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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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Willtell 11:26 Wed Feb 8
Re: Moyes Out
Spot on right.

We all love to see a junior coming through but the only ones that i recall reaching our elite levels are Rice and Johnson but even Johnson isn't certain yet.

Playing someone with talent and application will let them improve with games experience. Without that talent and application - move them on.

Playing a junior without a top level talent might work once or twice as they raise their game but eventually they will get found out.

Playing someone with the talent and no application will be the same result.

Let's hope Moyes can spot young players better than he spots players to buy!

fraser 11:14 Wed Feb 8
Re: Moyes Out
Seasonal Moyesaurus Disorder

SnarestoneIron 11:14 Wed Feb 8
Re: Moyes Out
LeroysBoots 11:39 Tue Feb 7

Does he mistrust the youngsters any more than any other PL manager? There's not a high number coming through most teams. We've had Rice and Johnson during his time. I'd love to see more, but none of those we've let go have gone on to greater things!

joyo 11:11 Wed Feb 8
Re: Moyes Out
SMD?..Social Media Disorder or Suck My Dick?
Actually probably both

fraser 10:43 Wed Feb 8
Re: Moyes Out
Joyo - More SMD than SAD

joyo 10:41 Wed Feb 8
Re: Moyes Out
Some proper doom and gloom posts,are some of you suffering from seasonal affective disorder?Because some posts are truly SAD!

Come On You Irons 10:34 Wed Feb 8
Re: Moyes Out
LeroysBoots 11:39 Tue Feb 7

Take Noble's comments at face value with no alluding going on. Noble doesn't strike me as bright enough to allude to anything.

stats 10:32 Wed Feb 8
Re: Moyes Out
Nathan Jones 2/5 to leave next.
Pep at 7/2
Gary O,Neil 11/2
Jurgen Klopp 10/1

and Moyes way down the list at 12/1

We are stuck with the dinosaur until season end at least.

GoalLazio 5:05 Wed Feb 8
Re: Moyes Out
Very little hope of getting rid of him now unless we have another terrible run. New owners and new manager for next season hopefully whatever division we are in.

LeroysBoots 11:39 Tue Feb 7
Re: Moyes Out
A glimmer of hope I read today was the Noble article in the Standard, talking about how he likes seeing how the youths are getting on and how they are hopeful of getting a couple in the first team squad for next season

Now then, we all know that Moyes mistrusts the youngsters so what does Noble allude to ?

daveyg 11:34 Tue Feb 7
Re: Moyes Out

I couldn't have put it better myself.
Numb as a frozen turkey in January.

Moyes has killed my interest, only interested in the youngsters now. who will be leaving soon anyway

Sir Alf 10:52 Tue Feb 7
Re: Moyes Out
The draw at the weekend was in spite of Moyes to some degree.

He’s found that using a few of the players that were bought in their correct positions helps but it’s taken 20 games of him not wanting to change anything.

He’s still got a lot of other changes to make that manny fans and even one or two pundits have suggested. So we might see Soucek dropped down the selection hierarchy he has artificially established based on the fact they were useful 12+ months ago. He might play Fornals as a centre attacking mud eventually. He might realise Fabianski costs us possession because he can’t use his feet and he might work out that Antonio is finished as a goal scoring centre forward and should be played wide.

He might even work out that Downes will strengthen the midfield in some games if played behind Rice and Paqueta? He might have seen a couple of excellent forays into the opposition half and penalty box last Saturday and that playing Downes in the deep role will release him to do that more.

He might even realise Scamacca id not a lone striker?

But my money is none of the above happening and Chelsea and Spurs being draws at very best.

Moyes can set up a team to not concede many perhaps but we don’t score from open play so winning games is still going to be tough.

Moyes is the last of a previous generation of managers. We are just unfortunate that his slow death March will risk pulling us thru the trap door of relegation. We have we are the proverbial “the fourth least bad looking bloke on the burns ward”

Yarmouth 9:50 Tue Feb 7
Re: Moyes Out
Russ of the BML 1:42 Mon Feb 6

Bang on right mate, 100% spot on.

Yarmouth 9:50 Tue Feb 7
Re: Moyes Out
Russ of the BML 1:42 Mon Feb 6

Bang on right mate, 100% spot on.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:44 Tue Feb 7
Re: Moyes Out

Not really. Two of those five have played a total of one match between them since they canned their boss. That one match resulted in a win against the league leaders.

Lee Trundle 12:43 Tue Feb 7
Re: Moyes Out
Like like me suggesting both Chelsea and Brighton have changed their managers and are miles ahead of us, so that's proof we need to change our manager.

We need a change of manager because Moyes has been shit for us, for over a year. I don't care what other clubs are doing, or what they've done.

Yorkammer 12:39 Tue Feb 7
Re: Moyes Out
"Of the bottom six clubs Moyes is the only manager left from when this season began."

Sounds like an argument not to change the manager as the 5 who have changed are still in the bottom 6.

Willtell 12:35 Tue Feb 7
Re: Moyes Out
Look I want Moyes out but you're wrong saying he's defensive for setting 7 players behind the ball. I think you'll find every PL club has at least 7 players or more behind the ball.

Only teams like Arsenal and Manchester City allow perhaps 5 or 6 players in front of the ball when attacking. WH only 2 or 3 is the problem

, 12:29 Tue Feb 7
Re: Moyes Out
Of the bottom six clubs Moyes is the only manager left from when this season began.

Takashi Miike 12:24 Tue Feb 7
Re: Moyes Out
I get aggressive because I see him repeating the same mistakes and displaying the same ignorance/arrogance that cost the club millions when he had to move on multiple players on the cheap that he couldn't work with. For us, it's unsustainable to keep losing 10m+ on players because of the manager. It amazes how people can't see the end game with him as it happens again with scamacca and others. It also amazes how the tune changes after a fortunate draw against newcastle, and I say fortunate because it was another defeat without that world class tackle. Maybe we have turned the corner and things will keep improving, but I just see him reverting to his over cautious nature far too often - with the second half saturday as another example

Willtell 12:11 Tue Feb 7
Re: Moyes Out
Thanks for that I hadn't seen that report or the podcast but those comments are out of context aren't they? They are Antonio speaking out of turn regarding what Moyes says when they go a goal down and Moyes doesn't want a big collapse.

Perfectly understandable really but Moyes has survived over 1000 games because his team rarely if ever, gets walloped. Not because of what he wins.

I don't know why you get all aggressive when we both agree he's not a good manager for WHU and needs to be changed as son as possible but it has to be for someone better and I can't see how Sullivan won't go for someone the same type of manager as Moyes...

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