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Q: 2022/23 Moyes In or Moyes Out
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Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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joyo 6:31 Sun Feb 5
Re: Moyes Out
The last 3 games have been terrible results for the Moyes Out brigade

Takashi Miike 10:15 Sat Feb 4
Re: Moyes Out
silly nuts, have you forgotten you wanted him sacked after the brighton game in august? before this thread was started?

twoleftfeet 10:09 Sat Feb 4
Re: Moyes Out
Fuck off you annoying, miserable cunts.

ted fenton 9:57 Sat Feb 4
Re: Moyes Out
Moyes taking off Paqueta for Fornals say's it all really.

Close the door behind you David !!

Vexed 9:52 Sat Feb 4
Re: Moyes Out
Today's subs. What a cunt. Diabolical.

master 9:49 Sat Feb 4
Re: Moyes Out
Going to be watching dour defensive hoofball for the rest of the season. We don't build any attacks at all. It's all seti pieces and penalties, or total individual play which comes off 1 time in 25.

Jaan Kenbrovin 9:30 Sat Feb 4
Re: Moyes Out

Hermit Road 8:50 Sat Feb 4
Re: Moyes Out
The really annoying thing is that we have decent players capable of playing good football but they have to play Moyesball instead

Irons10 8:07 Sat Feb 4
Re: Moyes Out
I’m sick of saying Moyes out as is everyone else

fraser 5:39 Sat Feb 4
Re: Moyes Out
Wasn't the rumour that Moyes said he wouldn't get in the team ahead of Soucek this season and would have to wait so he chose Everton.

JayeMPee 5:27 Sat Feb 4
Re: Moyes Out
Thought we did make an offer for Onana but he didn't want to join moyes team!! Good decision by Everton taking on Dyche, now will moyes play for a win today or tippy tap tap!!

Willtell 4:38 Sat Feb 4
Re: Moyes Out
Everton going to climb away from relegation zone under Dyche on this evidence.

Also Moyes could have signed Onana but pulled out before the signing and let Everton buy him. MOM today and what a player!

I’d have sacked the cunt for being a clueless wanker after the summer window ended.

Swiss. 4:26 Sat Feb 4
Re: Moyes Out
Dyche turning things around at Everton. Not sacking this cunt earlier will cost us.

Takashi Miike 10:41 Fri Feb 3
Re: Moyes Out
I think Bellingham has some of his qualities, but I think Gullit could have played any position. I'm not sure such a player exists at the moment

isolated hammer 10:35 Fri Feb 3
Re: Moyes Out
I remember watching a Dutch International match and seeing this half-cast chap who just seemed to be everywhere on the pitch. He had skill, awareness and strength. As well as dreadlocks. There has got to be a young player of similar ilk to Ruud Gullit on this planet. Rice isn't fit to lace Gullits shoes. The man was absolute quality.

Meerkat 10:21 Fri Feb 3
Re: Moyes Out
Hopefully Moyes won’t be around to sign Rice replacement.
Would be very disappointed to think McTominay and Philips are being considered .

Bang average and injury prone respectively.
Maybe the club might try some scouting.

Far Cough 10:18 Fri Feb 3
Re: Moyes Out

Lee Trundle 9:16 Fri Feb 3
Re: Moyes Out
I've got a horrible feeling we'll go for McTominay with some of the Rice money.

Hope not

Man U fans call him Club Foot McTominay

Takashi Miike 10:13 Fri Feb 3
Re: Moyes Out
at winning the ball and doing that unselfish job that someone will have to do once rice fucks off, yes. you couldn't have watched phillips much if you think he'll be happy doing that job

Irons10 10:12 Fri Feb 3
Re: Moyes Out
If we keep losing week in week out without the club doing anything about it then It would be hilarious to watch the dwarfs investment go up in smoke and we’ll deserved.

Hopefully we will stay up and then be sold

Nick QQQ 9:57 Fri Feb 3
Re: Moyes Out
Downes is better than Phillips. Wow you hear it all here

Takashi Miike 9:24 Fri Feb 3
Re: Moyes Out
again, he's another I think is no better than we have. though moyes will love him as he's 6ft+. if they have to go down the route of a player + cash, I'd take connor gallagher, who's got a lot of ability and seems like a genuine lad, which is half the battle when recruiting

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