftfeet 1:58 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Thanks El Scorchio, would definitely read this post again.

The meltdown on this thread if West Ham beat Fiorentina will be seismic.

El Scorchio 1:51 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Just been watching that new BT sport film about English football’s return to Europe after the ban. Quite good although in that nouvelle sycophantic rewriting of history way it really glosses over Heysal as the reason for the ban, portraying it as more or less an accident.

Anyway. When Galatasaray knocked out Man U in 1993 their coach said to the ‘Stay true to our plan and play our own game. Don’t let them have the ball and if we have the ball, play your own game.’ They ran, they pressed they did everything to make it difficult for the opposition to play.

In other words don’t let them settle or be comfortable and put them under relentless pressure. Struck a chord with me as the absolute antithesis of what Moyes instructs his teams to do.

One more game to go.

Percy Dalton 1:45 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Priority must be is replacing Rice and get a top goalkeeper obviously not with Moyes at the helm.

Manuel 1:28 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
What's become pretty evident in the last couple of weeks is that we have a good starting 11 but poor back up. The likes of Ings, Downes, Cornet, Lanzini, Emerson, Johnson are not good enough.

5 or 6 upgrades needed this summer.

David L 1:19 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Al these Moyes In pricksdont seem to realise there is a huge rebuilding job to do, this summer, what with Rice going and the age of his first team. Would you enrust this to Jock McStubborn? No fucking way.

Hammer and Pickle 12:13 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
There is definitely a MOYES CAMP, not only among the media pundits but also in the fan base. The basic argument is he needs time to return to the form of previous seasons where we finished in the League strongly enough to qualify for the European football we are playing today.

That’s all very well and good as long as the Moyes Camp can answer questions about the present, like why has it taken so long to play the more expansive football the new talent available is clearly willing and able to offer? And then there is the question about the future, regarding how long it would take to achieve full performance as new, even better players come in? Would we be safe from relegation?

The Moyes Camp needs to understand the simple fact that we can ask him this kind of question at all indicates it is Moyes that must now develop to keep pace with the players, and that is not what he is here for, is it.

Nagel 11:38 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
riosleftsock 10:51 Sun May 28

What's special about this Matthias Jaissle fella then? Can't be based solely on how he's done at Salzburg. Winning the league two years in a row is great, but Austria's pretty much a one horse race and they've won all of the last 10! He's been given plaudits for being the first manager to get them further than the group stages of the Champions League, but that group was probably the worst in the competition's history (Salzburg, Lille, Wolfsburg and Sevilla), so finishing 2nd there was not that incredible.

Reading about his style of play it seems he likes to play a high pressing 4312, with attacking full backs; two strikers who run the channels and a No 10 who looks to score goals. Personally I like that set up, but in Austria it's probably easy to dominate however they play.

diehardhammer 12:01 Mon May 29
Re: Moyes Out
Since boro didn’t win the play offs (could be our blessing)

I’d be lining up Michael Carrick to replace Moyes in the summer

Yarmouth 11:46 Sun May 28
Re: Moyes Out
Win (I fucking well hope so) or lose the final, do you want to watch this shite every week next season then the next until Moyes resigns?

Do you honestly want to watch this shite?

Honestly, you want to watch that every week?

Because with Moyes thats all we'll get. He might keep us up, we might beat a few of the big guns, we might finish mid table again, but under Moyes we will play the most dire, gutless football you have ever seen - week in and fucking week out.

He's a gutless coach who can't compete with the progressive standards the Prem asks for.

If you want that shite - then Moyes is your man.

For me - fuck off out of our club Moyes, I want to watch entertaining West Ham football, win lose or draw.

Surely we've had enough of this mug now?

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