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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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Alfs 5:13 Tue Jun 6
Re: Moyes Out
There was another unknown manager that did well in Japan. Arsene Wenger. His appointment was cunted off but he didn't do too badly.

I dearly hope he fails spectaturly though.

the straw 5:09 Tue Jun 6
Re: Moyes Out
I've just looked at the state of the Scottish PL table.

Only 4 have a positive GD. Celtic +80 and Rangers +56. Hearts on +6 and Motherwell on +2.

The team that finished 3rd, Aberdeen, had a GD of -4.

That's mental and a shame. Scottish football used to be half decent. Not their fault, it's the PL money that's killed it. Now any decent Champ club can outbid everyone but the Old Firm for players. Cantwell has gone up there and looked like a world beater (although to be fair he looked a player a few seasons ago, just a total knobhead).

the straw 4:59 Tue Jun 6
Re: Moyes Out

southbankbornnbred 10:26 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
Allardyce would win a title with Celtic.


Not saying it would or wouldn't happen... I've got absolutely no skin in the Rangers/Celtic thing at all.

But that's one scenario i'd loved to have seen play out. To see Allardyce actually managing a team expected to win. It would be a great thing to see how it panned out either way.

Manuel 3:47 Tue Jun 6
Re: Moyes Out
It's pretty much been confirmed that Enrique put himself forward for the Spurs job but was knocked back. They were not interested in Potter or Rodgers either. It's not clear if they wanted Poch back or not.

This Ange fella is meant to be the real deal, a very impressive individual, would not be at all surprised if he does well there, whatever 'well' is. Heard some stuff from Celtic fans and have been blown away by how impressive this fella is. As said, they have tried the elite managers with the last two and that didn't work out.

southbankbornnbred 3:12 Tue Jun 6
Re: Moyes Out

Two quick things:

A) He absolutely IS getting the job on the back of winning the title with Celtic. Because if he hadn't won it, given their enormous advantage in Scotland, there is no way on Earth he'd have been offered the job at Spurs. And he probably would have been sacked by Celtic. So, yes, of course he's getting the job in part for winning the title at Celtic.

B) Spurs have done nowhere near the amount of due diligence on him that you think. Postecoglu was Spurs' third or fourth choice for the job. They fancied other managers far more than this guy, but several (including the guy at Feyenoord) turned them down. So they've had to rather rush their recruitment of the Aussie. You only have to look at the fact that they have offered him just a two-year contract to sense Spurs' nervousness in appointing him - irrespective of what they say. They didn't really want him, and it shows.

He seems like a decent fella. But he is unproven at any respectable, competitive level. Now he's got one of the supposed 'Big Six' jobs - he will be expected to deliver a top six finish (because Spurs think that's what they are automatically). Everybody will find out soon enough if he's up to it. He may be. I have my doubts.

The Ghost of Sven 12:16 Tue Jun 6
Re: Moyes Out
As an atheist I dont follow either of the two Scottish teams but have been keeping an eye on Postecoglou as a former manager of Australia.
Qualified a fairly ordinary team to the 2014 & 2018 World Cups and won the Asian Cup in 2015.
He resigned before the 2018 finals as he didnt think Football Australia had any ambition beyond just qualifying.
I think we saw when he took over Celtic were a bit shit ... losing 2-6 to a Moyes team ... and he hasnt put a foot wrong in turning them around. 'Easy' i know in a 2 team league.

Mentioned the other that he is 58 soon & who knows when another chance with a top half Premier league team will come again .... probably on some multiple (I read 3) of his current salary.
I see he has now accepted a 2 year contract.
I like him but as Tottenham manager I hope he is a dismal failure & relegates them

Eerie Descent 11:49 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
Capitol Man 11:32 Mon Jun 5

Who has turned them down? Have you got some insider info?

Firstly, we have no real idea who they've genuinely approached, but regardless, their last 2 managers have each individually won more trophies than West Ham United, so fuck knows what point you're trying to make. You're probably lost as this is a football thread.

simon.s 11:38 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
I like Postecoglu, would have defo had him here. Could be the change of direction that they need. Shame, as I suppose I’ll have to start disliking him now.

Capitol Man 11:32 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
So you don't think they ended up with him having been turned down by all the "big" names then?

