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Q: 2022/23 Moyes In or Moyes Out
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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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Sir Alf 5:48 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
Moyes just won’t try to change anything. He will double down on his tactics despite almost every team knowing how to exploit them.

He’s not very bright in that sense but not knowing how to play any other way is perhaps because he was at Everton for 90% of his career? He’s the classic case of 30 X 1 year of experience. Just does the same thing over and over which also, as we all know, is the definition of insanity when u expect a different result.

He relies on Paul Nevin now that Irvine has gone and he is not appearing to come up with any plan b either

Stevethehammer 5:05 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
The players have to take some blame of course they do, they are the ones out there not performing.
The board in my honest opinion can't take much of the slack this time, we have spent money in areas that Moyes identified and wanted.
Moyes is the one in my opinion where all the fucking blame lies. His in game management is appalling, his substitutions don't make sense, he doesn't utilise the squad at the best of times, rushs players back from injury ie Zouma and he will never ever change his style or approach. He is a reactional manager rather than a pro active one and he is still dining out on the Lyon and Sevilla results. I was firmly in the Moyes in camp, however ever since losing at home to Leicester and after the world cup, seeing no change whatsoever, its time to fuck off.

Rossal 4:54 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
Who on earth would be absolutely delighted with relegation??

Those 3 all deserve to be cunted off as they have all been absolutely dogshit all season

Lee Trundle 4:54 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
I was very early with the criticism of Moyes.

I won't be delighted if we go down.

I think things will start to look very rosy for us if we do somehow manage to stay up, with a new owner and a new manager.

It's pretty much impossible for them to do worse than the ones we currently have.

Manuel 4:51 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
I know what is very clear and that's there are going to be a fair few on here absolutely delighted if we do go down. Pretty much every post on here now is cunting off either Moyes, the players, the owners etc, it's all become very tedious, predictable and boring.

Stevethehammer 4:47 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
Personally I can't see a win in any of those games

Vexed 4:46 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
I think realistically we are going to get relegated this season due to stupidity compounded by further avoidable stupidly.

We could quite conceivably get zero points from that set of games. I see no more than five points if we get a bit of luck.

We absolutely fucking deserve it too, club is run like a total shitshow top to bottom.

Manuel 4:43 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
Rossal - Don't misquote me son, I said at this point it's guesswork if we actually go down or not, which it is. Of course we're in the shit, ffs.

Rossal 4:40 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
Our main issue is the next 2 months, our games are as follows

Man City

So going with the assumption that run brings no more than 7-10 points that leaves us bang in trouble for the remaining few months. Assuming that Moyes gets sacked somewhere in that run who do we go and get in?

All the teams around us (bar Everton) have new signings to give them a boost and to get points in Feb and March whilst we limp along with Moyes and the same old squad.

I don't believe its guesswork, you can use logic to point at us being knee deep in shit come April.

Manuel 4:04 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
Canning - I know you're not digging me out, how the fuck would I know why, lol.

My point still stands regardless, we probably have the best side down there, which is why most pundits and media etc think we will stay up as do the bookies.

As I said before, there is way too far to go still before being certain of anything. At this point it's no more than guesswork, simple as that.

Stevethehammer 3:59 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
The problem we are going to have now is rotation I think.
Moyes doesn't like to rotate the squad and bring everyone in to play their part be it in the cups or within the league, he has form for doing it apart from absolute dead rubbers.
It will be the same usual team with a few tweaks but having a few players in the squad such as Downes who probably won't get a look in and someone like Emerson who Moyes will blow hot and cold with, it will create division within the team.
Players such as Areola can't be happy with the situation and Moyes never changes the vast majority of the team to make a statement, such as play bad, out of form you won't play etc.
It cannot be good for you to go to training day in day out knowing you aren't going to get picked or even get minutes from the bench as again. Moyes doesn't like to make changes.

On paper we have a team that will survive no problem, the only thing is and the Common denominator... Moyes
We are on a decent little run of form but you just know at some point he will go back to his usual tactics, team selection etc and we will be in the shit then. I don't trust him to get us out of it.

CanningTownWA 3:45 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
You have highlighted the two big issues :
“We have the best squad”, the question is so why are we nearly bottom?

“When fully fit”, so again why didn’t we buy anyone apart from broken Ings and shipping out Dawson?

