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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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Stowie.40 2:01 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
Exactly same happened with Antonio, scored a hat trick against Norwich during the restart and he thought he has turned him into a prime number 9.

Ron Eff 2:00 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
As palatable as last night was, the only point that was proven is the one that those not in favour of the manager have been making. Play on the front foot with these players and get results. The game was all but over after our front footed fast start.

Still made it difficult by sitting off at points and allowing them back in the game. At 2-0 after 7 minutes we should have fully gone after them and tried to make it embarrassing.

Still hard Moyes out. One swallow and all that.

boleyn8420 1:53 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
First off, as always, delighted that we won. But as has been said before this lot are in free-fall. The worse thing is now that Bowen has scored a hat-trick we all know who now thinks its his amazing football acumen that has now turned him into a free scoring striker. Never mind the oiling abject performances up to this point. Nope I'm a genius. I win.

And as for his "lets hope we don't see a recurrence of the injury" referring to Paqueta, what the actual fuck. So he sent him out just to save his job and then "hope" he is okay.

Then as per usual he trots out the "were lucky to have him as they, not us note, were always fighting relegation but Och now i'm here look at how good they are. Just fuck off Moyes. Please just sack him.

Eerie Descent 1:38 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
Throwing the cup and losing 5-1 to Liverpool reserves, 5-0 against Fulham, record home PL defeat against a London fucking rival filthbags Arsenal where we didn't try a fucking leg, getting rolled over by Nottingham fucking Forest, failing to beat Sheffield fucking United & fucking Bournemouth at home, drawing at home and losing away to BRISTOL FUCKING CITY without again trying a fucking leg..

And we're supposed to be doing star jumps because we beat a team who have lost 10 out of their last 12 games, and look like being sucked into a relegation battle with some of the sides we've failed to beat this year?

We had an excellent first 10 minutes, after that Brentford dominated and should have had a stonewall penalty at 2-1, then a laboured 2nd half until we got the third against the run of play.

We're still fucking shit, and are completely reliant on a Brazilian international who's market value would be £100mil+ were it not for his get me the fuck out of here and away from this dinosaur manager clause.

Sack him now.

paul6565 1:06 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
Part of Moyes summary !!

I think we’ve played decent football at times over the last few weeks, but we haven’t created enough or taken enough chances. Tonight we were much better.

What a delusional knobhead.

Percy Dalton 1:05 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
4-1 up and didn't make a sub until the 76th minute then the second sub on 90+4 minutes that's a disgrace not giving any of the youth players game time that's one of my biggest gripes with Moyes

Massive Attack 1:05 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
Sorry meant to also add that's also Brentfords 11th loss in their last 14 matches too. And 1 draw in Cup replay they went on to lose anyway.

Massive Attack 1:00 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
I see the Talksport 'Moyesey' luvvies are at it again this morning saying debate over after 1 win in 9, our 1st this calendar year.

A bit more context about last night's opponents I'm not sure many are aware of having just had a quick nose:

The mighty Brentford have won only 1 game in their last 6. And won only 2 games in their last 14 matches altogether.

As I say, follow this performance up with more decent displays, then the debate is "over". That does require more thinking power though for the divs on Talksport, so doubt they can manage it.

LeroysBoots 12:44 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
Rossal, spot on assessment mate

I just hope 1 of the board's lackeys read that statement as this is exactly why fans want him out

For him to get the fans onside he'd behave to have a complete character change, the Presbyterian jock won't ever change his ways !

Percy Dalton 12:42 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
100% better last night but we all know we'll most of us that that's not sustainable under Moyes.
Expect to see the usual low block on Saturday.
It's criminal that this squad has been held back for so long and I actually feel sorry for the pro Moyes brigade who just don't seem to get it.

wanstead_hammer 12:30 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
Rossal - Spot on.

Still want the sweaty out.
The same pattern surfacing yet again. Saving his bacon at the last minute. Buttering himself up to the press/pundits. (5th/7th/Europa…blah blah fuckin blah).

Was good to see supporters smiling over there again last night (even though the most in our bit were half hearted / in shock / wind).

We’ll just ave to play it by ear the next couple of games.

Massive Attack 12:08 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
Agreed and I do, don't worry about that!

We play like that a lot more often, like it's actually part of his footballing philosophy, rather than an exception to the rule then he could have a job for life. Slight exaggeration but I've certainly no qualms him getting a new contract if he continues to take Teams on in that manner. I still have my doubts though but let's see.