Eerie Descent 11:21 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
southbankbornnbred 10:23 Mon Jun 5

That is such an old, cliched, outdated way of looking at things. Maybe that's the journo in you?

He's not getting the Spurs job on the back of winning the Scottish league ffs, they've obviously looked into him, his ethos, his charisma, the success he's had in certain areas given his situation.

They've tried managers who have won everything there is to win, and it hasn't worked, has it?

If your outdated way of looking at things was adhered to everywhere, the Brighton manager, Thomas Frank I assume you wouldn't want at West Ham either? Of course you would, because things are more nuanced the old claptrap you've said there.

Stevethehammer 11:07 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
Personally I don't see the big hurrah surrounding him
Are you seriously telling me that Spurs have sounded this guy out after winning the Scottish pub league and the Japanese league, both which are absolutely huge on the world stage.
Sure he gets some players playing but the Scottish league is a glorified league 2, of course Celtic and Rangers are going to win pretty much every week, put a club like us in there and we would win the league every year. It's not a contest.
He is coming to the biggest league in the world with some of the greatest players the game has to offer right now, if I was a yid I'd be really underwhelmed considering who is available right now and who has rejected them are bigger names with bigger cvs. To me this smacks of Levy getting in a yes man, someone who will be pinching himself everyday because he has a job in the best league in the world. More fool them I say.

swindon hammer 10:40 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
Although it’s not a huge achievement to win trophies in Scotland as a Celtic manager the big positive with this guy seems to be that he knows the Asian market very well and has identified a number of good players from there that have been successful for them.

southbankbornnbred 10:26 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
Allardyce would win a title with Celtic.

Avram Grant would probably win a title with Celtic. And he should have been sued under the Trades Descriptions Act.

southbankbornnbred 10:23 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
ED - I haven't panned Postecoglu, as such (well, maybe a bit!): just pointed out that he's completely unproven in a proper league. Scotland is a one-horse shitshow. It really is. Rangers will close the gap with Celtic again soon, I'm sure. But financially, Celtic have been the only game in town because of Rangers' past issues. It gives the hoops a big advantage and, as we have seen, the title has effectively become a parade even for mediocre managers like Lennon.

Postecoglu has won stuff in Australia, Japan and Scotland. Spurs is a HUGE step up for him. All I'm really saying is that nobody should judge him on what he's done in Scotland. Roeder would have won a title with Celtic, it really has been that easy for them for some time. Gerrard's rangers were an exception, not the norm.

I'm pleased Spurs have appointed Postecoglu. Nothing against the guy (apart from his potato head), but he's unproven and it's a big risk for a Premier League club that pretends to be a big club.

Jasnik 9:23 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
Exactly glad you all saw where I was coming from... Ha

Eerie Descent 9:15 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
Southbank, looks like you'll find out if you were right about panning Postecoglou. Few of us wanted him, you were adamant there's no way he should get a Prem gig.

swindon hammer 9:11 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
Gordon Strachan also won 3 league titles in a row as manager of Celtic.

southbankbornnbred 9:06 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
If he doesn't win a title at Celtic then he might as well give up. Neil Lennon won five. Five. Neil Fucking Lennon.

I think my nan could win a title at Celtic. And she died two years ago.

Jasnik 9:00 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
Hopefully Moyes gets the Celtic job.

European football again for him and seeing as he is a winner he bound to get first or second.

Side of Ham 8:59 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
Those elements are all part of the step up, if we ever have real ambition and backing to do so......but we do have the main foundation and following to do it....just needs to be tapped into properly with no barrow boy influence....

swindon hammer 8:54 Mon Jun 5
Re: Moyes Out
There is an element of them being paid more due to being on TV more and appearing in the Champions League and that has definitely benefited Chelsea & Man City over the past decade or two.

With Arsenal though it’s also to do with the fact that historically they are a bigger club/worldwide brand than us and even if they did drop out of the Champions League for a few seasons they would still be able to attract decent sponsorship. Same with Tottenham.

We have always had an issue with being thought of as a glamorous club when it came to things like sponsorship. Even in the 80s when shirt sponsorship came in you had the big beer brands like Holsten and the electrical brands like JVC, Commodore and Sharp sponsoring 1st division teams.

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