The answer is Moyse to both and that’s why he is going to cost us.
Not digging you out or criticising btw

Manuel 2:36 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
Steve - Yep, we're in a battle for sure. I might be wrong, but we still probably have the best side down there, when everyone is fit, or most anyway, and that is where our hope lies?

Also, being in Europe and Thurs/Sun games could work against us.

Stevethehammer 2:22 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
Same response

Forest have signed so many players, I don't see how anyone can be happy there. Literally about 25 players signed in 2 windows and they have even shifted out one signed in the summer.
The fat Greek is having a field day with his money but I don't think it will come back to bite him on his massive arse. They will be alright
Leeds I think will be good especially with Gnoto playing well
Southampton seem to have something about them
Everton could well turn it around under Dyche
Bournemouth I think will struggle
Leicester will be just about okay
Wolves will pull well clear

Us.... Well don't look too promising does it

CanningTownWA 9:32 Thu Feb 2
Re: January window

CanningTownWA 2:14 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
I posted this on The January Transfer thread

As a summary on the clubs fighting relegation:

Forest, Southampton, Wolves - 6 new players
Bournemouth - 5 new players
Leeds - 4 new players
Leicester - 3 new players
West Ham -1 new player (- Dawson)
Everton - 0 new palyers (-Gordon)

It would not be a surpise if that's how the league table ended up

Side of Ham 2:07 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
Nick QQQ, even the twoleftfeets amongst our support won't be able to argue those facts.....which most of us have been complaining about for over a year now.......

Sir Alf 2:02 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
Nick, best summary of our problems I’ve seen ( better than my verbal diarrhoea versions ).

The lack of pace would be the other mention which was not addressed in recruitment because Moyes and Nevin don’t see it or think they need it using the early 2000s Moyesball counter attack approach ( his only plan / tactic ).

One dimensional dinosaur

Nick QQQ 1:57 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
We don’t play posession football. It’s a myth. We play the same way we have since Moyes has been here but other teams have figured us out, press the slow players who have limited technical ability (full backs, Soucek) and get double up where we have pace (Bowen) and give Antonio 2 yards so he can get in behind.
As a result w me give the ball away a lot and don’t create much.
Moyes can’t do anything about it though. That’s the problem. He is adamant his “experience” is going to come to avail by doing he same things he always has.
It’s the rot we have seen for ages, just more obvious now else actually have new players as well who suffer the same.

Lee Trundle 12:58 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
Moyes definitely talked at the start of the season saying he wanted to pay more possession football.

Possession STATS from 21/22 season: 47.7%
Possession STATS from 22/23 season: 44.5%

Another failure.

Sir Alf 12:53 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
When u put it like that Trundle it’s hard to argue against.

I must optimism get the best of me ;-)

Btw, do we all remember, at the start of the season, Moyes saying it would take time fir the new players to integrate into the team ? It was said in a way that pointed to them being brought up to speed with the Premiership and the club, living in London etc.

I reckon it was more about Moyes and Nevin having no tactical plan worked out to play differently and effectively use them. Well that’s what it looks like as we are set up in the same formation until very recently, still sit deep, stay in shape ( static positions with little movement and fluidity ) and end up wellying it long when pressed and most frustrating if all he continues to pick a goalkeeper who is immobile and cannot use his feet at all so anything that is passed back to Fab is the same as turning over possession as it hits it 70 yards in hope of Antonio or Bowen out jumping , out pacing 4,or 5 defenders.

Only thing we do now is this slow passing and build up back and forth to try and play out through the thirds but it’s so slow it doesn’t work and we get to the attacking third at best before losing it with a poor pass or have to turn back as the team is not moving enough and lacks the pace to.

So we have reduced the long diagonals we used to rely on in a quick transition that got a lot of goals. It was sussed out anyway but we don’t do it now. We also got rumbled on set pieces but dont even try getting decent crosses into the mixer but try to do some very poor and slow imitation of City, Arsenal and the good possession based teams.

A complete “hodge podge” mess tactically from Messrrs Moyes, Nevin and ably assisted by Nolan, Mckinlay. Warbarton was brought in to help play more possession based but has largely been ignored from rumours I heard from someone who’s a mate of Warbarton s ?

Takashi Miike 12:42 Thu Feb 2
Re: Moyes Out
I disagree about deteriorating slowly, it was clear in early october that he had to go. no surprise the dwarf's propaganda team are sticking the boot in after the transfer window closed, continually trying to shift the attention away from that poisonous cunt that sanctions the deals

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