JayeMPee 12:06 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
So it appears he does have a new contract reporting to Tim as Head Coach and no direct contact with Sullivan. With Tim's brother in charge of Recruitment it looks as though he will have no opportunity to screw up future transfers, can't see him accepting this and hopefully he will be gone by the end of the season!

Lee Trundle 12:03 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
It's up to the fans to keep on the pressure then, Massive Attack.

We need to continue to show we're not happy when he plays shit football.

Massive Attack 12:01 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
The cynic in me suspects he only throws caution to the wind when he has no choice sensing it really is "must win game" territory. It's easy to have a real go when your job is on the line. What I want to see is him following this excellent result and performance with another decent performance, if not the result. The right approach and intent has got to be there for more than just a one-off game to save his bacon.

The worst thing he can do now is regress back in to old habits fearing the opposition instead of focusing on the serious damage we can as a Team. Everton Away, sure they're up for the fight for survival but fuck me we should be giving them no end of grief in defence.

Follow this up, Moyes. You u never know, you just might like The West Ham Way, afterall.....

wd40 11:56 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
Cup winner Moyes's team puts on great display and still so called supported hate the night .

note : other teams do score against home teams now and then it happens its football .

I bet your other team is Spurs.

southbankbornnbred 11:51 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
TM - quite.

Fine win last night and I enjoyed the game, so I'm not going to whinge on the back of it. But let's not get carried away: it was Brentford and they are struggling right now.

Do that Freiburg when it matters, and then Villa, or similar sides in March, and then Moyes can wang on about his contract.

Takashi Miike 11:43 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
"Few people around who are assured enough to say they were wrong"with

who, or what are you talking about? we've been horrendous since late december, two months of the worst football imaginable (on top of two years of similar crap), yet under pressure he takes the handbrake off and his critics are wrong? the reason some moan is they know we're capable of better and can play like last night more than once every nine weeks

Massive Attack 11:36 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
100% Rossal.

Sir Alf 11:21 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
brick_lane_batty_boy 10:50 Tue Feb 27

Apologies for what will probably sound like some supercilious monologue but its why dialogue can be a challenge on WHO and otyer forums.

Unfortunately, human psychology determines that it will always be about point scoring and polarisatiion of opinion for many.

Its basic reverse psychology and low esteem which means for some they have to elevate themselves above others with a differing viewpoint. In their mind its necessary for the ego to put down the person and completely reject all facets of that opinion. It often transcends into personal indults and name calling such is their sub conscious or conscious sense of inadequacy etc. its alll about them in other words. Having to showor prive superiority of football knowledge, having to defend a view regardless of facts :-)

Psycho babble some will declare but its basics in every psychology course , book etc. One aspect of social media is its ability to reveal the mental health of people. Narcissism is rife nowadays. Few people around who are assured enough to say they were wrong, they dont understand or are sorry ( offer an apology ). Read the Naked Ape to undrrstand why :-). Humility and honesty rare commodities in thd modern age.

Btw, I got it.completely wrong last night especially on the result but also performance especially first half. Even Soucek was good and I never thought they would be words I would say :-).

Rossal 11:13 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
Its not just the style of play though is it, if you are 'Moyes out' theres this connotation we have to play like 2007 Barcelona every week when that isn't the case at all.

We just want to see West Ham attack teams, let them worry about us rather than sit on our own box. Press higher and control the games more, have a style of play and some clear coaching and tactics week in week out

But the football is far from the only issues with Moyes, theres many other reasons most want him gone

- Awful man management, destroyed the likes of Downes, Benrahma and Scamacca

- Stubborness, picks the same shit week in week out last few years like Soucek holding and Fornals or Paq LM

- In game management, doesn't make subs and when he does they are usually too late. Rarely has the ability to affect a game once it has started. Think we have made the least amoun of subs, made them the most late and ours have contributed the least amount of goals and assists.

- Lack of youth, he has one of if not the best crop of youngsters in the country. He simply shoes no interest in using them or developing them. Its insane considering a few of them could save us or produce us millions down the line.

- Deluded and antagonistic press conferences. Always talking about winning a trophy ignoring the fact he lost 20 league games last season. Nearly went on our worst run ever last night, but thats fine as we were battling relegation 3 years ago

- Dithering transfer market and squad planning. He seems to not play players Sullivan signs, aka Cornet and Downes. He picks the ones he has signed even if they arent performing. He also weakened the squad massivly in January letting Benny and Fornals go.

Throwing cup games - Arsenal away. Liverpool away when 5000 odd went up there on a tuesday night. Unforgiveable.

So it isn't jus the style of play, thats just one of many many issues with him. I think it has gone to far, its time for change. We deserve better and so does this squad.

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